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Todwick Village

Todwick Village Hall Management Committee Minutes



  • Mr Brian White (Chair, Trustee & Parish Council)
  • Mrs Jean Leah (Secretary & Trustee)
  • Mr Norman Anderson (Treasurer, Trustee & NHD Watch)
  • Mr John Gabbitas (5th Trustee)
  • Mrs Christel Vince (rep. Over 60s)
  • Mrs Brenda Waller (Line Dancing)
  • Mrs Mari Gabbitas (Craft Group)
  • Mrs Chris White (Toddler Group)
  • Mrs Liz Wainwright (Cricket Club)
  • Mrs Anne Rusling (Caretaker)

Apologies for Absence:

  • Mr John Palmer (Vice Chair, Trustee & Parish Council)
  • Mrs Emma Allison (Rainbows)
  • Mrs Margaret Ware (Over 60s)

Brian White opened the meeting and welcomed all present.


  • Minutes of meetings 30.08.07 and 03.10.07 (AGM) were accepted and signed by the Chair.


48.1 Trustees Liability Insurance - a quote had been received but the Trustees were now seeking additional information as to which type of insurance may be most suitable. Action: Trustees

48.2 RMBC Refuse Collection Rebate - The Treasurer reported he had now spoken with RMBC who had confirmed a refund should have been payable for the period during rebuild/refurbishment. RMBC had agreed not to charge for the period July-December 2007 in lieu of the monies overpaid which meant that the remaining outstanding account payable for the period January-March 2008 is now £61 (full annual invoice should have been £221). Item discharged.

48.3 YRCC Project Monitoring - The Secretary collected user groups monitoring forms which had been completed during the period following re-opening to the end of December 2007. The Secretary reported that she would collate and use all the figures as part of the project closing off report as required by YRCC. The Secretary thanked members for undertaking the task. Item discharged.

Members asked if they could be given a breakdown of costs associated with the project. These are outlined below:



Construction / Refurbishment


Equipment and Fittings


Fees (surveyors, planning, etc)


Demolition on Site


Car Park & Fence Refurbishment


Marketing and Promotion




48.4 YRCC Membership - The Secretary informed members that as previously agreed the VHMC had now become members of YRCC. Item discharged.


  • The Chairman gave sincere thanks to all user group representatives and volunteers for their efforts in helping to raise £2,047 at the 2007 Christmas Fayre. Thank you letters had already been sent to those external groups/companies who had given raffle prizes and to Church Hall representatives, and of course, Father Christmas, who had assisted too.
  • A number of suggested changes for next year's event had been raised - namely, possibly updating the Grotto and/or utilising the space differently to create either an igloo or sitting room effect which could be less frightening for younger children. Also it was believed the serving of refreshments could be better positioned as it had been felt that the ladies involved were "too hidden away" when standing behind the serving hatch.
  • Members agreed that an item would be placed on the September VHMC meeting agenda to give sufficient time to discuss further and make the necessary changes in good time for next year's event. Action: Secretary (raise agenda item September)


  • None.


  • Current position:
    • Current Account £4,175.46
    • Reserve Account £2,501.49 (contingency fund)
    • £0.00 cash
  • The above figures took into account all presented bills had been paid with the exception of British Gas. There were issues around meter readings (and new meter which had been installed) and had resulted in a formal complaint being made. When British Gas had finalised the queries, the Treasurer stated he would be pursuing a dual fuel package and transferring payments to direct debit.
  • The Treasurer had now arranged for Council rates to be paid monthly from April.
  • A recent reading for water supplies had indicated a potential invoice of £1,400! Following attendance by a meter official, a significantly reduced reading had now been confirmed and when taking into account no sewerage usage during the rebuild/refurbishment period, Yorkshire Water had now presented an invoice for £93.64.
  • In the New Year there will be six months figures available and the Treasurer will prepare a cash flow and overall budget position.


  • Each Trustee gave feedback on areas of work currently being undertaken by them as follows:

    • Administration (Secretary)

      1. The caretaker's job description is currently under review.
      2. All insurances for buildings, contents and third party liabilities are in place but as these collectively cost in the region of £1,000 new alternative quotes will be obtained as each one comes up for renewal.
      3. A revised booking form and conditions of use for private hire document is ongoing.
      4. Tariffs for 2008 are under review.
      5. A "need to have" and "nice to have" list has been drawn up (see Appendix 'A'). The Secretary asked that if any user group wished to add to this list could the suggestions be made in writing to her for consideration and inclusion on the list.

