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Todwick Village

Todwick Environmental Action Group (TEAG)

In existence formally since 1997, although work has been ongoing since 1989 by enthusiasts, the Todwick Environment Action Group TEAG seeks to beautify Todwick Village. Recent projects which have been completed are:

  1. Planters, trees and seat installed in the centre of the village near the shops.
  2. Planters containing Todwick name at the three entrances to the village.
  3. Establishment and maintenance of flower beds around the village.
  4. Planting of bulbs on the verges on various lanes and in the Children's swing park near the Church.
  5. For the last two years a Christmas tree and lights in the village centre.

Secret Gardens of Todwick visit Sunday 16th April 2000

As part of the Millennium celebrations the Todwick Environment Action Group (TEAG) organised an "open day" on Sunday 16th April, in co-operation with some residents of Todwick who are willing to open their Spring gardens for other gardening enthusiasts to see.

Details available from the Todwick Post office and Newsagency or contact any of the TEAG members.

Launch of the Todwick Village Millennium Garden and Gates Project

The Millennium Garden and Gates were officially opened on Monday, 3 January 2000 by Miss Mary Gregory, Todwick Parish Councillor who said that everywhere people talk about "why don't they do something about it" without thinking who "they" really are. But in Todwick, a small group of people - The Todwick Environment Action Group had really shown that "they" care.

From small beginnings started over 12 years ago by planting daffodils around the village, there is now a small group who have established planters at each of the entrances to Todwick, created a small garden in the centre of the village, redesigned the flower beds area around the telephone box, also organised the new Notice Board near the Village Hall, and especially to commemorate the start of the year 2000 had now created with funding from The Millennium Festival Awards for All, the new Millennium Garden and Gates at the entrance to the Recreation Ground.

Four Todwick schoolboys Adam Booth, 11, Adam Mason 12, Steven Longden, 12, and Jack Booth, 9, who have raised money by car washing, as part of the South Yorkshire Police Lifestyle Project, and donated the funds to the Todwick Environmental Action Group, were also at the launch and "dug in" two of the trees.

A number of local firms have been involved in various stages of carrying out tasks or supplying items for the project:

  • Richard Barker - wall builder plus the Housley girls from the village who helped him!

  • Keith - Godfrey Gardens - trees, shrubs, bulbs, plants, & seats

  • Andy Blackburn, Thorpe Salvin Nurseries - shrubs, conifers and bulbs

  • Ibstock Building Products Ltd - stone blocks

  • Durapave - paving blocks, Creative Gardens - clearing the site and top soil

  • Mr Farrow - plumbing

  • John Sykes, Dave and Brian - paving

  • D & B Rochell for the fabrication and installation of the wrought iron gates and the noticeboard

  • Sheila Pantry who designed the garden, did the planting and project management.

So thanks to all who have helped in the garden's creation and to all those residents and Todwick Parish Council who have been encouraging TEAG's activities.

This project is part of Todwick Environment Action Group's continuing efforts to beautify the ancient village of Todwick.

TEAG Committee

Contact any of the following:

  • Brenda Palmer, Post Mistress, Todwick Post Office, 16 The Pastures, Todwick. Tel: 01909 770978
  • John Palmer, Todwick Newsagency; 16 The Pastures, Todwick. Tel: 01909 770978
  • Anne Warburton, 158 Kiveton Lane, Tel: 01909 772133
  • Rosemary Chambers, 87 The Meadows, Tel: 01909 770816
  • Sheila Pantry (Co-ordinator), 85 The Meadows Tel: 01909 771024, Fax: 01909 772829, email: