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Todwick Village

Todwick Village Hall Management Committee Minutes

6.30 PM, MONDAY 2nd FEBRUARY 2010


  • Mr Brian White (Chair & Trustee)
  • Mr John Gabbitas (Vice Chair & Trustee)
  • Mrs Jean Leah (Secretary & Trustee)
  • Mr Norman Anderson (Treasurer, Trustee & NHD Watch)
  • Mr Alan Tizard (Bowls)
  • Mrs Mari Gabbitas (Craft Group) - to 6.35 pm only
  • Mrs Liz Wainwright (Cricket Club)
  • Mr Tony Rusling (Historic Society)
  • Mrs Brenda Waller (Line Dancing)
  • Mrs Margaret Ware (Ramblers)
  • Mr John Palmer (TPC)
  • Mrs Chris White (Toddler Group/GG Rainbows)

Apologies for Absence:

  • Mr Bryan Ferris (Building/H&S Trustee)
  • Mrs Mary Pavey (WI)
  • Mrs Claire Newbold (Brownies)

Brian White opened the meeting and welcomed all present.


  • In relation to the 14.12.09 minutes, Tony Rusling queried the signing of the AGM minutes. It was stated these were circulated and acknowledged at the next available meeting to ensure that members received them rather than wait 12 months. The minutes would obviously be formally signed at the next AGM.
  • In relation to the 25.01.10 minutes, Tony Rusling suggested as part of the on-going considerations the Trust Deed be left as originally documented and a current working constitution be formulated.
  • The above apart, the minutes of meetings held on 14th December and 25th January 2010 were accepted as a true record and signed by the Chair.


2.1 Hall 1 "Dimable" Lights - This was still outstanding. Action: Vice Chair

2.2 Revision of Constitution - The Chair responded to the query at item 01/10 that the conveyance aspect of the Trust Deed would not be altered at all. He also updated members to the effect that the matter had been raised at the previous Parish Council meeting who had given approval to proceed subject to their approval of the final tabled document. Initial communication with the Charity Commission had further revealed that under Clause 19 of the existing Trust Deed we would be in order to make amendments. What was now needed was agreement as to definition of "a User Group" which would give the right of that group to have a nominated member on the VHMC. Members were asked to consider the definition and forward their suggestions/deliberations to the Secretary. Whilst discussing the Constitution, tariffs were also raised and the Chair said that further investigation would be made regarding this. Action: All Members

2.3 Boundary Wall Renovation - The Chair informed members that funding for this was now approved by TPC and a contractor appointed. Work was on-going to determine who owns the wall and the relevant land search was being undertaken as the VH deeds did not outline this. Action: Chair

2.4 Additional External Notice Board - It was reported that investigative work was on-going in relation to having an additional external notice board together with external Village Hall signage. Further details would be brought to the next meeting. Action: Vice Chair

2.5 Laser Printer - This had now been purchased. Item discharged.

2.6 Heating Timer - It appeared a problem may exist with the toilets and meeting room in that if the boiler servicing those rooms was on and the other boiler was concurrently manually set the first boiler sometimes switched itself off. This will be monitored and members were asked to raise it again if the problem persists. Item discharged.


  • Polling Station Duties - RMBC had requested use of the Village Hall for the Parliamentary Elections (and possibly General Election) on 6th May 2010 (Hall 2 will be reserved for WI meeting).
  • Request for User Group Status - The Secretary read out a letter received from representatives of Active Always requesting user group status. Following discussion where it was identified that the activity was currently a loss making group, members voted in favour of Active Always receiving User Group status. Norman Anderson undertook to inform the Secretary of details of who the nominated VHMC representative will be.


  • Current financial position:

    Current Account


    Reserve Account






  • The accounts had been balanced to trial balance stage two days previously.
  • In relation to Direct Debit payments - YEB is £118 in credit and the DD has been reduced by £20 monthly. Yorkshire Water was in credit by £32.00. There were no arrears with Gas payments.
  • Current outstanding invoices amounted to some £300 which he would be processing shortly.
  • The Treasurer stated he had revisited the 2009 balance sheet and when looking at the trading surplus if grant monies were not taken into account the surplus would be £1182.
  • The Treasurer informed members of a Vetting and Barring Scheme which was contained within the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006. He had written to Kevin Barron MP to determine what, if any, impact this would have on the Village Hall. A speedy response had been received which stated that the necessity to register under this Act was only if regulated activity was being carried out - which the Village Hall did not do. As such there would be no requirement upon us to register under this Scheme.
  • The Treasurer reminded members of the necessity to ensure that Kay was notified of all cancellations of the Village Hall in a timely manner. Failure to do so caused him administrative and budgeting difficulties as well as valuable personal time and he asked for full co-operation.


