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Todwick Village

Todwick Village Hall Management Committee Minutes



  • Revd.Canon David Bliss (Chair & Trustee)
  • Mr John Palmer, Todwick (Vice Chair, Trustee & Parish Council)
  • Mrs Jean Leah, (Secretary & Trustee)
  • Mrs Margaret Grayson, (Treasurer & Trustee)
  • Mr John Gabbitas, (5th Trustee)
  • Mrs Anne Rusling (Caretaker)
  • Mrs Margaret Ware (Over 60s)
  • Mrs Mari Gabbitas (Craft Group)
  • Mrs Linda Hewitt (WI)
  • Mrs Chris White (Toddler Group)

Apologies for Absence:

  • Mrs Mary Pavey (MU)
  • Mrs Liz Wainwright (Cricket Club)
  • Mr Alan Tizard (Bowls Club)

David opened the meeting and welcomed all present and gave a special thanks to John Palmer for chairing the previous meeting in his absence.


  • The minutes of the meeting held on 5th December 2006 were accepted and signed by the Chair.


02.1 Licensing Act 2005 Advice Session - this is an advice session being personally pursued by David so that relevant interested parties can learn more about the Act and its impact. However, a request was made to defer the session until after the Village Hall re-opens and this was agreed. Action: Secretary to bring forward at appropriate time

02.2 Trustees Insurance Liability - David said that he presumed this also should be deferred until the Village Hall re-opens. After discussion it was agreed that although the Village Hall is closed the responsibilities of Trustees remain and David should pursue the matter by making contact, in the first instance, with the Charity Commission. Action: Revd.Canon Bliss

02.3 Zurich Insurance Premium for Container - the Treasurer reported that this was now fully paid.

02.4 Refuse Collection Rebate - Rotherham MBC - the Treasurer reported she was still pursing RMBC regarding this and would report further at the next meeting. Action: Treasurer


03.1 GoPak - latest catalogue had been received.

03.2 RMBC Request to use Village Hall as Polling Station for Local Elections - Anne Rusling informed members that she had been contacted to request use of the Village Hall as a polling station during the forthcoming elections. She agreed to contact RMBC to inform them that the Village Hall was currently out of action but offer, as an alternative, the Church Hall. Action: Anne Rusling


Current position:

  • Business Reserve £18,187.57
  • Current Account £6,283.48
  • Cash in Hand £216.19

Margaret said she had a couple of cheques to bank, ie, Craft Group and MU which would be reflected in the next update.


  • David updated members concerning work which had been undertaken since the previous meeting which included:
    • Construction continues but is currently one week behind due to adverse weather.
    • Fortnightly site meetings are being held with the builder and architect
    • BWC meetings are being held on a regular basis to discuss actions arising from site meetings in some cases on a weekly basis
    • Electric requirements are currently being looked at in broad terms which include the possible zoning of areas within the Village Hall together with external requirements
    • Replacement windows are likely not to be of uPVC as it is thought that treated wood will better match the character of the existing building
    • There is a possibility that the original kitchen area will be retained which will provide additional storage space and the architect/builder are currently working on options for this
    • The existing porch area may also be able to be retained as a fire exit but the builder is currently looking at the current ramp which is sited there which does not now come up to DDA standards
    • If the above is achievable this will result in the new kitchen area being capable of being slightly enlarged
    • A professional kitchen designer has been approached to prepare draft drawings which, once received, will be discussed at a later meeting
    • An additional £28,000 has now been secured from YRCC to install solar energy panels in the Village Hall
    • It was also possible that YRCC may be able to give additional funds to the project shortfall and a decision from YRCC was expected shortly
    • David reminded members of their previous unsuccessful requests to Customs & Revenue to seek VAT exemption. As a result of extensive research undertaken by Jean and Clive Pantry over the Christmas period, followed by a series of discussions by Jean with staff at Customs & Revenue, David informed members that he was extremely pleased to be able to announce that Customs & Revenue have now given a written ruling which states that the Todwick Village Hall project is VAT exempt (with a number of minor exceptions). All members present gave thanks and congratulations to Jean and Clive for securing the VAT exemption which amounts to a saving of over £40,000.
  • Comment was made that the internal/external lights for the building appeared to be left on all the time and it was queried whether subsequent YEB invoices received would be met by the VHMC or the builder. David said these should be presented to the builder.
  • In relation to concerns expressed at the previous meeting regarding safety on site, David said that the builder had responded promptly to the issues raised and had issued appropriate instructions to staff and contractors visiting the site accordingly.
  • Chris White informed members that the Toddlers Group had secured funding, which needed to be utilised before the end of May, for a baby changing station. She queried where it was proposed to site the baby changing station and after discussion it was agreed it would be situated within the downstairs disabled toilet.


06.1 Curtains - Anne Rusling asked what was to happen to the existing Village Hall curtains. After discussion it was agreed this should be cleaned and re-fire proofed and stored for use once the Village Hall re-opens. Action: Anne Rusling

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.15 pm.

The next Village Hall Management Committee will be held on
Tuesday 3rd April 2007 at 7.30 pm in the Church Hall upstairs meeting room