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Todwick Village

Todwick Village Hall Management Committee Minutes

7.30PM, TUESDAY 5 APRIL 2005


  • Revd. David Bliss (Chair & Trustee)
  • Mr John Mosley (Vice Chair & Trustee)
  • Mrs Jean Leah (Secretary & Trustee)
  • Mrs Margaret Ware (Trustee & Over 60s)
  • Mr Harry Bower (PCC)
  • Mrs Mari Gabbitas (Craft Group)
  • Mrs M Linda Hewitt (Women's Institute)
  • Mrs Audrey Radford (Brownies)
  • Mrs Anne Rusling (Caretaker)
  • Mr Alan Tizard (TPBC)
  • Mrs Chris White (Todwick Tots & Toddler Group)


  • Mrs Margaret Grayson (Treasurer & Trustee)
  • Mrs Celia May (Harthill & District Child Minders)
  • Mrs Mary Pavey (Mothers Union)

Revd Bliss opened the meeting and welcomed all those in attendance.


  • Minutes of the meeting held on 1 February 2005 were accepted and signed by the Chairman.


9.1 Item 03/05 - Bowling Club Issues

  • It was reported that the bar facility had been dismantled and surrounding floor area polished, the storage area had been tidied up and the damp problem had been traced to a leaking radiator which had been repaired. As a result bowling sessions were now being held in the Hall.
  • The Chairman asked if any problems had been encountered since removal of the bar area. None were apparent and as a result it was agreed that the dismantled bar could now be permanently disposed of. Action: John Mosley

9.2 Item 04/05 - RMBC Commercial Waste Collection Receptacle Proforma

  • In the absence of the Treasurer, the Chairman reported that this had now been completed and returned. Item discharged.

9.3 Item 05/05 - Transfer of monies from current to business account

  • This item was dealt with under 11/05 below. Item discharged.

9.4 Item 7.1/05 - Replacement Roof Tile

  • John Mosley said he had replaced one cracked tile and had secured a second tile which had slid down. Item discharged.

9.5 Item 7.2/05 - Compliance with Village Hall Tidiness

  • A specific problem following use of the Hall the previous week had resulted in the drains of the disabled toilet being totally blocked. With grateful thanks to Anne and Tony Rusling, and after considerable effort, the drains had eventually been flushed through which appeared to have been caused by wads of paper towels. Notices were displayed asking users not to flush extraneous items down the toilet, but it appears that this had been ignored and, had it not been for the swift action taken by Anne and Tony, it could have resulted in unwarranted expenditure being incurred by having to secure the services of an outside contractor.
  • Anne also reported incidents of finding glue on tables.
  • The Chairman gave a further reminder to all user groups to ensure that all areas of the Hall were maintained in a "user friendly" state at all times. Action: All users

9.6 Item 7.4/05 - Management Committee Attendance

  • Following the Secretary's letter, she thanked members for their positive response saying she hoped that enhanced member involvement/attendance could continue. Item discharged.


10.1 RMBC Licensing Application - The Chairman reported that a new style licensing application had been received which had been passed to the Secretary for completion. Action: Secretary

10.2 Yorkshire Rural Community Council Membership - The Secretary informed members that the 2005/06 renewal notice for the above had been received. Debate then took place as to whether the Parish Council already subscribed to YRCC and if so whether it was necessary for the Village Hall to separately subscribe. The Secretary undertook to liaise with the Treasurer and, if appropriate, forward the necessary renewal and cheque. Action: Secretary/Treasurer

10.3 Rural Community Halls Committee - The Chairman informed members of a one-day conference being held by the above on Saturday 14 May 2005 at Hatfield Woodhouse, Doncaster. He went through the proposed day's agenda and said that if anyone wished to volunteer their services and represent the Village Hall they should contact either himself or the Secretary. Action: All Members

10.4 Funding News - The latest edition has been displayed on the Hall's notice board. Item discharged.

10.5 Small Business Rate Relief - The Chairman reported that a letter had been received from Rotherham MBC informing that a recent application for the above rate relief had been declined. Item discharged.

