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Todwick Village

Todwick Village Hall Management Committee Minutes

6.30PM, MONDAY 14th SEPTEMBER 2009


  • Mr Brian White (Chair & Trustee)
  • Mr John Palmer (Vice Chair & Trustee)
  • Mrs Jean Leah (Secretary, Trustee & Parish Council rep)
  • Mr Norman Anderson (Treasurer, Trustee & NHD Watch)
  • Mr John Gabbitas (Building/H&S Trustee)
  • Mr Philip Robins (Historic Society rep TR)
  • Mrs Mari Gabbitas (Craft Group)
  • Mr A Tizard (Bowls Club)
  • Mrs Chris White (Toddler Group/GG Rainbows)
  • Mr Bryan Ferris (Golf Society)
  • Mrs Brenda Waller (Line Dancing)
  • Mrs Helen Gabbitas (Brownies rep CN)

Apologies for Absence:

  • Mrs Margaret Ware (Ramblers)
  • Mrs Pat Gollaglee (Over 60s)
  • Mrs Liz Wainwright (Cricket Club)
  • Mrs Mary Pavey (WI)
  • Mrs Claire Newbold (Brownies)
  • Mr Tony Rusling (Historical Society)

Brian White opened the meeting and welcomed all present.


The minutes of meetings held on 8th June 2009 and 17th August 2009 were accepted and signed by the Chair.


30.1 Update on 2nd Downstairs Toilet & Disabled Toilet Handle - This had now been completed. Item discharged.

30.2 Village Hall Website - The Secretary reported that in relation to outstanding issues appertaining to the website, she was still awaiting contact from Rural Action Yorkshire. Action: Trustees

30.3 E-vend Project - Bryan Ferris informed members that he was progressing setting up the company through Companies House and as soon as the necessary paperwork had been completed he would be in a position to open the bank account. A small number of personal items belonging to some of the Trustees had been used as a pilot to establish the routine of selling. The Chair reminded members that the project had been started to provide a service to the local community and also generate monies to the Village Hall. The way the project's constitution had been designed was that 20% of all takings will be donated to Todwick Village Hall. Accordingly, the question was raised as to whether e-Vend volunteers should be treated as a User Group / commercial group / or deemed to be able to utilise the Village Hall computer/storage facilities without charge in view of the guaranteed 20% donation from all sales made. It was agreed that in light of the 20% proceeds coming to the Village Hall, no further charges would be made. Bryan said he would give further details as they occurred and would utilise the Village Hall website to market the project. Action: Bryan Ferris.

30.4 Loose Header Brick Replacement - This had now been completed. Item discharged.

30.5 VH Letterhead - This had now been completed and a copy will be circulated with the minutes to enable all members see the final version. Action: Secretary

30.6 Hall 1 "Dimable" Lights - JohnG said investigations into this continued and he was looking at the possibility of using remote switches. The Chair said that as private hire users had requested this we needed to expedite the matter and offered to assist JohnG with the task. Action: JohnG/Chair

30.7 Kickboard Under Serving Hatch - This had now been completed. Item discharged

30.8 Polite "Quiet" Notices - This had now been completed. Item discharged

30.9 Application for a grant from Coalfields Regeneration Trust - The Secretary explained that following a meeting it had been determined that very limited funding was available and as our e-Vend project had now been started by volunteers within the village, it was felt that applying for a grant for further assistance should be put on hold for the time being. The situation will be reviewed again at a later date. Item discharged

30.10 Revision of Constitution - The Secretary reported that a first draft of a revised Constitution was completed and that initial discussions had taken place. As soon as further discussions with the Charity Commission had taken place a meeting with a solicitor will be arranged to discuss drawing up the revised document. Members will be informed as developments occur. Action: Secretary

30.11 Front Door Finger Guard - The Chair informed members that a replacement guard had been fitted at a cost of £103. He said that a more heavy-duty guard was available (obviously at a greater cost) but depending on the longevity of the guard now fitted it may be more cost effective in the longer term to fit the heavy duty one. The situation will be monitored. Item discharged

30.12 Grant for Door Finger Covers - Chris White said having looked on the internet nothing suitable had been found and she reminded JohnP that he was to pursue those she had seen on the doors in Tesco. Chris said she would check to see if the earlier grant identified was still available. Action: JohnP / Chris White

30.13 Kaspersky Anti-Virus Software - JohnG said this had now been ordered. Item discharged

30.14 Application to TPC for Funding - The Chair referred to previous discussion stating that TPC had made provision within this year's budget for Village Hall requirements. As such, bearing in mind the recent burglaries, he suggested that in quotes be obtained for the supply/fitting of CCTV and, if appropriate, quotes also be obtained for the refurbishment of the boundary wall. Members views were sought and after discussion it was agreed that in the first instance a request to TPC would be made seeking financial assistance for CCTV. Action: Chair The Treasurer said that he would also contact the insurance company to determine if any discount would be applicable to our insurance cover if the building was to be covered by CCTV. Action: Treasurer

