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Todwick Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter

January - February 2011

Welcome to all those who have signed up to the Todwick Neighbourhood Watch since our last quarterly newsletter in October 2010. We hope that you find these newsletters informative and useful and we always value your information and feedback.

Anti Social Behaviour

We have been receiving an increasing number of calls from concerned, and in some cases frightened residents about the number of incidents of antisocial behaviour being done by young people and children in Todwick. Sadly, we understand that some of the culprits are from outside the village. Most of the current calls centre around objects being thrown at property windows especially under cover of darkness. More recently loud banging on doors has disturbed the peace of some residents.

Todwick Neighbourhood Watch is working closely with South Yorkshire Police as we know that together we can make an impact on reducing the number of incidents. However, we do need everyone in the village - whether a member of Neighbourhood Watch or not - to report incidents seen or experienced. To make the most impact, please telephone South Yorkshire Police on 01142 202020 during the incident. If the attack is severe and you feel that your personal safety is threatened, dial 999 and ask for the Police. If you recognise any of the culprits and know their names and or addresses, please mention this to the Police. Your personal details will not be disclosed.

If you do not phone the Police at the time, they do not know it is happening and cannot take action. Over the last few months we have had some excellent responses from the Police to villagers phoning in at the time and in many cases a car has been immediately sent to Todwick. There is a protocol for dealing with antisocial behaviour which has to be followed. Once the culprit has been identified, consideration will be given towards the person concerned and parents having to sign up to an "Acceptable Behaviour Contract". If the terms and conditions are broken then (currently) this can lead to an Antisocial Behaviour Order (ASBO) and so the process continues.

The Home Office in London is currently examining the antisocial behaviour problems up and down the country with a view to formulating a way forward. I currently have correspondence from James Brokenshire MP and Baroness Newlove, both at the Home Office who are charged with being champions for active, safer communities. Pending the outcome of their investigations, I would urge ALL residents of Todwick who either see or experience antisocial behaviours to report them immediately to the Police on 01142 202020 - and where necessary ask for an immediate response.

After the event, it would be useful for me to know what has happened as this enables me to be in a better position to assess the overall level of the Todwick problem.

Telephone Scams

Please be aware that there is currently a telephone scam that has been experienced in Todwick. You receive an unsolicited call saying that the English government has decided to refund £2000 of your bank charges. A cheque will be brought round by hand within 2 days. But of course the caller wants a "refundable" expenses fee of £100 from you there and then. The caller will have your name address and phone number but not your financial details. Please do not disclose these as the only result will be that you will be £100 poorer!

Around Christmas time we received many calls with details of scams. Many thanks to all those people who sent them on to me. With many of them it is difficult to prove their accuracy but at the supermarket checkout it is always worth checking that cash back has not been added onto your bill (unless you had cash back). There is also the phone call saying you haven't paid your BT bill and they will cut you off if you do not pay there and then. Please ignore this call, it is a scam. There is also the unsolicited call saying your computer is running slow and they can fix it. If in doubt, do not go ahead with the call. The Parcel Delivery Service (PDS) where a card on your doormat says please ring (a premium rate number) to get delivery of a parcel - this was stopped in 2005 when the telephone number was withdrawn.

A Todwick resident has also received a telephone call claiming to be from the Industrial Workers Office about claiming for an Industrial Hearing Grant. We recommend that if you receive such a call that it be treated with caution as enquires have proved inconclusive as to the validity of the organisation or its claims.

Rotherham Parking Arrangements

Please note that the Saturday free parking and weekday free parking after 3 pm facilities have been withdrawn by the Rotherham Borough Council. Please see the notices on or near the parking meters for current fees payable.

Street Drain Covers

Sadly Todwick has again been hit by thieves who have stolen surface water drain covers from roads in our village. We therefore urge caution if you are out after dark whether you are on foot or driving. The drain holes are dangerous. South & North Anston have been similarly affected. Whilst the Borough Council will cover the holes and put out traffic cones, we are all at risk until the temporary arrangements have been put in place the following working day.

How to Protect your Property

You may remember that in 2010, in conjunction with South Yorkshire Police, we ran a very successful campaign to provide (free of charge) "Smartwater", a property marking system, for any members of Todwick Neighbourhood Watch. We are now able to advise you of the "Love It - Log It" initiative being promoted & administered by South Yorkshire Police. This is available to any member of the public. It involves registering your property - through the South Yorkshire Police web site - with "Immobilise" on a national computer data base. The service is FREE OF CHARGE. Second hand dealers are becoming more wary when buying second hand goods and this is part of the police fight against theft. I have some information packs with full details which I will deliver to anyone, (whether members of the Neighbourhood Watch or not) in Todwick upon request. If you have any queries on the scheme please contact Norman.

Cold Calling

We have recently had at least two people door knocking in the village trying to raise interest in special furniture for the elderly. These people claim to have local Trading Standards approval to carry on their business. Our local Trading Standards in Rotherham beg to differ as they say they will not officially approve anyone cold calling. Whilst most of us have the yellow (please don't call) stickers on our windows and doors, these are only advisory to the caller. Please Note - Cold calling is a legal activity and it is only the Trading standards approval issue that we are bringing to your attention.

Young People - Bored? Nothing to do?

It has been said many times that there is nothing for Todwick's young people to do. Did you know that there is a "Fire Cadets" organisation in our area? It is open to young people - male and female - aged between 13 and 17. The Rotherham branch runs every Tuesday in school term time between 18.30 and 20.30 hrs. It is free of charge. Firefighting skills and techniques are taught at the nominated Fire Station and there are also team building exercises away from the station. Interested? Then please visit and contact Ian Foster - who is the administrator for the cadets - on 078250 16260 during office hours for more details.

Then we have a newly formed Youth Club actually based in Todwick and meeting in the village. Why not be in at the start of this exciting new facility for young people aged 11 to 17. Phone Kay on 01909 773057 for further details.

More activities should be available in the next newsletter.

Crime statistics for Todwick

The crime statistics for Todwick for October to December 2010 inclusive are:

Burglary in a dwelling


Criminal damage to other buildings


Criminal damage to other property


Criminal damage to motor vehicles


Theft from motor vehicle


Other misc theft


Anti social behaviour reports


The crime statistics for Todwick for January 2011 are:

Criminal damage to motor vehicle


Anti social behaviour reports

5 (but 4 were linked to one incident)

Since the 6th January there were no further reports of anti social behaviour. We are grateful to South Yorkshire Police for this information.

Many thanks to all the villagers who have provided details of incidents in the village so we can alert others to these undesirable activities. Thanks also to Sheila Pantry for ensuring our village website shows the newsletters. For any further information please contact Norman Anderson (chair)