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Todwick Village

Todwick Village Hall Management Committee Minutes



  • Revd.Canon D Bliss (Chair & Trustee)
  • Mr John Palmer (Vice Chair, Trustee & Parish Council)
  • Mrs Jean Leah (Secretary & Trustee)
  • Mrs Margaret Grayson (Treasurer & Trustee)
  • Mr John Gabbitas (5th Trustee)
  • Mrs Linda Hewitt (WI)
  • Mr Brian White (Parish Council)
  • Mr Norman Anderson (Neighbourhood Watch)
  • Mr Alan Tizard, Bowls Club
  • Mrs Margaret Ware (Over 60s)
  • Mrs Liz Wainwright (Cricket Club)
  • Mrs Mari Gabbitas (Craft Group)
  • Mrs Anne Rusling (Caretaker)
  • Mrs Brenda Waller (Line Dancing)
  • Mrs Chris White (Toddler Group)

Apologies for Absence:

  • Mrs Emma Allison (Rainbows)

Revd.Canon Bliss opened the meeting and welcomed all present.


  • The minutes of the previous AGM of 31st October 2006 were accepted and signed by the Chair.




  • The Secretary reported on another very busy year. She remarked that her report last year had been associated with the plans having been passed and that the builder was anticipating starting the project at the end of November 2006. Her time this year had predominantly been with the actual building project culminating in the official opening. Jean remarked that new user groups were already starting to use the Village Hall and others were in the pipeline. She hoped this was the beginning of the Village Hall going from strength to strength. Jean expressed her personal thanks to all those who had been involved in the project.
  • The Chair thanked Jean for the tremendous workload she had undertaken throughout the year.


  • The Treasurer presented the audited copy of the accounts for the year ending June 2007 and asked that a letter of thanks be forwarded to the auditor, Mr Dennis Hudson. Action: Secretary
  • Considering the closure of the building for the duration of the renovation and rebuild, the audited accounts showed the following:
    • Current Account £ 2,664.06
    • Reserve Account £18,564.79 (this does not take account of a £15,000 cheque issued)
    • Cash in Hand £ 9.23
  • Margaret said the year had been one to remember - a record amount at the Christmas Fayre (£2,090), and the re-build and re-opening day that had resulted in £450 each being donated to Bluebell Wood and Rotherham Hospices. Margaret particularly expressed her appreciation to Tim Pepper who had done an excellent job. Despite initial teething problems Todwick now had a Village Hall to be proud of. Margaret said this would be her last report as she had decided the time had come to step down. She wished all users of the Village Hall very best wishes for the future.
  • The Chair on behalf of members formally accepted the accounts for the financial year ending June 2007 and thanked Margaret for the last year's work together with thanks for her service over the last 20 years.


  • Before seeking nominations, the Chair reminded members present of the Hall's constitution that is registered with the Charity Commission and the responsibilities that fall to elected Trustees.
  • David said that he too would be stepping down as Chair as a result of his forthcoming move to a new Parish. Before standing down David said he wished to express his sincere thanks to everyone - past and present. The last year had been both unusual and exciting. He gave his special thanks to the Trustees for their hard work and friendship. He also gave thanks to Margaret for her service over the last 20 years; to Anne and Tony Rusling and, to Todwick Parish Council for their tremendous financial support and for being part of the Building Works Committee.
  • David said it had been a tremendous privilege to be involved in the community over the last 14 years. He believed that there was now a wonderful future ahead and that Trustees/members should go out and grab it. He concluded by saying he wished every joy and happiness to everyone.

At this point the Vice Chair, John Palmer took the Chair.

  • Subsequent election of officers resulted as follows:
    Chair Brian White (proposed Jean Leah / seconded John Gabbitas)
    Vice Chair John Palmer (proposed Brenda Waller / seconded Mari Gabbitas)
    Secretary Jean Leah (proposed Mari Gabbitas / seconded Brenda Waller)
    Treasurer Norman Anderson (proposed Jean Leah / seconded Chris White)
    Fifth Trustee John Gabbitas (proposed John Palmer / seconded Jean Leah)
  • Whilst not a full member, members' acknowledged that the caretaker, Mrs Anne Rusling, would continue attending Management Committee meetings.