30.15 Hot Water Supply - JohnG said he had increased the boiler temperature and would monitor the situation. He also observed that the instructions for the gas boiler seemed to have disappeared and asked members to keep an eye open for sight of these. Action: JohnG

30.16 Recycling Collections - JohnP said he had now spoken with the Village Handyman who would ensure that re-cycling of bottles etc would be done on a weekly basis. It was also determined that suitable containers be obtained and positioned next to the external dustbin and the Secretary undertook to research and purchase as appropriate. Action: Secretary


  • Nil


  • Current financial position:-
    • Current Account £5,250.47
    • Reserve Account £3,589.05
    • Cash £102.00
    • Bonds £1.55
  • All bills were paid to date.
  • Monies for outstanding rents amounted to £84.00 but other than this nothing untoward had happened during the month.
  • The Treasurer said he had prepared an audit on consumables used but unfortunately had not brought it with him to the meeting. The findings will be discussed at the next meeting. Action: Treasurer


The Secretary reported:-

  • Purchase of Equipment - The Secretary reported that since the last meeting the following purchases had been made - (i) a paper towel dispenser and towels for the downstairs second toilet, (ii) bin liners, and (iii) additional crockery with monies received from the earlier reported donation.
  • YLCA - The Secretary reported that having read some literature recently whereby the YLCA were advertising courses being run in various Village Halls across the County, she had taken the opportunity to write drawing attention to the excellent facilities offered by our own village hall.
  • Rural Action Yorkshire Presentation - The Secretary read out an email received from RAY seeking our assistance in hosting and co-running a presentation evening with them for invited guests from surrounding villages to hear at first hand how we had worked with RAY to successfully obtain grants and complete projects. Members agreed in principle to the evening and the Secretary undertook to write asking for more details so that a programme of speakers could be determined depending on timescales etc. Action: Secretary


John Gabbitas reported on the following:-

  • There had been no accidents reported since the last VHMC and he reminded all members of the need to fill in the official document as appropriate. Action: All Members
  • Work was on-going on the overall VH building risk assessment. Also a separate fire risk assessment needed to be undertaken. Action: 5th Trustee
  • Generic risk assessments for user groups were "living documents" and as such if activities changed or the RA needed updating in any way he needed to be notified. Likewise those user groups who have still not completed a general RA should liaise with him. Action: All Members / 5th Trustee
  • Since the last meeting the Rainbows had undertaken a fire drill and Brownies were due to undertake theirs the following day (15th September). Still outstanding were Toddlers. Action: Chris White / 5th Trustee.


  • Organisation of Next Table Top Sale - Members agreed to run another table top sale day, a potential date being Sunday 18th October 2009 from 9 am to 12 noon. It was agreed more marketing needed to be done to encourage a greater turnout than the last event (examples given included in the local surrounding village shops). Norman agreed to liaise with the Licensing Authorities. Action: Treasurer JohnG undertook to lead on this project and as part of the preparations he would contact those individuals who had previously been in contact asking to be included in the Village Hall Christmas Fayre. Action: JohnG
  • Organisation of Christmas Fayre - The first organising meeting was scheduled to be held on Monday 10th October that JohnP agreed to chair. Action: All Members
  • Unauthorised Individuals Entering the Village Hall - Members gave examples whereby there had been incidents of youths entering the Village Hall during user group activities and private hires and "hiding" in the building, particularly upstairs. Other incidents of mis-use of the outside pram/bicycle shed were also reported. Members were given advice on what action to take if they were confronted with such problems. Also it was agreed to (a) fit a padlock to the external pram area and (b) fit a keypad lock on the door that gives access to the upstairs rooms. Action: Trustees
  • External Decoration - Members were reminded that external decoration of the building was due to commence on the 15th of the month lasting a couple of days. Minimal disruption to users was anticipated.


The following was updated on:-

  • Floral Decoration Courses - contact was being made with the floral class teacher who runs a class at the local Resource Centre. Action: JohnP
  • Zumba Fitness Classes - This was a new class just starting out. Details would be placed on the activities sheet. Action: Secretary This led to a discussion about increased notice board availability and JohnG undertook to look into the possibility of another notice board on the external wall of the Village Hall building. Action: JohnG
  • Blood Transfusion Sessions - JohnP said he had contacted the organisers who had placed our interest on their waiting list. As and when potential availability becomes available they will contact us. Item discharged.
  • Spanish Classes - The Chair reported that he had been successful in obtaining another grant to continue the classes originally commenced last year. He also had a second teacher lined up and some students to hold a second (beginners) class. He was working in partnership with the Borough Council to advertise and hopefully acquire the remaining number of students required to make the second course viable. Action: Chair
  • Ideas for "New Business" - Members discussed a number of new ideas that will now be looked at to determine if there is the potential to develop. Action: All
  • Suggestions for Revised Marketing Arrangements - This item was deferred to the next meeting. Action: Secretary


  • Nil

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.15 pm.

The next Village Hall Management Committee (Annual General Meeting)
will be held in the Village Hall
at 6.30 pm, Monday 12th October 2009