      Having seen the list at Appendix 'A' members requested that the following be added - coathooks / extra kitchen storage / kitchen towel dispenser on a roll (an electric hand-dryer in the kitchen is not permissible). It was also suggested that crockery etc was a "need to have" not "nice to have" item. Action: Trustees

    • Health & Safety (5th Trustee)

      1. A full building risk assessment has now been carried out and non-compliance issues to be resolved drawn up (see Appendix 'B'). This work is on-going.
      2. A CO alarm has recently been fitted in Hall 1 just outside the boiler room.
      3. User groups must ensure they undertake a risk assessment for their individual activities and the Trustees will assist each Group in completing these (Toddlers & Rainbows Groups handed their completed RAs in at the meeting). Action: All User Groups
      4. Any user groups having outside speakers visiting the VH have a responsibility to ensure that any electrical equipment they intend using has been suitably PAT tested. Action: All User Groups
      5. Relevant food handling signs in the kitchen are under review.
      6. Where children are attending the VH as part of a user group (ie Rainbows) under strict supervision children are allowed in the kitchen but where they are attending the VH for all other reasons (i.e. private hire bookings/Village Events/Christmas Fayre, etc) children are NOT allowed access. Suitable signage will be fitted giving this information.
      7. The possibility of having an additional (external) fire alarm bell was also being pursued.

      Having seen the list at Appendix 'B', members suggested that PAT testing needed to be added under risk assessments. Also the question of signage needs revising so as to ensure all necessary signs are ordered and put in place asap. Action: Trustees

    • VH Incidents (Chair)

      1. Instances were quoted where the Fire Door had been left insecure in Hall 2. All members were reminded that Fire Doors were only to be used in cases of emergency.
      2. Similarly, a recent incident had occurred resulting in the fire alarm being accidentally triggered by a user group member and the Chair asked that all users take appropriate care.
    • Building Works Committee - Outstanding Issues (5th Trustee)

      1. Work continues with the builder to finalise the "snagging" list as shown (Appendix 'C').
      2. A stair-lift will be fitted before the end of this financial year with financial support from TPC
      3. Steam cleaning and re-pointing the existing building will be done with financial support from TPC* (this will probably be done during school holidays so as minimise disruption to the school/school children)
      4. It is intended a second disabled toilet will be installed with financial support from TPC however in the short term the installation of a stair-lift will considerably alleviate this problem*
      5. Boundary wall between the VH and adjacent town houses will be cleaned, repaired and re-pointed as money allows

      [* a recent letter from the VHMC Trustees to TPC had resulted in a sum of £8,500 being included in TPC's budget in the 2008/09 financial year].

    • Marketing / New Groups (Secretary)

      1. Negotiations with Dinnington & Maltby Guardian have been successful and resulted in the VH activities sheet being publicised in their "What's On" feature on a weekly basis
      2. The new Definitive Business Directory (which supersedes S26 Directory) has also agreed to publish the activities sheet on a regular basis
      3. A recent meeting with a representative of the Workers Education Association had taken place and negotiations are currently under way to assist in getting funding for tutors and new groups off the ground
      4. A separate YRCC grant applied for seeking financial assistance to hold computer classes and an Internet Café had recently been approved.
      5. Since re-opening 6 new classes had been introduced -
        • French "taster" classes (Wednesdays)
        • Girl Guide Rainbows (Wednesdays)
        • Adult Beginner Dancing Lessons by "City Limits" (Wednesdays)
        • Hip Hop (Thursdays)
        • Yoga (Thursdays)
        • Tai Chi (Fridays)
      6. Negotiations are currently under way for the following additional new classes:
        • French "taster" classes (Mondays)
        • Adult Intermediate Dancing Lessons by "City Limits" (Wednesdays)
        • Children's Dancing Lessons by "City Limits" (day still to be determined)
        • Computer classes / digitally archiving the history of Todwick (day[s] still to be determined)
        • Internet Café (day[s] still to be determined)
      7. A survey is being prepared which will be delivered to all Todwick households asking what other new activities they would support if available
      8. Work continues to continue to market the venue for private hire


  • This item was dealt with under item 52/07.


  • This item was dealt with under item 52/07.


  • This item was dealt with under item 52/07.


  • Although the Toddler Group currently has its own insurance arrangements for their activities undertaken whilst at the VH, it was determined that none of the other user groups had activity insurance only insurance cover for their equipment. The Trustees undertook to clarify the requirements needed and report at the next meeting. Action: Trustees


  • This item was dealt with under item 52/07.


