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Todwick Village

Todwick Village Hall Management Committee Minutes

TUESDAY 31st OCTOBER 2006, 6.15pm


  • Revd.Canon D Bliss (Chair & Trustee)
  • Mr John Palmer (Vice Chair, Trustee & Parish Council)
  • Mrs Jean Leah (Secretary & Trustee)
  • Mrs Margaret Grayson (Treasurer & Trustee)
  • Mr John Gabbitas (5th Trustee)
  • Mrs Linda Hewitt (WI)
  • Mr Alan Tizzard, Bowls Club
  • Mrs Margaret Ware (Over 60s)
  • Mrs Liz Wainwright (Cricket Club)
  • Mrs Mari Gabbitas (Craft Group)
  • Mrs Anne Rusling (Caretaker)
  • Mrs C White (Toddler Group)

Apologies for Absence:

  • Mrs Ann Andrew (Afternoon MU)
  • Mr Harry Bower (PCC)
  • Mrs Mary Pavey (MU)

Revd.Canon Bliss opened the meeting and welcomed all present.


  • The minutes of the previous AGM of 4th October 2005 were accepted and signed by the Chair.




  • The Secretary reported on a very busy year that had predominantly been involved with the building bid and subsequent approval by YRCC to support our project. She said considerable work - much of which to date - had been concerned with getting the plans approved and the builder appointed and she was excited at the prospect of the commencement of the project that was provisionally scheduled at either Monday 20th or Monday 27th November 2006. Jean said that the building project was very much a team effort and expressed her thanks to all concerned, particularly recording the thanks and appreciation for funding from the Parish Council.
  • The Chair thanked Jean for all her work in connection with the Building Works Committee and for her prompt and accurate minutes of all meetings.


  • The Treasurer presented the audited copy of the accounts for the year ending June 2006 and asked that a letter of thanks be forwarded to the auditor, Mr Dennis Hudson. Action: Secretary
  • Considering the recent closure of the building and imminent building works commencing, the Treasurer reported there was little difference in income/expenditure over last year. The audited accounts showed the following:
    • Current Account £ 4,513.74
    • Reserve Account £ 18,092.15
    • Cash in Hand £ 320.42
  • The Chair on behalf of members formally accepted the accounts for the financial year ending June 2006.
  • One issue Margaret raised related to the fact that currently there were only two signatories for banking purposes. At holiday times etc this created difficulties and she sought views regarding a third signatory being formally appointed. It was agreed the Vice-Chair would fulfil this role. Secretary's Note/Action - following the election of John Palmer (see item 42/06 below) Treasurer to ensure the necessary documents are completed and submitted to the bank.
  • The Chair thanked the Treasurer for yet another year of dedication.


  • Before seeking nominations, the Chair reminded members present of the Hall's constitution which is registered by the Charity Commission. Subsequent election of officers resulted as follows:
    Chair Revd.Canon David Bliss (proposed Jean Leah / seconded John Gabbitas)
    Vice Chair John Palmer (proposed Alan Tizzard / seconded Jean Leah)
    Secretary Jean Leah (proposed Margaret Grayson / seconded Mari Gabbitas)
    Treasurer Margaret Grayson (proposed Mari Gabbitas / seconded John Gabbitas)
    Fifth Trustee John Gabbitas (proposed John Palmer / seconded Chris White)
  • Whilst not a full member, the Chair sought and received members' permission for the caretaker, Mrs Anne Rusling, to continue attending Management Committee meetings. He went on to express his thanks on behalf of all members to both Anne and Tony Rusling for their continued sterling work, as ever, in ensuring that the Village Hall was kept to appropriate standards at all times.


  • VHMC Resignations - The Secretary reported that she had received two resignations from the Committee - (i) Harry Bower (PCC) and (ii) Ann Andrew (Afternoon MU). A replacement PCC representative was to be announced at the next PCC meeting. It was agreed that letters of thanks for dedication to the VHMC over a prolonged period would be forwarded to both. Action: Secretary


  • On behalf of the Building Works Committee, the Chair gave a brief resume of decisions and progress made in relation to the building project:
    • Planning and Building Regulations have been passed
    • RMBC Building Control and Fire Officers have stipulated slight changes to the design
    • Tenders have been received from 9 companies (3 subsequently withdrew)
    • Tender results varied by £130,000 on minimum and maximum figure
    • Last meet with the builder and architect the previous Saturday (28.10.06)
    • The tender prices have come in at more than we have funds for
    • Building Works Committee now looking at ways of how we can bridge the gap
    • The builder is re-calculating his figures to take into account the alterations required (as above)
    • The start date for demolition and construction of new extension is scheduled to commence Monday 20th or Monday 27th November 2006 (project time-scale 26 weeks)
    • Existing Hall renovations may have to be mothballed temporarily to enable the securing of additional funds
    • In the meantime the BWC is now looking at alternative fund raising
  • The Secretary sought volunteers to help in clearing out the Hall in readiness for the 20th/27th November start date. It was agreed this would take place 9.00am on Saturday 11th November 2006. John Gabbitas/John Palmer agreed to take photos for the archives.
  • General conversation raised the following actions:
    • Informing insurance company of start date of project. Action: Chair
    • Arranging insurance for the container. Action: Chair
    • Informing RMBC for rates purposes. Action: Treasurer
  • The Chair then informed members of one option which could be utilised to make best use of funds. Although registered as a charity, the Village Hall currently is not eligible for zero rated VAT whilst the Parish Council is. It was agreed that the VHMC could deposit with the Parish Council the VHMC monies saved for the project (£15,000) for them to pay invoices and claim back VAT as appropriate. Revd.Canon Bliss stated he had taken advice regarding this from the Charity Commission who saw no difficulties with the proposal subject to their consent being received in writing. Action: Chair/Secretary
  • The Secretary said she thought it appropriate to contact HM Revenue & Customs to determine whether it was now appropriate for the Village Hall to either become VAT registered or exempt and undertook to make contact as necessary. Action: Secretary