At this point the Vice Chair and Secretary gave separate presentations and gifts to the outgoing Chair and Treasurer with thanks on behalf of all members of the Village Hall Management Committee for their loyal and dedicated service.

The new Chair, Brian White then took the Chair. He gave his thanks for the support given in electing him. He paid tribute to Revd.Canon Bliss, saying he would be a very hard act to follow and Brian wished to express thanks and best wishes to David as he moved to his new role. Brian also gave thanks to the Trustees and said he looked forward to working with them.


  • The Building Regulations completion certificate had been received.
  • Revd.Canon Bliss gave a resume of the last 72 hours where it had transpired that legal action against the Village Hall was imminent following the Architect not having been paid his final account. Basically there had been issues relating to the CDM file and a number of receipts. Revd.Canon Bliss was pleased to inform that this had now been finalised without court action and he gave his thanks to Jean, John Palmer, Clive Pantry and Rod Walker for their considerable assistance in the matter.


44.1 Bowls Club (Alan Tizard verbal report) - The Bowls Club had been unable to use the Hall during the last Winter season due to refurbishment and had utilised Aston Village Hall. The Bowls Club were looking to start this year's indoor bowls on 24th October 2007 and would be once again using Todwick Village Hall but would also continue to use Aston Village Hall. Alan also reported that the national bowls weekend hosted in South Yorkshire in the Summer had been very successful and received quite a lot of publicity. He gave thanks to both Rotherham MBC and to Todwick Parish Council for their support.

44.2 Over 60s (Margaret Ware verbal report) - The 38 members of the Over 60s had had a good year and been on regular outings to which outsiders were also included so as to fill up the coach. A grant from Todwick Parish Council towards their Christmas lunch has also been successful. Meetings are held fortnightly on Mondays. She reported that an approach had been made by John Palmer and John Gabbitas to hold "bingo" sessions on the alternate Mondays. Members had indicated their preference instead for whist or bridge afternoons. Margaret said she would be stepping down at the end of the year as the Over 60s Secretary.

44.3 Craft Group (Mari Gabbitas verbal report) - The Craft Group was now happily back in the Village Hall and meet between 2.00/4.00pm on Wednesdays. Membership had decreased to 19 in the last year due to members moving away from the area and the sadness of one member recently passing away. New members were welcome to join the very lively and friendly group. They have continued to give support to Bluebell Wood (£56) and weekly contributions to Jack's Jackpot together with support to Alzheimers Society (£70). The Group had knitted blankets and bonnets for Jessops Neonatal Intensive Care Unit; knitted and crocheted blankets and gowns for Cuddles (the charity that supports parents of stillborn babies); knitted jumpers for Feed the Children in Africa; knitted blanket squares for Thornberry Animal Sanctuary; and made various items sold to family and friends to make money for the above charities. Their stall at the Village Hall Christmas Fayre will be selling mainly hand made items plus bric-a-brac and a raffle.

44.4 WI (Linda Hewitt verbal report) - The WI had had a very varied programme throughout the year including speakers from the British Legion; a lady who made garments from re-cycled and vintage materials; Ridgeway Craft Centre; a flower arranging demonstration and a slide show on the Amalfi Coast. The WI had also supported the Church Garden Fete and Todwick Fun Day with the usual cake stalls. Trips to Scampston House and Gardens and Abbeydale Cinema who are looking to restore the building had been made and a visit to Showstoppers at the Montgomery Theatre in Sheffield was planned. Changes in the presidency had taken place when Audrey Radford had stepped down and been replaced by Eileen Northall. Thanks were expressed to the Church for use of the Church Hall during the Village Hall renovations. Fundraising continued and as recently as Friday last the WI had hosted a Macmillan coffee morning at the Village Hall. New members are welcomed and meetings are held on the first Thursday in the month.

44.5 Line Dancing (Brenda Waller verbal report) - Brenda reported that the group had 19 members but averaged 11/12 each week. Meetings are held Monday evenings and new members are always welcomed to the fun evening.

