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Todwick Village

Todwick Village Hall Management Committee Minutes



  • Revd. David Bliss (Chair & Trustee)
  • Mrs Margaret Grayson (Treasurer & Trustee)
  • Mrs Jean Leah (Secretary & Trustee)
  • Mrs Anne Rusling (Caretaker)
  • Mrs Chris White (Todwick Tots & Toddler Group)
  • Mrs Mari Gabbitas (Craft Group)
  • Ms Judith Fozzard (YRCC Development Management)
  • Mr Alan Tizard (Bowls Club)
  • Mrs M Linda Hewitt (WI)
  • Mrs Celia May (Harthill & District Child Minders)
  • Mr Harry Bower (PCC)
  • Mr John Palmer (Parish Council)
  • Mr Rod Walker (Clerk to Todwick Parish Council)
  • Mr Jerry Firth (YRCC Senior Grants Officer)


  • Mrs Gill Frith (Mothers Union)
  • Mrs Audrey Radford (Brownies)
  • Mrs Ann Andrew (Mothers Union)

Revd. Bliss opened the meeting and welcomed all those present. He gave a special welcome to representatives of the Yorkshire Rural Community Council who had accepted the Secretary's invitation to attend - Jerry Firth and Judith Fozzard - and also to Rod Walker (Clerk to Todwick Parish Council).


  • The minutes of the meeting held on 6 September 2005 were accepted and signed by the Chairman.


42.1 Item 24.1/05 - Repair to Fire/Emergency Exit

  • A contractor has been approached to repair the faulty door and will visit the site to quote for the work on Thursday 8th December 2005.

42.2 Item 24.3/05 - Gasforce Service Contract

  • The Gasforce contract has been terminated and a new contractor, GMT, appointed at a lesser cost. As a precaution, the Chairman drew to members' attention, particularly those user groups involving children, the fact that following the latest service the radiators are noticeably hotter than previously.

42.3 Item 28/05 - Heating System Time Clock

  • The Chairman reported that he was awaiting quotes from two separate companies. On receipt a decision will be taken and the time clock fitted as soon as possible thereafter.


  • After discussion the Chairman asked members for their support in the appointment of a member of the Parish Council - John Palmer - to become Vice Chairman. This was agreed.
  • In relation to the appointment of the Fifth Trustee, two volunteers had expressed interest in the post. The Chairman undertook to meet both individuals to explain the nature and role of the position with a view to inviting both gentlemen to the next meeting so that members could elect one candidate. In readiness for discussion at the next meeting, the Chairman also asked members to consider a proposal that the holder of the Fifth Trustee position assumes responsibilities for building related and health and safety issues. Action: Chairman


44.1 Charity Commission - The annual return is now complete and the Chairman asked that at the end of the meeting all Trustees certify its accuracy before submission. Action: All Trustees

44.2 LineDance Charity Marathon - A request to allow a charity dance marathon to be undertaken rent free in the Village Hall which is raising monies for a Sheffield Nursing Home had been received. It was agreed that subject to the Hall's availability this would be approved. Action: Treasurer

44.3 Advice Re. Licensing Act 2003 - The Chairman said he was endeavouring to arrange for an official from Rotherham MBC to give a talk to all local interested parties (including members of the 7 Parishes) to explain and answer any questions regarding the recently introduced licensing legislation. Action: Chairman

44.4 Wastetech - The Treasurer reported that Wastetech had recently forwarded a quote of £234 for waste collection which was only marginally cheaper than the existing Rotherham MBC contract.

44.5 Lotteries & Amusements Act 1976 - The Treasurer reported that correspondence had been received from Rotherham MBC acknowledging our payment and requesting completion of forms in respect of our recent Xmas raffle lottery. Action: Secretary

44.6 Todwick News 2006 - The Treasurer said she had recently been contacted asking if we wished to continue advertising in 2006 in Todwick News. This was agreed. Action: Treasurer


  • Following the Village Hall Christmas Fayre, the Treasurer reported that £1,717.49 had been raised which was a new record. The Chairman added his sincere thanks to everyone for their efforts in achieving a truly superb result and for contributing to what had been a very enjoyable afternoon. In addition he expressed thanks to the Rotherham Advertiser for their coverage of the event.
  • Following a recent incident whereby a cheque had been received which was pre-dated by almost six months and almost out of date for submission to the bank, the Treasurer again reminded members for the need to submit payments promptly.
  • Discussion took place on the merits of using Giro facilities and the Treasurer undertook to consider it.


  • Since the last meeting, the Chairman informed those present that together with the Secretary he had met with Victoria Mager, Project Manager for WREN, in connection with our second round application for WREN's Village Hall Challenge. We now await confirmation of our success or otherwise to the next round which is anticipated any time.
  • The Chairman informed members of our progress with regard to the YRCC application. Following submission of our expression of interest, the Secretary had received correspondence seeking clarification on certain issues. The Secretary's reply had included an invitation to YRCC to attend a Village Hall Management Committee, hence the attendance of Jerry Firth and Judith Fozzard.
  • Jerry and Judith expressed thanks for the opportunity to attend. They informed members of their funding stream details and outlined the process. They said that from the information available so far our project, together with two others, is on YRCC's reserve list, however, two of the three will be able to be supported but only if YRCC's criteria is met. As such it was important that our application form fully met that criteria and the Secretary has now received a more detailed application form which requires completion by not later than 31 January 2006. Action: Secretary
  • Rod Walker outlined the history of the Village Hall building bid to the YRCC representatives and gave the Parish Council's full support - financial and otherwise - to the current application.
  • Jerry stated that all the returned data will be considered by YRCC on 22 February 2006 and we will be notified of their decision by the end of February.
  • The Chairman thanked both Jerry and Judith for their attendance.


  • During the recent particular cold spell, Tony Rusling had carried out lagging of some external pipes for which the Chairman expressed thanks.
  • The Caretaker reported that there were currently no new issues to report.


  • Monitoring of health and safety issues is a vital function of the Management Committee. As such the Secretary handed out a draft risk assessment which she had now completed and asked members for comment. Rod Walker supported the idea of having the risk assessment as a specific responsibility (see earlier proposal at item 43/05). Subject to any amendments the draft risk assessment will be signed, published and monitored at all future meetings. Action: Secretary
  • Discussion ensued regarding Trustees responsibilities and whether there was Trustee liability contained within our existing insurance arrangements. The Chairman undertook to (i) obtain a Charity Commission booklet "Duties of Trustees" (to be sent to Trustees and Rod Walker) and (ii) pursue the liability aspect and report at the next meeting. Action: Chairman
  • The Secretary circulated a copy of guidance in respect of duties of a fire-warden which had been discussed at the previous meeting. (Secretary's Note - circulate a copy to those not in attendance when minutes circulated)


  • 49.1 Village Hall Xmas Lights - To be done by Sheila Pantry and Village Handyman on the 12th.
  • 49.2 Village Hall Xmas Fayre Marketing - Members believed there could be better marketing of the Xmas Fayre and suggested the purchase of a plastic coated "banner" for 2006. Action: Chairman

Praising all for professionalism and commitment, Rod Walker expressed thanks for the opportunity of attending the meeting.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.35 pm.

The next Village Hall Management Committee will be held at
7.30 pm, Tuesday 7th February 2006