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Todwick Village

Todwick Village Hall Management Committee Minutes

6.30 PM, MONDAY 8th SEPTEMBER 2008


  • Mr Brian White (Chair, Trustee & Parish Council)
  • Mrs Jean Leah (Secretary & Trustee)
  • Mr Norman Anderson (Treasurer, Trustee & NHD Watch)
  • Mr John Gabbitas (5th Trustee)
  • Mrs Mary Pavey (WI)
  • Mrs Liz Wainwright (Cricket Club)
  • Mr Alan Tizard (Bowls Club)
  • Mrs Mari Gabbitas (Craft Group)
  • Mrs Margaret Ware (Over 60s)
  • Mrs Chris White (Toddler Group/GG Rainbows)
  • Mrs A Davey (WI)
  • Mrs S Marsden (Ramblers)

Apologies for Absence:

  • Mr John Palmer (Vice Chair, Trustee & Parish Council)
  • Mrs Kay Pearson (Caretaker)
  • Mrs Pat Gollaglee (Over 60s)
  • Mr Tony Rusling (Historical Society)
  • Mrs E Northall (WI)

Brian White opened the meeting and welcomed all present, particularly new member Sheila Marsden.


  • The minutes of meeting held on 9th June 2008 were accepted and signed by the Chair.


35.1 Trustees Liability Insurance - the Treasurer informed members that research had revealed that both the Trustees and Management Committee needed this cover. Having looked at the comparisons our own insurance company was offering the most cost effective deal and it was agreed that the Treasurer should pursue obtaining the necessary policy. Action: Treasurer

35.2 New Crockery - the Secretary reported that plastic boxes had now been purchased to store the new crockery purchased. More crockery will be purchased as funds permit. It was requested that labels on the plastic boxes be placed asking users to return the crockery to the boxes rather than leaving out in the kitchen or storing in the over-filled cupboards. Action: Secretary It was also requested that a kick-step be purchased as it was required to assist with access to the upper cupboards. Action: Secretary

35.3 Dampness in Storage Areas - The Chair reported that radiators had now been fitted in the two store-rooms off Hall 1. Chris White said that whilst the toy storage room (Hall 2) was not actually damp it had a "mouldy odour" and it was agreed that a grille would be placed on the toy room storage door to provide extra air circulation. Action: Trustees

35.4 Request to Hire Hall by a Clairvoyant/Spiritualist - No further approach had been made to the Trustees by the lady and gentleman concerned since the last meeting.

35.5 YRCC AGM - The Secretary reported that unfortunately the Village Hall would not be able to act as host to YRCC's AGM as the date chosen clashed with the Village Hall Christmas Fayre.


  • Invitation to join NCVO (National Council for Voluntary Organisations)
  • YRCC Newsletter re. Rural Community Buildings
  • Google Advertising
  • Northern College Courses


  • The Treasurer presented the audited copy of the accounts for the year ending June 2008 which was signed by the Trustees and said he would be presenting a small gift to the auditor, Mr Dennis Hudson, to acknowledge our thanks for his continued assistance. Action: Treasurer
  • Current financial position:
    • Current Account £2,066.72
    • Reserve Account £3,057.77 (contingency fund)
    • £0.00 cash
  • The above figures took into account all bills that had been presented.
  • Following a couple of complaints received from hirers for the need to pay £150 for small childrens parties, a debate took place concerning whether this should be relaxed. It was agreed that no bond would be charged for children's parties up to 12 years of age but that the bond of £150 for all private hires other than this would continue.


  • The Secretary reported:
    • A complaint had been received from a nearby resident to the effect that both she and her child had nearly been knocked down by a call leaving the Village Hall car park at speed. As a result immediate action had been taken by painting a 5 mph speed limit in the car park and by painting a solid white line and word "STOP" across the car park exit. All members were asked to convey to their users that extreme caution must be observed at all times. Action: All Members
    • The grant for the computer club project was now almost at an end and the Chair, Secretary and Treasurer had recently met with the YRCC to finalise this.
    • No further progress had been made with the Village Hall website and she would be contacting YRCC to try and further this. Action: Secretary
    • A Business Plan for the Village Hall had now been prepared and was available for any member wishing to view same.
    • Consideration was being given to submitting an application to the Coalfields Regeneration Trust to their "Bridging the Gap" scheme for funding to recruit a part-time co-ordinator/marketing assistant for the Village Hall.
    • As a result of the constant need to switch tables between the Halls it had been agreed to purchase six additional tables and negotiations were currently under way to ensure a competitive deal. Action: Fifth Trustee