44.6 Cricket Club (Liz Wainwright verbal report) - Liz said that members only used the Village Hall for its AGM but were always willing to support the Village Hall and took part in all fundraising events.

44.7 Toddler Group (Chris White verbal report) - Chris said the Toddler Group was going from strength-to-strength with approximately 35 toddlers/mums attending weekly. Chris expressed thanks to the Church for use of the Church Hall during the Village Hall renovations. The Toddler Group had supported the Fun Day held during the Summer and will continue to support all Village Hall events.

44.8 Girl Guides Rainbow Group (Chris White on behalf of Emma Allison - verbal report) - Rainbows is the Girl Guides youngest branch for 5/7 year olds. Recently commenced with a grant from Todwick Parish Council for the first three months, currently the group was able to have 10 members. Both Emma and Chris are working to get their warrants and in the meantime are being supported by Audrey Radford (retired Brown Owl). The Group is assisted by Liz Wainwright. The Group this week had contributed to making a basket for the Church Harvest Festival.

44.9 Neighbourhood Watch (Norman Anderson verbal report) - Norman reported that the Neighbourhood Watch was going from strength to strength with 352 of the 700 residencies now members together with 25 co-ordinators. The Village Hall was used for AGM meetings. Norman said that a quarterly newsletter would be published shortly.


  • Dates were agreed as:
    • 7.30pm, Wednesday 6th February
    • 7.30pm, Wednesday 2nd April
    • 7.30pm, Wednesday 4th June
    • 7.30pm, Wednesday 3rd September
    • 7.30pm, Wednesday 1st October (AGM)
    • 7.30pm, Wednesday 3rd December
    • Christmas Fayre - 2.00pm/4.00pm, Saturday 29th November 2008.
  • In addition, Trustees meetings will be held on the alternate months, the first of which will be at 7.00pm on Monday 8th October 2007.


46.1 70/80s Night - Chris White informed all members that her family were arranging a 70/80s Night on Friday 9th November at the Village Hall with proceeds being raised for the local school. Tickets were £12.00 and anyone wishing to attend should contact either her or Emma.

46.2 Health & Safety Reminder - John Gabbitas reminded members that if they brought portable electrical equipment into the Village Hall there would be a necessary to have it PAT tested and members should contact John. In addition, John reminded members that they should not be using the fire exit doors as the norm as they were not there for that purpose and should only be used in the event of an emergency. Another issue related to doors being wedged open. Until proper door stops were purchased, wedges must be used minimally but preferably not at all. As H&S issues were progressed members would be up-dated accordingly. Action: All Users

46.3 Bingo Sessions - John reminded members of the discussion during the Over 60s verbal report and informed members that he and John Palmer were intending running bingo sessions to fundraise for the Village Hall on the alternate Mondays to the Over 60s Club. In light of the response (see minute 44.1) Johns G&P will also separately consider bridge and whist sessions. Action: Trustees

46.4 S26 Directory - The Chair informed members that as promised he had made enquiries regarding the fact that the S26 Directory was not circulated to all addresses in Todwick. Enquiries revealed that there were three roads which did not receive copies, due mainly to the fact that they were not considered easily accessible (long drives etc). However, additional copies were available in the Post Office for anyone not getting a personal copy.

46.5 YRCC Monitoring Form - The Secretary handed round a copy of the monitoring form discussed at the previous meeting and asked all user groups to complete it on a weekly basis until further notice. Action: All Users

46.6 Notice Boards - The Secretary informed all members that two notice boards had now been purchased, a lockable one for statutory notices from the Trustees and a second which was available for use by all user groups.

46.7 Smoke Alarms - Margaret Grayson handed round leaflets she had received from the Fire Brigade, following a personal visit, in relation to fitting free smoke alarms.

46.8 Christmas Fayre - Anne Rusling handed out bundles of raffle tickets to all members to sell. The Trustees said that this item would be raised at their meeting on Monday next so as to determine a plan for the day and members would be informed accordingly. Action: Trustees

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.55 pm.