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Todwick Village

Todwick Village Hall Management Committee Minutes



  • Mr John Palmer (Vice Chair/Trustee & Parish Council)
  • Mrs Jean Leah (Secretary & Trustee)
  • Mr John Gabbitas (5th Trustee)
  • Mrs Linda Hewitt (WI)
  • Mrs Anne Rusling (Caretaker)
  • Mr Norman Anderson (Neighbourhood Watch)
  • Mr A Tizard (Bowls Club)
  • Mrs Mari Gabbitas (Craft Group)
  • Mrs Chris White (Toddler Group)
  • Mrs Liz Wainwright (Cricket Club)
  • Mr Brian White (Parish Council)
  • Mrs Margaret Kettell (Mothers' Union)
  • Mrs Brenda Waller (Line Dancing)
  • Mrs C Vince (rep. Over 60s)


  • Revd.Canon David Bliss (Chair & Trustee)
  • Mrs Margaret Grayson (Treasurer & Trustee)
  • Mrs E Allison (Rainbows)
  • Mrs M Ware (Over 60s)

In the absence of the Chair, who had arrived but been urgently called away, John Palmer took the chair.


  • The minutes of the meetings held on 9th May and 5th June 2007 were accepted and signed by the Vice Chair.


26.1 Trustee Insurance Liability - The Secretary informed members that the Chair had now forwarded the necessary completed forms to Zurich insurance company and a response was awaited. Action: Trustees

26.2 Refuse Collection Rebate - Rotherham MBC - In the absence of the Treasurer, this item was deferred to the next meeting. Action: Treasurer

26.3 Rotherham Licence Watch - The Secretary reminded members that at the last meeting it had been agreed to join, as a trial, the above organisation. However, on reading the correspondence it was believed this was more for alcohol licensed premises and she queried the merit in participating at this time when there was another organisation which, it was believed, had greater merit (see minute 35/07 below). It was decided that we would not pursue RLW at this time. Notwithstanding the above, this lead to a debate on whether our tariffs were at the appropriate level in the event of any future problems. The Trustees present said that these were going to be subject to review shortly and when doing so emphasis would be given to the question of whether the bond was high enough and if we should continue to allow teenage parties. Norman Anderson said he would contact our neighbouring Village Hall at Harthill to benchmark against their tariffs. Action: Norman Anderson


  • None.


  • In the absence of the Treasurer, the Secretary read a prepared summary that stated the accounts had now been audited and would be presented at the AGM. Income received during the month of August amounted to £449.50. Amounts in the bank accounts were:
    • Business Reserve £3,546 (a further £15,000 having been recently prepared for the builder)
    • Current Account £2,487
    • Cash in Hand £9


  • The Secretary reported that following the damp/mould problem that had arisen, mainly in the storage areas, the builder was now addressing this but in the interim period an industrial humidifier had been installed to help dry out the affected areas. In addition, a full snagging list had now been prepared and a site meeting was planned with the builder.
  • In relation to the security alarm, those user group members who had not given a burglar alarm number to Revd.Canon Bliss were urged to do so. It was pointed out that some members were experiencing problems and it was agreed that the alarm contractor would be asked to visit the site to rectify these. Action: Vice Chair
  • The Secretary informed members that as soon as the remaining financial position was determined, additional works would be prioritised. High priority items included pointing and steam cleaning the original building; renovating the stone boundary wall between the VH site and adjoining town houses; provision of a stair lift; and asking the builder to do a feasibility and estimate of cost in providing a second downstairs toilet. Members would be up-dated as appropriate. In addition, there were other items still to be purchased, for example, loop sound system, crockery, cutlery, more tables and chairs etc. These would be acquired as funds permitted.


