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Todwick Village

Todwick Village Hall Management Committee Minutes

6.30 pm, WEDNESDAY 13th OCTOBER 2008


  • Mr Brian White (Chair & Trustee)
  • Mr John Palmer (Vice Chair, Trustee & Parish Council)
  • Mrs Jean Leah (Secretary & Trustee)
  • Mr Norman Anderson (Treasurer & Trustee)
  • Mr John Gabbitas (5th Trustee)
  • Mrs Mary Pavey (WI)
  • Mrs Chris White (Toddler Group/Rainbows)
  • Mr Alan Tizard (Bowls Club)
  • Mrs Margaret Ware (Ramblers)
  • Mrs Liz Wainwright (Cricket Club)
  • Mrs Mari Gabbitas (Craft Group)
  • Mrs Pat Gollaglee (Over 60s)
  • Mr Phil Kettell (Table Tennis)
  • Mr Tony Rusling (Historical Society)

Apologies for Absence:

  • Mrs Sheila Marsden (Ramblers)

Brian White opened the meeting and welcomed all present.


  • The minutes of the previous AGM of 3rd October 2007 were accepted and signed by the Chair.




  • The Secretary reported on another very busy year.
  • As well as servicing meetings throughout the year and dealing with day-to-day correspondence, she had been involved in a number of additional activities, not least of which included:
    • A new booking form and terms and conditions being prepared for when hiring the Village Hall
    • Revised 2008 tariffs for the Village Hall being completed
    • The retirement of Anne Rusling had resulted in interviews being conducted for her successor
    • A new job description, terms and conditions of employment and induction for the new caretaker being undertaken
    • Continued joint liaison meetings with the Church Hall taking place resulting in the first joint pie & pea quiz night being held and it is hoped joint events will continue in the future
    • Successful grant for the computer project being obtained
    • The start up (and in some cases loss) of user groups and therefore changes to attendees at VH Management Committee meetings
    • Continued marketing of the Village Hall by means of Village flyers and notices in the Village Hall, Dinnington & Maltby Guardian and John Castledine's Directory
    • Part organising and holding a memorial ceremony for the late John Mosley
    • The purchase of new equipment for the Hall
    • Creation of a Business Plan for the Village Hall
    • Continued liaison with YRCC (now Rural Action Yorkshire) which has brought our accredited quality Hallmark Award and with effect from the end of this month our own Village Hall website
  • The role had been demanding with a lot of work being done behind the scenes. Her own poor health for a significant period had not helped but she had endeavoured to adequately fulfil her duties throughout this time and she thanked everyone for their continued support.
  • The Chair thanked Jean for the workload she had undertaken throughout the year and for her personal support of him during his first year as Chair.


  • This was the first AGM as a Trustee and Treasurer of the Village Hall.
  • Over the last 12 months a few alterations and additions had been made to the way the financial records of the Hall are maintained including full computerisation of the system whilst still retaining paper records that are used as back-up. That being said, most of the basic principles inherited from the out-going Treasurer were still sound, robust and remain firmly in place.
  • With any organisation, whether charitable, commercial or domestic, financial planning is essential. With this in mind, a substantial business plan had been developed setting out what and how the Hall hopes to achieve. The business plan is a working document that will need to be reviewed periodically to ensure it is up-to-date and is helping everyone achieve its objectives.
  • The Treasurer had now constructed a cash flow and budget for both income and expenditure, which over the financial year to date had been and will continue to be refined. He said the Village Hall accounts are balanced at least once a month, but more often twice.
  • The Treasurer made reference to the current "credit crunch". He queried how this might affect those taking part in local activities saying that private hire parties [which provided us with about 1/6 of our income during the last financial year] could have a negative impact.
  • During the year 4 regular hall hirers who contributed significantly to the Hall's income had disbanded. Also some recent planned bookings had not come on stream as envisaged and this obviously had impacted on cash flow. However some new weekly bookings have also come on stream but we still needed to be vigilant to ensure the well being of the Hall.
  • The Treasurer reported that over the last 12 months there had been a significant spend on various major capital items that were now coming to an end. Also a depreciation programme had been commenced so that when major capital items reach the end of their natural life there are resources available to either replace them or go some significant way towards replacement.
  • The current accounts revealed the following:
    • £2469.90 Current Account (there was one bill for £400 and hall rents [including party balances] of £447 outstanding).
    • £3057.77 Reserve Account (£500 being towards depreciation)
    • £1.54 Reserve Account
    • £0.00 Cash
  • The Treasurer believed there was a challenging year to come but with a focused management team all pulling in the same direction this should prove successful.
  • The Chair on behalf of members thanked Norman for the last year's work together with thanks for his dedication in bringing the account systems into an e-commerce environment.


