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Todwick Village

Todwick Village Hall Management Committee Minutes

7.30 pm, TUESDAY 7TH FEBRUARY 2006


  • Revd. David Bliss (Chair & Trustee)
  • Mrs Margaret Grayson (Treasurer & Trustee)
  • Mr John Palmer (Vice Chair, Trustee & Parish Council)
  • Mrs Jean Leah (Secretary & Trustee)
  • Mrs Anne Rusling (Caretaker)
  • Mrs Chris White (Todwick Tots & Toddler Group)
  • Mrs Audrey Radford (Brownies)
  • Mrs Celia May (Harthill & District Child Minders)
  • Mr Alan Tizard (Bowls Club)
  • Mrs M Linda Hewitt (WI)
  • Mr Harry Bower (PCC)
  • Mrs Mari Gabbitas (Craft Group)
  • Mr John Gabbitas (Visitor)
  • Mrs Gill Frith (Mothers Union)
  • Mrs Margaret Ware (Over 60s)


  • Mrs Ann Andrew (Mothers Union)

Revd. Bliss opened the meeting. He welcomed all those present and gave a special welcome to the Management Committee's invited visitor, Mr John Gabbitas.

Prior to the scheduled agenda items, the Secretary informed members present of an issue relating to the Constitution. Following a request some 48 hours previously from an individual wishing to attend future Management Committee meetings, research of the issue had revealed that the Village Hall's Constitution was now no longer reflecting current needs and as such not fit for purpose. It had particularly highlighted that some named user groups now no longer exist, some still exist but do not use the Village Hall, whilst there are others which are currently using the Village Hall who also have representatives on the Management Committee but who do not feature in the Constitution.

Advice had been taken from the Charity Commission who said the Management Committee was theoretically operating outside the terms and conditions of the Constitution and, as such, formal guidance and ruling was required from the Commission. Action: Secretary

The Chairman said that as soon as the ruling was received from the Charity Commission another Management Committee date (in advance of the next scheduled date of 4 April 2006) will be arranged and held. Action: Secretary

In light of the above, the Chairman said that items on the scheduled agenda needing votes/decisions would not be capable of being made until the ruling and amended Constitution was received. As such these items would simply be deferred to the next meeting.


  • Item deferred to next meeting. Action: Secretary


2.1 Item 24.1/05 - Repair to Fire/Emergency Exit

  • The Chairman informed those present that following appointment of the Village Handyman the Parish Council had given permission in two ways. Firstly, the Village Handyman is authorised to do work on behalf of the Village Hall. Secondly the labour costs for the replacement fire door push bar will be met by the Parish Council.
  • The Village Handyman is aware of and will undertake the task. Action: Village Handyman

2.2 Item 28/05 - Heating System Time Clock

  • The time clock has now been replaced. Item discharged.

2.3 Item 44.2/05 - Confirmation of Line Dance Charity Marathon

  • Whilst the event will take place, the date has been deferred for the time being due to ill health. Another date will be arranged in due course. Item discharged.

2.4 Item 44.3/05 - Licensing Act 2005 Advice Session

  • The proposed advice session regarding the new Licensing Act is still actively being pursued. Three proposed dates have been forwarded to Rotherham MBC (who will be conducting the question and answer session) and the Chairman undertook to notify all present of the date as soon as details are known. Action: Chairman
  • Anne Rusling said that she had recently been asked what the situation was with regard to temporary licences for those wishing to hire the hall. A general discussion ensued and the Secretary undertook to contact Rotherham MBC to clarify the position. Action: Secretary

2.5 Item 44.5 - Lotteries & Amusements Act 1976

  • The proforma has now been completed. Item discharged.

2.6 Item 48/05 - "Duties of Trustees"

  • The above booklet prepared by the Charity Commission has been obtained and handed out to appropriate persons. Item discharged.

2.7 Item 48/05 - Trustees Insurance Liability

  • The Chairman said he was now in possession of the necessary proposal form which required completion so as to obtain the necessary quote. Action: Chairman

2.8 Item 49.2/05 - Christmas Fayre Marketing

  • Purchase of the plastic coated "banner" was still outstanding. Action: Chairman


  • Item deferred to next meeting. Action: Secretary


  • Funding News - The latest edition has been posted on the notice board. Item discharged.
  • Notification of Borough Council Election - Rotherham MBC has given notification that the Borough Council Elections are to be held on 4th May 2006 and have requested use of the Village Hall as a polling station. The Caretaker had already returned the appropriate proforma accepting the "booking". Item discharged.
  • Gopak - The latest marketing catalogue had been received for folding tables. Item discharged.
  • Woodhouse Workout Fitness Centre - Are offering all employees of Todwick Village Hall corporate membership at a reduced rate for use of their fitness centre. Item discharged.