  • John Gabbitas informed members that protracted discussions had taken place with the manufacturers and builder and they (manufacturers) had eventually accepted liability for the powder post beetles found in the four internal doors. The Village Hall had paid for an independent survey to be carried out and the current situation was that negotiations were under way to recover that sum of money back into Village Hall funds. Action: John Gabbitas
  • It was reported that the re-pointing and waterproofing of the external original Hall was now completed. It had been a major job and the Chair thanked user groups for their patience and understanding during the works.
  • John Gabbitas reported that two of the fans in Hall 1 had now been replaced and the third one had been cleaned together with all the light fittings.
  • The Chair informed members of a problem highlighted in the gents toilets whereby the position of the hand-dryer over a sloping ceiling was causing tall gentlemen to bang their heads when using it. As a temporary measure "DANGER" tape had been fixed to the area highlight awareness to the situation. On a separate note, it was reported that the gents toilet light is constantly being left on. It was agreed that consideration would be given to purchasing self-extinguishing light switches. Action: Trustees
  • The Chair reminded members of the previously successful application to the Parish Council to fund a second disabled toilet in the Village Hall. Members agreed this should be pursued and that the toilet should be unisex and have a second baby changing station incorporated into it. A question was raised as to whether the original disabled toilet had a sign on it highlighting it was both a disabled toilet and baby changing station and it was agreed this should be the case. Action: Trustees


  • John Gabbitas reported on the following:
    • It had now been determined that it was up to each individual user group to make their own accredited arrangements for trained First Aiders. Action: All Members
    • Monitoring of the accident booklet was undertaken on a regular basis.
    • As a result of the fire doors continuing to be left insecure, these had now been alarmed (and which had been activated by a private party already!). John reminded all users that the fire doors must only be used in cases of emergency and not as regular entrance and exit doors.


  • A generic risk assessment for the following groups was still required - table tennis, Active Always, Spanish, IT/Internet Café, Rosemary Conley, flower arranging. John Gabbitas undertook to look into this. Action: John Gabbitas
  • A fire drill has been undertaken by the Craft Group but would be done again so that it could be timed and a report on the outcome prepared. Action: Craft Group/John Gabbitas
  • The next fire drill will be undertaken by the Over 60s on 22nd September. Action: Over 60s/John Gabbitas
  • The Chair reported that the car park has now been completely marked out and fitted with appropriate signage (cross-reference this item with the complaint highlighted at minute 38/08).


  • The following issues were reported:
    • It was reported the fridge door is constantly being left open and users were reminded of the need to ensure it was kept closed at all times. Action: All Members
    • In addition the fridge appeared to be frosting up on a regular basis which, in part, was due to the fact it was left nearly empty most of the time. It was agreed to purchase half a dozen large bottles of water to provide some bulk in the fridge giving the appearance of it being full. Action: Vice Chair


  • The following was updated on:
    • Spanish classes were now set up and running on Monday evenings.
    • Names were still being collated for those interested in learning German.
    • Monday IT classes were a "hit and miss" and the Trustees were looking at ways to try and boost attendance. The Thursday IT classes were running okay.
    • Barbara Coe-Colley was still canvassing to commence floral design classes in the near future.
    • The re-introduction of dance classes had had a poor response and Judith was hoping this would improve in the near future.
    • New Rosemary Conley diet and fitness sessions had just commenced.
    • A keep fit class was due to start at the beginning of October.


  • It was agreed to hold a separate meeting to discuss the arrangements for the Christmas Fayre to which Anne Rusling would also be invited to attend. Action: Vice Chair


  • The Chair reported that liaison with our Church Hall colleagues continued and another meeting, which would possibly result in our collaboration of another joint venture, was to be held in November.


46.1 Children's Bowling - Alan Tizard had contacted the Chair seeking approval for the Bowling Section to have a free one hour session after the normal weekly user group to run a children's bowling group. This was a national initiative and Alan intended liaising with the Headteacher at the adjacent school to try and negotiate this so as to encourage young children into the sport. Both Mr & Mrs Tizard are already CRB checked. No decision on whether a charge or otherwise is to be made would be decided upon until after the discussions with the school headteacher had taken place. It was also queried whether individuals would be covered under our insurance if no charge was made. Alan Tizard agreed to undertake further research and report at the next meeting. Action: Alan Tizard

46.2 Macmillan Coffee Morning - the WI representatives present informed members that the Macmillan coffee morning would be held in the Village Hall on the morning of Friday 26th September and they were given permission to put a banner on the car park railings advertising the event. Action: John Gabbitas

46.3 Shelves for Rainbows - Chris White asked when the earlier agreed shelves for Rainbows would be fitted. The Chair agreed to meet with Chris the following Thursday morning to discuss same. Action: Chair

46.4 Receptacle for Nappies - Chris White requested that a more substantial bin for used nappies be purchased for the baby changing station area. It was agreed that Chris should purchase this and provide the necessary receipt to the Treasurer for reimbursement. Action: Chris White

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.15 pm.

The next Village Hall Management Committee Annual General Meeting will be held in the Village Hall
at 6.30 pm, Monday 13th October 2008.