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Todwick Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter

December 2011

Welcome to all those villagers who have signed up to the Todwick Neighbourhood Watch since our last newsletter in September 2011. We hope that you find these newsletters informative and useful and we always value your information and feedback.

Two in One Crimes Seen in Todwick

As we approach Christmas, and are still suffering the effects of the recession, the whole of our area is feeling the effects of the 2 in 1 crimes. Recently Kiveton was badly hit by this problem, but within the last few days we have heard of another couple of incidents, this time in Todwick. Crime number one - you get burglars - that's bad enough. Crime number two - they steal your car keys (and any other property lying around the house) and drive off in your car. If you have a garage, it is recommended that you put your car in there each night. This will cut the risk but not prevent it. The Police recommend that each night you take your car and house keys to bed with you. Certainly I would recommend that keys are not left in view near to outside doors, not even for a short period of time.

Unsolicited Telephone Calls & Suspicious Emails

I am most grateful to residents in our village for letting me have information about strange telephone calls and emails. One unsolicited telephone call stated that the villager was "owed some money". The caller said that they were checking that they were sending the money to the right person. The caller then quoted the villagers name, address and telephone number. (All this information is in the local telephone directory). When quizzed, the caller said that they were ringing from a "government site". The call finished with the question "Do you want a cheque sending?" Since then no further contact has been made and most certainly no cheque has been received!

The second incident was in email format. It purported to come from NatWest Bank and asked for personal details to be updated. Whilst very suspicious, even though a NatWest customer, the villager also noticed two other emails from Western Union set out in exactly the same way, using exactly the same wording. Please be very wary of any emails purporting to come from any bank and especially if they ask you to update / confirm any personal information or passwords. We recommend that you do NOT click on any link in the email. Any suspicious emails should be reported to the fraud department of the relative bank even if you do no maintain an account with them.

Community Information

From time to time, I receive information from the South Yorkshire Police on incidents that have happened in the Rotherham Borough. So I bring to you attention that recently one elderly lady received an unexpected visitor who said he was from the Water Board. Because of mains water problems in the area, he said they had put a harmless blue dye in the water and this needed to be checked at each property. The house tenant let the man in but after he had left she found that her purse had been taken. The message then emphasises the necessity to check the identity of anyone who asks for access to your home (unless they are well known to you). IF IN DOUBT, KEEP THEM OUT!!

No Cold Calling

Following the "No Cold Calling" item we featured in our last newsletter, there has been sufficient interest by the residents of two roads in our village to create no cold calling zones. If you feel that this facility (which is free of charge) would benefit you and your neighbours, or you want more information, all you have to do is let me know. My contact details are at the end of this newsletter.

And Finally

Running through December there is a South Yorkshire Police Force campaign to reduce Violent Crime. It is supported by a media campaign called Shaken and Slurred. It focuses on reducing drink driving, alcohol related violence, serious sexual assaults and domestic violence. Please enjoy your Christmas and New Year and be safe as we go into 2012.

Crime Statistics

The crime statistics for Todwick for September, October and November 2011 inclusive, kindly provided by South Yorkshire Police are:

Criminal Damage property - not buildings


Burglary in a dwelling


Theft from motor vehicle


Theft of motor vehicle


Making off without payment


Four of these offences were in November!

Antisocial Behaviour

Criminal damage


Nuisance - rowdy


Environmental - rowdy


Nuisance - Trespass


Nuisance - Fireworks


Nuisance - vehicle


Nuisance - abandoned vehicle


Nuisance - animal problem


Nuisance - malicious communication




Our thanks to all the villagers who have provided details of incidents in the village so we can alert others to these undesirable activities. Thanks also to Sheila Pantry for ensuring our village website shows the newsletters. For further details please contact Norman Anderson (chair)