  • The Secretary reported that in addition to normal secretarial duties and the upkeep of the electronic diary she had predominantly been involved in preparing entries for the VH "flyer" and "Informer", updating the Activities Sheet and contacting the Dinnington & Maltby Guardian contact to ensure accurate entries for their "What's On".
  • She was also involved in the arrangements for forthcoming events (ie Quiz night on 12th March / Brass Band evening 10th April).


The following update was given on behalf of Bryan Ferris:

  • Accident Book - no update available. Action: Building/H&S Trustee
  • Review of VH building risk assessment - a floor walk has taken place and work will continue to do an audit against the information identified during the floor walk. Action: Building/H&S Trustee
  • Generic risk assessments for user groups were "living documents" and as such if activities changed or the RA needed updating in any way he needed to be notified. Those user groups who have still not completed a general RA should liaise with Bryan Ferris. Also Bryan Ferris to confirm at next meeting as to whether all new groups had now had a risk assessment completed (ie Zumba/Music Bugs etc). Action: All Members & Building/H&S Trustee
  • Fire Drills - Still outstanding were Toddlers. Action: Chris White & Building/H&S Trustee
  • Gritting Policy - this was currently being reviewed. Action: Building/H&S Trustee


  • External Village Hall Signage - already discussed under item 02.4.


The following was updated on:

  • Floral Decoration Courses - JohnP had not been able to make contact so far but would make one more final attempt and report at the next meeting. Action: JohnP
  • Village Concerts - Members were reminded that tickets were now available for the following forthcoming events being held in the Village Hall - a Valentines Jazz Night on Saturday 13th February 2010 and the South Yorkshire Police Band will be giving an Easter concert on Saturday 10th April. Tony Rusling said he was currently looking at the possibility of a Barbershop concert.
  • Table Top Sale - This was scheduled for Sunday 21st February and at the time of the VHMC meeting only three tables were still available "for hire". Discussion took place regarding the day/event times of the sale. Regarding marketing, it was reported that this had been more widely done than previously.
  • Joint Pie & Pea Quiz Night - This was scheduled for Saturday 13th March and at the time of the VHMC meeting almost all tickets had been sold. Following a request by the Chair for donations of raffle prizes for the evening, some members stated they would prefer to support events where money raised was solely for the benefit of the Village Hall.
  • Ideas for "New Business" - Tony Rusling mentioned the possibility of a barbershop concert which he said he would pursue.
  • Suggestions for Revised Future Marketing Arrangements - One suggestion made related to having a promotion on children's parties. Members undertook to consider how this could operate.
  • E-vend Update - In the absence of Bryan Ferris, JohnP informed members that E-vend was now up and running and already a couple of items had been sold on behalf of village residents. There were now two volunteers operating the project and another was in the process of receiving relevant training. Some members said they had had difficulty in getting connected to the web address and JohnP said he would liaise with Bryan and look into this.
  • Cinema Update - JohnP informed members that he and other Trustees were currently obtaining a quote(s) in respect of costs associated with purchasing IT equipment etc to enable cinema sessions to be held. The Trustees were also looking to apply for a grant towards this project. Further details will be given at the next meeting.
  • Health & Beauty Sessions - JohnP said he had included this as an item on the latest "flyer" circulated to determine whether there was sufficient interest in pursuing this.


09.1 Rainbows - Chris White said that with regret both she and Emma would be relinquishing their leadership of the Girl Guide Rainbows Group and a new Leader needed to be found if the Group was to continue. They would be leaving the Group at Easter 2010. It was agreed that entries would be placed on the VH website, Todwick website and also an item placed in "The Informer" so as to try and attract a suitable successor.

09.2 WI - Sadly WI membership had now dwindled to single figures and was in serious danger of having to be disbanded. In an attempt to gain new membership, flyers and press articles had been published with an open invitation extended for interested ladies to join WI members at a coffee evening in the Village Hall on 1 April 2010.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.15 pm.

The next Village Hall Management Committee will be held in the Meeting Room
at 6.30 pm, Friday 9th April 2010