45.1 Toddler Group (Chris White verbal report) - The Toddler Group has had a successful year. It caters for children from birth up to school age and welcomes all children and their accompanied adult. Meetings are held in the Village Hall on Tuesdays between 9.15/11.30am. The first meeting in the Church Hall had been held that very day and will now be the venue for the duration of the renovation period of the Village Hall. Chris gave thanks to John Palmer and the PCC for their assistance in the move and the storage provided.

45.2 Craft Group (Mari Gabbitas verbal report) - The Craft Group meets in the Village Hall between 2.00/4.00pm on Wednesdays and had moved on 25th October to the Church Hall for the duration of the renovation period of the Village Hall. Membership has increased to 24 members. They are a friendly bunch and would welcome any new member - male or female - age no limit. Their stall at the Village Hall Christmas Fayre will be selling mainly hand made items plus bric-a-brac. Their Open Day in June raised £125 and will be donated to the Village Hall at a time when a specific item can be identified for the new Hall. The Craft Group continues to support the Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice by weekly contributions to Jack's Jackpot where there have been two wins of £10 during the year. The money raised through selling of Craft Group wares to family and friends was donated to the Rotherham Hospice (£60) and Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice (£30).

45.3 WI (Linda Hewitt verbal report) - The WI continues to hold meetings where there are interesting speakers on a wide variety of topics. The WI has had two outings this year and have planned to have a Christmas meal outing. Currently there are 13 members but it is hoped that this will increase during the coming year. Members meet on the first Thursday in the month at 7.00pm.

45.4 Parish Council (John Palmer verbal report) - The Parish Council regularly use the Village Hall for their meetings. John expressed thanks for support generally and specifically to Anne and Tony Rusling for their hard work in ensuring the Village Hall was kept tidy and at all times set out ready for all meetings. John informed members that there had been a re-organisation of the South Area Assembly. Some of the issues the Parish Council is currently involved in relate to the

  1. Campaign for Sustainable Communities Bill
  2. Rotherham Voluntary Council (Todwick had been instrumental in holding a joint training event with RVC where representatives from ours and different Parishes had attended recently)
  3. Building Works Committee for the new Village Hall (the Parish Council has assisted in ensuring the smooth transfer of the Toddler Group by providing assistance in getting the shed erected and John particularly wished to thank the PCC for their support in this)
  4. Continuing provision of a handyperson for the village (Julian Marples) who was doing a sterling job.

John explained that unfortunately a lack of trained personnel had led to the decision that there will not be a firework display in the village this year but it is hoped this will be resolved in time for next year. John also reported on his involvement with the recent inaugural meeting of the village Ramblers Club organised by Jim Tompkin which he hoped would be further developed in the coming year.

45.5 Over 60s (Margaret Ware verbal report) - The 34 members of the Over 60s have had a good year and has included several outings to include visits to Harrogate, Southport and Stratford. A grant towards their Christmas lunch has also been successful. Meetings are held fortnightly on Mondays and their first meeting in the Church Hall had been held the previous day. Whilst a little noisy in comparison it will now be the venue for the duration of the renovation period of the Village Hall. Margaret expressed her thanks to Anne for her support throughout the year and asked if chairs and tables in the Church Hall could be left out of their use.


46.1 Christmas Fayre - Members were reminded that due to the temporary closure of the Village Hall the Fayre will be held at the adjacent school this year. Anne Rusling handed out bundles of raffle tickets for sale by all members. The Chair also asked all members for their co-operation in donating raffle prizes. The Secretary reported that letters had been circulated to circa 25 companies seeking donation of a raffle prize. The Chair said that he would be organising the purchase of the banner to advertise the event (delivery three days from order date). Anne reported that we were short of someone to run the hospitality stall and Jean undertook to provide an additional volunteer from within her family/friends.


  • 7.30pm, Tuesday 6th February
  • 7.30pm, Tuesday 3rd April
  • 7.30pm, Tuesday 5th June
  • 7.30pm, Tuesday 4th September
  • 7.30pm, Tuesday 2nd October (AGM)
  • 7.30pm, Tuesday 4th December
  • Christmas Fayre - 2.00pm/4.00pm, Saturday 24th November 2007
  • The venue for these meetings will be the Church Hall upstairs meeting room until further notice.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 7.20 pm.