10.6 Charity Commission - The Chairman reported that a booklet containing the results of an earlier survey conducted by the Charity Commission on village and community halls had now been received. Whilst an interesting document, it was disappointing that the booklet didn't address any of the issues which Todwick had raised. Item discharged.


  • Current position:-
    • Cash in hand £356.83
    • Current account £4,266.34 - invoices recently paid include £746.54[rates]/£241.57[insurance]
    • Business reserve £14,554.54
  • John Mosley suggested that circa £2,000 should be transferred from the current into the business reserve account. This was agreed. Action: Treasurer


  • The Chairman informed members that he had received a letter stating that the application form for the Yorkshire Rural Community Council (YRCC) was still not yet available and he undertook to try and get a more in-depth response as to the new timescales. Action: Chairman
  • In the meantime he was in the process of seeking quotes for chairs and an audio loop system which was DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) compliant. Linda Hewitt said she may be able to assist in relation to the chairs quote.
  • Members expressed their frustration in respect of the fact that time was going by since the building bid was first discussed and whilst new village halls in the area seemed to be getting built, funding for Todwick did not seem to be as successful. Some members thought that as the Village Hall was in need of some major repairs, eg, new windows, perhaps we should be making in-roads into changing these now. Others present believed it was pointless to spend money in isolation of the proposed renovation works which may result in the isolated changes being a waste of time and money. After discussion it was agreed to await the outcome of the applications to both YRCC and The Lottery.
  • Another area of concern relates to the perimeter fence and gate. Over the years the fence in places has crumbled through age and whilst it had been made relatively safe it will not withstand waiting the outcome of the building bid application that may, in reality, take another 12/18 months to finalise. A quote for this work has already been obtained and it was suggested that we approach WREN to seek their support to fund the perimeter fence and gate. Action: Secretary


  • The Secretary sought views of those present on the suggestion that we publicise the Village Hall and minutes of the Village Hall Management Committee on the Todwick website. Members were in full agreement and asked the Secretary to contact Sheila Pantry accordingly. Action: Secretary


14.1 H&S Risk Assessments - The Secretary queried the detail and extent of health and safety risk assessments for the Village Hall. She undertook to look at the assessments necessary and report at the next meeting. Action: Secretary

14.2 Removal of The Castle - Christine White and John Mosley outlined the history relating to "The Castle" and the fact that whilst it had recently been "given" to Todwick Village Hall it had, in fact, been "given" by someone who didn't have the authority to do so. As a result it was to be removed later that week. Todwick Tots & Toddler Group have recently purchased a shed which will be sited on the space to be vacated by "The Castle". Delivery of the shed is expected by 19 April 2005. Item discharged.

14.3 Replacement Emergency Light - John Mosley reported that he had recently fitted a new emergency light in the hallway that will now only activate if, for whatever reason, the power goes off. Item discharged.

14.4 Fire Extinguishers - Anne Rusling reported that the fire extinguishers had been serviced during March. One had been found to be faulty but this was now rectified. Item discharged.

14.5 General Election Date - As a result of the General Election being announced for 5 May 2005 and the requirement to utilise the Village Hall, Anne stated that arrangements would need to be made to cancel the groups scheduled to use the Hall that day. Action: Caretaker

14.6 Village Hall Heating - Anne Rusling informed members that in line with the Council's policy the central heating in the Hall would be switched off between 1 April and 30 September 2005. If members using the Hall needed the heating to be on this would need to be done manually however it would be individuals' responsibility to ensure that it was switched off after use. Action: All users

14.7 Fire/Emergency Exits - It was reported that the floor board in front of the fire exit to the toilets had recently been found cracked and had been repaired by Tony Rusling. Anne also reported that the emergency exit opening out onto The Pastures was not closing properly. John Mosley undertook to look at the problem. Action: John Mosley

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.35 pm.

The next Village Hall Management Committee will be held at
7.30 pm, Tuesday 7 June 2005