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Todwick Village

Neighbourhood Watch

Todwick Neighbourhood Watch Interim Newsletter

August 2010

Stolen Car Number Plates

We have been asked by South Yorkshire Police to warn you that very recently two sets of motor car number plates have been stolen from vehicles parked in Todwick. Both were removed under cover of darkness.

Whilst this is very inconvenient & annoying for the owners, please be aware that the thieves are mounting these plates on their own vehicles, using Velcro or similar, just before entering a petrol station. After filling up, they drive off without paying and very quickly afterwards remove the stolen plates. As many garages have CCTV the registered owner of the number plates can be identified. If it is your number plate, it is you that will be contacted. Please report any theft to the Police on 01142 202020.

Please do not make it easy for these thieves - if you have a garage please use it.

Stolen Garden Ornaments

We have been asked by South Yorkshire Police to be aware that several villages in our surrounding area are experiencing high levels of thefts of garden ornaments - particularly ornamental chimney pots. These items are not cheap to buy. The advice given is to please try not to make it easy for the thieves. This may mean moving the ornaments to a "safer" location - somewhere not easily seen from the road.

For Sale - Rent - Sold Signs

We have been made aware that over this last weekend at 1 o'clock in the morning, a "For Sale" sign was removed from a garden and thrown at one of the windows of a neighbouring property. Please make sure that if you have any signs of this kind in your garden, they are not easily removable. If you have any queries, please refer to your estate agent / letting agent for help and advice.