  • Before seeking nominations, the Chair reminded members present of the Hall's constitution that is registered with the Charity Commission and the responsibilities that fall to elected Trustees.
  • At this point the Vice Chair, John Palmer took the Chair who in advance of seeking nominations for the post of Chair thanked Brian White for his leadership and steering of the Management Committee over the previous 12 months. Subsequent election of a new Chair resulted as follows:
    Chair Brian White (proposed Jean Leah / seconded Mari Gabbitas)
  • Brian White re-took the chair and sought nominations for the remaining Trustee posts as follows:
    Vice Chair John Palmer (proposed John Gabbitas / seconded Chris White)
    Secretary Jean Leah (proposed Mari Gabbitas / seconded John Palmer)
    Treasurer Norman Anderson (proposed Jean Leah / seconded Chris White)
    Fifth Trustee John Gabbitas (proposed Mary Pavey / seconded Norman Anderson)
  • Whilst not a full member, members' acknowledged that the caretaker, Mrs Kay Pearson, would be invited and encouraged to attend Management Committee meetings. Action: Chair


  • Brownies - Members were informed that a formal approach had been made by the Brownies to return from the Church Hall to the Village Hall to hold their weekly meetings. It was agreed that they should once again have user group status. It was proposed that the Brownies would use Hall 2 on Tuesday evenings and negotiations would now be commenced to determine a return start date. Action: Secretary
  • Todwick News - Notification of the annual subscription due January 2009 had been received and it was agreed that the Village Hall would continue to place an advertisement in the Todwick News in the coming year. Action: Secretary
  • WI - Mary Pavey informed members that they were looking to change the day of their meetings from Thursdays to Tuesdays but had to follow their procedures which meant this could not take place until the April 2010 at the earliest.


53.1 Craft Group (Mari Gabbitas verbal report) - The Craft Group continued to thrive each Wednesday afternoon between 2.00/4.00pm with 21 listed members and an average attendance of 19. Sadly two members had passed away during the year. The Craft Group have continued to support Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice (£70 donated) and ongoing contributions to Jack's Jackpot. A second charity supported was Breakthrough Breast Cancer (£85 donated). An additional donation of £140 was sent to Bluebell Wood as a result of the Golden Mile Collection. The Craft Group also supported the Village Fun Day and the Garden/History/Art Trail. Members continuously make baby items for Jessops and Cuddles plus stripy jumpers for Africa. The Group try to have a few outings during the year including a visit to Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice and a lunch outing.

53.2 Bowls Club (Alan Tizard verbal report) - The Bowls Club re-commence an indoor winter programme on 22nd October and have 14 members on their books. However there is a waiting list and as a result a second indoor session is also run on Thursday mornings at Aston. In addition the Bowling Club had now negotiated with the adjacent school to run a junior session during the lunch-break immediately after the Wednesday morning session and asked if a discounted rate could apply. A total of 8 children will be able to participate in the session, each being charged 50p. A discussion took place on fees for this session and so as to show transparency to all user groups utilising the Hall it was agreed that usual user group status (ie currently £6.00) would apply. It was suggested by Tony Rusling that the Adult Bowling Club members be asked if they would be prepared to sponsor the outstanding weekly amount of £2.00. Alan asked that in advance of the winter programme starting if the bowling mat could be left out in the Hall over a weekend and this was agreed subject to Kay being informed. Action: Alan Tizard

53.3 Toddler Group (Chris White verbal report) - Chris said the Toddler Group had a large friendly group with over 35 toddlers/mums attending weekly. Children came not just from Todwick but also from surrounding villages. The Toddler Group had supported the Fun Day held during the Summer and will continue to support all Village Hall events.

53.4 Girl Guides Rainbow Group (Chris White verbal report) - Chris said the Girl Guide Rainbow Group had been running just over 12 months now which had originally been commenced with a grant from Todwick Parish Council. Both her and Emma now had their warrants and there were 18 in the group with a waiting list. The weekly charge to members was £1.50 and the group was supported by parent helpers.

53.5 Cricket Club (Liz Wainwright verbal report) - Liz said that whilst members don't actually use the Village Hall they continued to support the Village Hall by donating raffle prizes, selling tickets and taking part in all fundraising events.