  • This item was dealt with under item 52/07.


  • The Chair informed members that the VH Trustees continued to meet with the Church Hall Trustees and it had been agreed to hold joint events at both locations. The first event - a Quiz Night with "pea and pie" supper" - will be hosted by the Village Hall on Saturday 8th March 2008 commencing 7.30 pm.
  • Event costs and profits will be shared 50/50 between Village and Church Halls.
  • Tickets and further details will be available shortly. The Chair encouraged all user groups to register a quiz team on what he hoped would be a very enjoyable and successful night. Action: Trustees


60.1 Use of Toddler Equipment - Chris White said the Toddler Group had now acquired a set of baking trays which they were happy for other user groups to use as long as they were cleaned and returned to their storing place after use.

60.2 Hall Sweeping - Chris White asked if other user groups could ensure that the Halls were swept after use as there had been needles found on the floor which were dangerous especially for children using the premises. Action: All user groups

60.3 WI - In the absence of the WI representative, Mari Gabbitas informed the Management Committee that the WI membership was in crisis as a result of their membership dwindling (currently only 14 members with only 9 regularly attending). An article would be appearing in the next edition of "The Informer" seeking new members in this their 50th year.

60.4 Ramblers Group - Anne Rusling informed members that the local Ramblers Group had recently applied to Awards for All for a grant towards cost of speakers and hire of the Village Hall. if the grant was successful, it was intended that meetings would be open for anyone to attend.

60.5 Schedule of Meetings - 2008 - As a result of the Village Hall's heavy use on Wednesdays it had been discovered that the meeting dates determined at the AGM would not be able to be held there. The Secretary undertook to re-visit the dates. Action: Secretary

Before the meeting closed, the Trustees presented to the Caretaker a new Henry vacuum cleaner.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.45 pm.

The next Village Hall Management Committee will be held in
Hall 2, Village Hall at 6.30 pm, Monday 4th February 2008.


Items of a "need to have" nature

  • Chair lift on stairs
  • Old building to be fully re-pointed
  • Car park marking out / hatched areas / disabled bay
  • New First Aid kit (catering version)
  • Signs - external, internal, disclaimer, name plates etc
  • Crockery / glasses / cutlery

Items of a "nice to have" nature

  • Boundary wall to be cleaned/repaired/re-pointed
  • Downstairs toilet
  • Loop sound system
  • Projector
  • More chairs
  • Round tables
  • Umbrella stand
  • Portable stage
  • WI cupboard
  • TV / DVD and TV licence
  • Kitchen towel dispenser on a roll
  • Office ancillary equipment (pens, paper, waste paper bin, stapler etc etc)
  • TVH web site
  • 2 x fans with humidity switches
  • Dimmer switch for Hall 1 (new lights will be necessary)
  • Slotted display rack for front lobby for fliers / adverts etc
  • Lobby display board to show which room visitors are in
  • Fire bell on outside of building
  • Google booking form
  • Alcohol licence
  • Coat hooks
  • Extra kitchen storage


  • Fire alarm notices need to be filled in
  • Employers liability notice to be pinned up
  • Permanent signage to be bought and installed
  • Risk Assessments - PAT testing / activities RAs
  • Filing cabinets in office to be fastened back to wall
  • Fire extinguisher/notice to be fixed to kitchen wall
  • Emergency/exit lights on escape routes / toilet areas to be changed to "maintained"
  • Sign warning of children on exit
  • Speed limit on drive
  • Marking out car park
  • Fire drills by user groups


  • Kitchen table needs reducing in length by 50mm to fit back to wall
  • Kitchen table opposite needs slotting around conduit to fit back to wall
  • Socket under kitchen sink to be removed, blank plate, siliconed
  • No isolator valves on water pipes to LH sink
  • All tables to be earth bonded
  • Fly zapper not working
  • Silicone needed around windowsill and where tiles meet work surfaces/sinks
  • Paint kitchen ceiling where fluorescent light turned 90°
  • Car park security light needs adjusting (comes on whenever car passes on The Pastures)
  • Should the hand driers be on an earth leakage circuit?
  • Storage room off Hall 1 is cold and damp - advice?
  • Is it possible to put another fire bell on the outside of the building? Cost?
  • The guttering and pipe (NW) corner need re-fitting
  • Mark socket/switches on a building drawing