  • Current position:-
    • Current account £443.93 (balance high due to insurance payment being due shortly)
    • Deposit account £5,845.32
    • Reserve account £18,740.18
  • The Treasurer informed those present that a cheque made payable to Rotherham MBC had not been cashed and may have been lost in transit. She undertook to investigate the matter.
  • The Treasurer reminded members of the necessity to pay their accounts promptly.


  • The Secretary brought members up to speed in terms of the building bid. Since the last VHMC a meeting between the Village Hall Trustees and the Parish Council had taken place with the Senior Grants Officer from YRCC. As a result of that meeting the architect had been instructed to re-visit the original design and had now created design two which, in financial terms, was significantly lower. As a consequence the completed application form to YRCC by the due date of 31 January 2006 had been completed and submitted utilising design two.
  • The YRCC are due to meet on 22 February 2006 to consider all the projects submitted and their decision is expected shortly after that date.


  • Members asked that the key to the MU cupboard be returned and re-issued. Action: Gill Frith
  • It was reported that the rear exit light dims prematurely. The Chairman said that this and the electrics in the second room needed to be checked as they had been excluded from the previously certificated test undertaken by the electrician. Action: Chairman


  • It was reported that an incident had recently occurred in the Village Hall whereby a young child had trapped his finger in a door hinge (the incident had been reported in the User Group's own accident booklet). After discussion, and pending YRCC's decision regarding the building bid, it was agreed a baby gate should be obtained. Linda Hewitt offered to supply same. Action: Linda Hewitt
  • The Secretary reported that an H&S poster had now been purchased and needed displaying in the Hall. Action: Caretaker
  • The Secretary reported that a new style accident booklet had also been purchased and placed in a new ring binder together with new fire safety log audit sheets which she urged all members to peruse. The Secretary reminded all user group representatives of the need to undertake fire drills, details of which should be recorded in the new fire safety log ring binder mentioned above. Action: All Users
  • Following circulation of the draft risk assessment at the last meeting, no amendments had been forthcoming by members. Accordingly the Secretary stated that the final version would be signed and published in the Village Hall in due course. Outstanding actions on the risk assessment would need to be discussed at the next meeting. Action: Secretary


  • Chris White raised this item stating that more storage space was required for the storage of larger items. A second shed in the grounds which previously belonged to the Play Group had been handed over to the Tots & Toddlers Group. Chris White wanted to pursue a grant for a replacement shed however there was a problem in that it appeared the shed roof contained asbestos. As a result she had attended a recent Parish Council meeting to raise the issue.
  • The Chairman stated that he had received a letter from the Clerk to the Parish Council which notified that the Parish Council had requested Rotherham MBC inspect the shed and give expert advice in terms of its severity and removal. The Chairman said that if no contact had been made by Rotherham MBC within a short time-scale he would chase the position and keep Mrs White informed accordingly. Action: Chairman


  • 10.1 Todwick Fun Day & Todwick Gardens/Historic Trail - The Chairman handed to members a "fly sheet" giving details of a Fun Day (to be held on Sunday 16 July 2006) and Gardens/Historic Trail (to be held on Sunday 30 July 2006). It was proposed that the Village Hall would be the venue for the display of photographs, refreshments etc and the Chairman hoped that members would give their full support to the events.
  • 10.2 Use of Village and Church Halls - Having had sight of a letter recently submitted to the Parish Council by a member of the Church where general sponsorship was being sought for activities in the Church Hall, Chris White raised her disquiet at the letter's accuracy, particularly in relation to the issue of consultation having taken place. As the organiser of the Tots & Toddlers Group in the Village Hall she feared that there was going to be competition by the running of a Parents & Toddler Group in the Church Hall. Revd. Bliss explained that as previously declared the Church Hall was not and never would be in competition with the Village Hall. There was a distinct difference in that any Church Hall event would be conducted and run as a religious service and not as a commercial child minding service. Additionally, any event held would certainly not be held at the same time thereby allowing the children of Todwick the opportunity, if parents so wished, to attend multiple events.
  • 10.3 Donated Picture of Todwick Village Hall - The Chairman stated that a local resident, Alan Atkins, had recently painted a picture of the Village Hall which he wished to donate to the Village Hall. Members were very appreciative of the excellent gesture and asked that thanks be conveyed by the Chairman to Mr Atkins. It was agreed that the picture would not be placed in the Hall immediately but would be held in abeyance until the imminent decision on our building bid was known. Action: Chairman

The next scheduled meeting is due to take place at 7.30pm on Tuesday 4th April 2006. However, members agreed that as soon as the Charity Commission reply was received a meeting in advance of that date should be held. Action: Secretary