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Todwick Village

Todwick Village Hall Management Committee Minutes

7.30pm, TUESDAY 4TH OCTOBER 2005


  • Revd. David Bliss (Chair & Trustee)
  • Mrs Margaret Grayson (Treasurer & Trustee)
  • Mrs Jean Leah (Secretary & Trustee)
  • Mrs Anne Rusling (Caretaker)
  • Mrs Chris White (Todwick Tots & Toddler Group)
  • Mrs Mari Gabbitas (Craft Group)
  • Mr Jim Tompkin (rep. Alan Tizard - Bowls Club)
  • Mrs C Vince (rep. Margaret Ware - Over 60s)
  • Mrs Audrey Radford (Brownies)
  • Mr Harry Bower (PCC)
  • Mr John Palmer (Parish Council)
  • Mrs Gill Frith (Mothers Union)


  • Mary Pavey (Mothers Union)
  • Margaret Ware (Over 60s)
  • Linda Hewitt (WI)
  • Alan Tizard (Bowls Club)
  • Celia May (Harthill & District Child Minders).

Revd. Bliss opened the meeting and welcomed all those in attendance. Prior to the commencement of the AGM's business the Chairman asked, as at the previous meeting, that members remember the Vice Chairman, the late John Mosley. The Chairman asked that the minutes formally record the Committee's tremendous debt of gratitude to John for all that he had done over many years.


  • The minutes of the previous AGM of 5 October 2004 were accepted and signed by the Chairman.


  • The Chairman acknowledged that the repair to the emergency fire exit door was still outstanding and is now being actioned by him.


  • The Secretary reported that her eight months in office had proved both busy and rewarding. In addition to the meetings held, she had dealt with the new Licensing Act application and was in the process of undertaking health and safety risk assessments for the Village Hall. With other Trustees she had also been heavily involved in submitting two building bid applications which are currently being processed.
  • The Chairman thanked the Secretary for her continued support.


  • The Treasurer presented the audited copy of the accounts for the year ending June 2005 and asked that a letter of thanks be forwarded to the auditor, Mr Dennis Hudson. Action: Secretary
  • She reported that income in the last year was down on the previous year due mainly to the loss of revenue from the Play School and After School Club. She said however that income still outweighed expenditure, despite substantial architect/planning fees accrued to date associated with the building bid, and revenue was still encouraging from various avenues, particularly, private parties, Julie Turner Dance Academy and Weight Watchers.
  • Currently the balance of the reserve account stood at circa £17,000.
  • The Chairman asked members to formally accept the accounts for the financial year ending June 2005. This was proposed by Audrey Radford with Mari Gabbitas seconder.
  • The Chairman thanked the Treasurer for yet another year of dedication to the role.


  • Before seeking nominations, the Chairman reminded members present of the Hall's constitution. Subsequent election of officers resulted as follows:


    Revd. David Bliss (proposed Audrey Radford/seconded Mari Gabbitas)

    Vice Chair

    holding open for further discussion at the next meeting


    Mrs Jean Leah (proposed Audrey Radford/seconded Mari Gabbitas)


    Mrs Margaret Grayson (proposed Audrey Radford/seconded Mari Gabbitas)

    Fifth Trustee

    holding open for further discussion at the next meeting

  • Whilst not a full member, the Chairman sought and received members' permission for the caretaker, Mrs Anne Rusling, to continue attending Management Committee meetings. He went on to express his thanks on behalf of all members to both Anne and Tony Rusling for their continued sterling work in ensuring the Village Hall was kept at all times to appropriate standards.


36.1 Funding News - the latest edition has been received and is displayed on the notice board.

36.2 British Gas - Notification had recently been received that British Gas will be raising their tariff.

36.3 Staples - latest catalogue received.


  • Since the last meeting the Chairman had received notification that the recently submitted WREN application for the Village Hall Challenge had been successful in being taken forward to the next round. Together with the Secretary, the Chairman was due to meet the Yorkshire region Project Manager for a site visit at the Village Hall on Tuesday 25 October 2005. Following the site visit it was anticipated that we would be notified of the outcome of our success or otherwise to the next round by December 2005.
  • The Secretary informed members that a second application registering our interest in a YRCC funded project had also been submitted. It was anticipated that notification of our success or otherwise in being considered by YRCC would be communicated by January 2006.