  • John Gabbitas updated members to the effect that the recent Fire Officer's visit had resulted in a few outstanding issues that required action.
  • John drew attention to the fact that fire doors were being used as the norm (particularly in Hall 2) and he reminded members that they were not there for that purpose and should only be used in the event of an emergency.
  • Also doors were being wedged open by using bits of card etc. Door stops which, in the event of an alarm being sounded release to close the door, were being considered. In the interim doors must be wedged open minimally but preferably not at all.
  • After using the kitchen boiler, any remaining water must be drained so as not to give the potential for stale water being used. He also requested that when users had finished with the boiler it should be wiped down and switched off at both machine and wall socket.
  • Chris White asked that safety plugs be purchased. Action: John Gabbitas


  • The Secretary informed members that after a six month period following re-opening, YRCC would require an up-date on how the Village Hall was being used. Part of the monitoring form asked for user numbers, age groups, etc. Jean asked members for their assistance and said she had prepared a guidance sheet together with proforma, which would be circulated with the minutes, which needed to be completed by all user groups until further notice. At the appropriate time Jean would then collate all the information together and submit the monitoring form. Action: All Users


  • There were no further issues other than those already identified at minute 29/07.


  • The Secretary said that since re-opening, hip-hop, Rainbows and yoga new groups already commenced using the Village Hall. She was currently negotiating with the Bennett family with a view to them providing adults/childrens dancing lessons and she had submitted an initial application seeking a grant for a computer tutor and equipment to enable computer lessons and a digital history of Todwick to be recorded. Jean said she hoped to be able to start researching the possibility of providing some form of medical sessions and language lessons shortly. Brian White said he may be able to help in this regard as he had recently arranged for French classes to take place at Aston Reading Rooms. Brian undertook to make contact with a tutor who may be able to become involved. Action: Secretary / Brian White


  • The Secretary informed members that Building Works Committee meetings were now coming to an end. Also that whilst the VHMC would continue to meet alternate months, the Trustees felt that they needed to meet more frequently than two-monthly and, as such, immediately after the AGM would hold an additional meeting on the month in-between the Management Committee dates.
  • It was also determined that VHMC attendance on a Tuesday evening appeared to be causing difficulties to some Trustees/members, therefore, it was proposed to change the day to Wednesdays.


  • This item needs to be read in conjunction with minute 26.3. The Village Hall had previously held YRCC membership but it had lapsed some time ago. The Secretary believed that there was considerable merit in re-joining (membership fee £25.00 per year) and sought members agreement and approval to do so. This was agreed. Action: Secretary


  • The Secretary informed members that a recent meeting had been held between the Trustees of both Village Hall and Church Hall Management Committees. The main purpose for holding the meeting was to ensure that separate planning of events for both Halls did not result in accidental "cross-over" resulting in either double bookings on the same day or duplicated events within a short time-scale. It had also been agreed that a joint review of tariffs would be sensible to ensure that financial competitiveness did not occur. The Secretary informed members that joint Trustees meetings would be held 3 / 4 times per year and up-dates on items discussed would be raised at relevant VHMC meetings.


37.1 Mothers' Union - it was queried whether the Mothers Union would be continuing to be members of the VHMC, bearing in mind theit regular meeting place is now the Church Hall. The Secretary said she would raise this with Revd.Canon Bliss. Action: Secretary

37.2 Penalty Payments - Anne Rusling reminded members that in the past users leaving lights/fans etc on in the building after their hire time was over were charged a penalty fee and it was queried whether this practice would be continued. It was agreed this would be discussed at the next available Trustees meeting. Action: Trustees

37.3 Key Security - Norman Anderson informed members that it was possible to purchase a "fish key" and the Trustees present said this would be considered. Action: Trustees

37.4 Lighting Hall 1 - Anne Rusling informed members that a private party hirer had made a complaint that there were no dimmer switches in Hall 1. The Trustees present said this would be considered further. Action: Trustees

37.5 Clocks - these have now been obtained and placed in both Hall 1 and Hall 2.

37.6 Picture Donation - The Vice Chair informed members that following an earlier donation of a picture done by Alan Atkins, it had been determined that this will be sited over the fireplace.

37.7 Retiring Trustees - The Vice Chair informed members that both the Chair and Treasurer would be stepping down at the AGM to be held in October and sought approval to purchase gifts for both. This was agreed. Action: Secretary

37.8 Christmas Fayre - Anne Rusling volunteered to make the necessary arrangements to get raffle tickets printed in time for circulation at the AGM. Action: Anne Rusling

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.55 pm.

The Annual General Meeting will be held at 7.30 pm, Tuesday 2nd October 2007
Village Hall
(date subsequently amended to Wednesday 3rd October)