53.6 Historic Society (Tony Rusling verbal report) - Tony said since the Group was formed in February 2008 a total of 26 members had joined with an average turnout of 16. They had been involved in the Garden Trail day and were working in conjunction with the Ramblers Group in holding joint meetings. The next meeting was scheduled for the following evening and new members were always welcome.

53.7 Ramblers (Margaret Ware verbal report) - On behalf of Sheila Marsden, Margaret reported that the Ramblers Group had a total of 22 members. On a walk held the previous day 16 had attended. As well as walks in and around the village, "away day walks" were held on alternate Mondays to the Over 60s Club, Chesterfield being the next venue. Margaret said they were joining in with the Historic Society in holding joint meetings and were currently in the process of raising funds for their third party liability insurance cover.

53.8 Over 60s (Pat Gollaglee verbal report) - Currently there were 37 members, who meet alternate Monday afternoons, that included five recent newcomers. Sadly one of the long standing members, George Birch, had passed away last month. This year members, together with family and friends, had enjoyed three full day trips to York, Whitby and Skipton together with a tour of Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice. A grant from Todwick Parish Council towards their Christmas lunch had been requested and this year members would be holding it at the Consort Suite.

53.9 WI (Mary Pavey verbal report) - Mary reported that the WI now had 16 members and in June this year had celebrated its 50th birthday. Speakers had ranged from Tai Chi to Button Hooks, and members had also enjoyed a theatre visit. At the national AGM held in Liverpool earlier in the year the WI had been given an oak tree that was hoped would be planted in the village. Changes in the presidency had taken place in that Eileen Northall had stepped down and until March 2009 meetings would be chaired by the Vice President, Brenda Oliver. New members were always welcome and meetings took place at 7.30pm in the Village Hall. Mary also reported on a hole in the flooring in the gas meter storeroom that required attention. Action: Trustees

53.10 Table Tennis (Phil Kettell verbal report) - Phil reported that the Group had been running since April 2008 and had 16 members ranging from 15-72 years. Currently three tables (all of which had been donated) were being used but having three tables in one Hall meant that they sometimes struggled for space. So far Club income had amounted to £310 and after purchasing consumables/paying rent etc the bank balance stood at £47.45.

53.11 Neighbourhood Watch (Norman Anderson verbal report) - Norman reported on another good year that had seen Todwick NHD Watch being presented with an award for the outstanding village neighbourhood watch scheme by the South Yorkshire Lord Lieutenant and South Yorkshire Police Deputy Chief Constable. Todwick NHD watch had reached their target of just over 50 carbon monoxide alarms being put to work in the community and 55 personal attack alarms being given free of charge to villagers following recent local attacks. At a recent partnership meeting it had been revealed our area (Rother Valley South) had the second lowest burglary rate, the lowest rate for youth nuisance, the lowest rate for criminal damage and the lowest rate for littering. The meeting strongly promoted the concept of co-operation between the public and Police and appreciated the local intelligence being provided by members of local neighbourhood watch schemes. A quarterly newsletter is produced which gives, amongst other information, statistics provided by the Safer Neighbourhood Team on crime in the village as well as details of other items of interest. The ethos is that the information given in the newsletters is pertinent, value for money and if possible, at no cost. Norman said the aim of the Neighbourhood Watch is to promote the concept of local initiatives to lookout for neighbours particularly if their property is unoccupied as well as looking out for anything unusual in the area that may leave local people and property vulnerable. If it doesn't look right, it probably isn't right and he would continue to act on all information received.


  • Dates were agreed as:
    • 6.30pm, Monday 9th February
    • 6.30pm, Monday 13th April
    • 6.30pm, Monday 8th June
    • 6.30pm, Monday 14th September
    • 6.30pm, Monday 12th October (AGM)
    • 6.30pm, Monday 14th December
    • Christmas Fayre - 2.00pm/4.00pm, Saturday 28th November 2009.


55.1 Charges for Charitable Events - the Chair raised an issue relating to a recent charitable event having been held in the Village Hall and it had been queried whether a charge should be made (or not) for the hire of the Hall bearing in mind the Village Hall was also a registered charity. Following discussion it was agreed that each request would be treated on its own merits prior to the event but that a nominal sum should be made. Action: Trustees

55.2 Christmas Fayre - Mari Gabbitas handed out bundles of raffle tickets to all members to sell. It was agreed a separate VHMC meeting would be held at 10.00am, Friday 24th October 2008 to discuss the necessary arrangements. Action: All Members

There being no further business the meeting closed at 7.45 pm.