38.1 Bowls (verbal report Jim Tompkin) - The Bowls Club continues through the closed Winter season by holding weekly sessions, Wednesdays 10am to 12noon, which are very cordial sessions. Removal of the bar facility has meant that the bowling mat just fits into the full length of the Village Hall. Usually participants split into two groups - males verses females. Standard outdoor biased crown green bowls are used with some interesting results! Non-bowling club members are always very welcome to attend, particularly if they are thinking of joining the Bowling Club.

38.2 Brownies (verbal report Audrey Radford) - The Brownies have had a busy year both in/out of the Village Hall, e.g. Spring and Autumn Fayres, sponsored evenings, craft and games nights and several badge work evenings. An evening of entertainment with the Guides has also been held, the proceeds being donated to the Tsunami Appeal. There has also been pack holiday weekends, a trip to Hesley Winter Wonderland, visits to the Panto, Fire Station and bowling. The new Church Hall will mean a new venue for the Brownies. However, Brownies' support for the Village Hall will continue, e.g. Christmas Fayres, and on behalf of all the Brownies Audrey Radford expressed thanks to Anne Rusling for keeping the Village Hall in a clean and tidy state - even after use by them!

38.3 Craft Group (verbal report Mari Gabbitas) - The Craft Group meets on Wednesdays 2pm to 4pm. Membership has increased to 21 regular members which is partly due to a grant received earlier in the year from the Community Chest which has in part been used to buy new equipment and materials. Anyone wishing to join - male or female - is always welcome. Members are currently working on items which will be available for sale at the forthcoming Village Hall Xmas Fayre. During the last year donations from sale of wares have been made to the Bluebell Wood Childrens Hospice and to the Stroke Association.

38.4 Over 60s (verbal report Mrs Vince) - Meetings are held fortnightly where a full programme of activities takes place, e.g. cards/scrabble together with a range of outings, the latest being Hardwick Hall. The Group also attracts members from Kiveton and Harthill. The current Secretary, of long standing, has intimated her intention of standing down in the near future.

38.5 Mothers Union (written report from Mary Pavey) - Meetings are held monthly on Monday afternoons and every third Tuesday evening where currently 40 members attend. New members are always welcome. The Mothers Union is part of the largest Christian ladies organisation. Sheffield MU helps with creche facilities in Doncaster Prisons, holidays for families in need with the AFIA scheme and gives assistance to Womens' Refuges in South Yorkshire. Action and Outreach helps with various educational schemes, virtual babies, drugs, knitting for premature babies and vests for children abroad, knitting teddies to be given to children in tragedies be it a house fire in Kiveton or a disaster anywhere in the world. There is also a prayer circle used by organisation members.

38.6 Parish Council (verbal report John Palmer) - On behalf of the Parish Council thanks were extended to Anne Rusling for her efforts in ensuring that the Village Hall was always set out ready for their meetings. Following the untimely death of John Mosley, a new Vice Chairman had now been appointed, Paul Langford. It was also mentioned that the Parish Council are currently seeking nominations for two further members and any interested party should contact the Clerk to the Council.

38.7 PCC (verbal report Harry Bower) - Despite the new Church Hall nearing completion, it was stressed that the PCC will continue to use both the Village Hall as well as the Church Hall. Harry extended a warm welcome to any member wishing to have a conducted tour of the new Church Hall.

38.8 Todwick Tots & Toddler Group (verbal report Chris White) - Meetings are held on Tuesday mornings and are open for all to attend - even dads! The group is growing in number and attracts members not just from Todwick but also Kiveton, Harthill and Swallownest. Thanks were extended to Anne Rusling for ensuring the Village Hall is ready and available for use at all times.

38.9 Womens Institute (verbal report Audrey Radford) - Although few in number, the WI meets every second Friday. Many speakers have and continue to be invited to attend and the WI has a full range of activities that they undertake.


39.1 Notice Board - Chris White asked if additional notice board space could be made available. Action: Caretaker

39.2 Xmas Fayre - Anne Rusling handed out bundles of raffles tickets for sale by all members. The Chairman also asked all members for their co-operation in donating raffle prizes. The Secretary reported that letters had been circulated to circa 25 companies requesting donation of a raffle prize.


  • 7.30 pm, Tuesday 7th February
  • 7.30 pm, Tuesday 4th April
  • 7.30 pm, Tuesday 6th June
  • 7.30 pm, Tuesday 5th September
  • 7.30 pm, Tuesday 3rd October - Annual General Meeting
  • 7.30 pm, Tuesday 5th December
  • Christmas Fayre - 2pm/4pm, Saturday 25th November 2006

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.30 pm.