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Todwick Village

Neighbourhood Watch

Todwick Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter

February 2010

Welcome to all those who have signed up to the Todwick Neighbourhood Watch since our last quarterly newsletter in November 2009. We hope that you find these newsletters informative and useful and we always value your information and feedback.

Beware the unexpected telephone call

Please be aware. We have very recently heard of unsolicited telephone calls being received by Todwick residents (including ourselves!). The callers says they are from Crime Security Research or Crime Research UK and go on to say that the resident's house had been chosen as one of only 4 properties and that they wished to have a look at the house for home security purposes. These calls have been reported to the Police and Consumer Direct. To be on the safe side we advise that you do not give any details of your home security arrangements in any unsolicited telephone call.

Also please be aware of unsolicited telephone calls offering a place on "a phone preference service" to cut down on unwanted direct sales calls. The cost could be £30. The caller may say he is calling on behalf of the local council. Please be aware that there is a genuine TELEPHONE PREFERENCE SERVICE which costs nothing to join and can reduce unwanted telephone sales calls. Registering with them can be done by letter, telephone or via the Internet. Please be aware that telephone calls from abroad are not covered by this service. For further details please contact Norman.

Free fire safety checks for your home

South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue are still providing a comprehensive free safety check for your home. If you wish to book an appointment please telephone 01142 532522 or contact the Community Safety Helpline on 01142 532314. We now understand that the service has a dedicated Community Service Team who may, from time to time, be canvassing door to door. They will usually be dressed in a dark fleece jacket with the Fire & Rescue logo and carry an identification badge - red on the top and white on the bottom half containing a photograph of the holder. If you are in any doubt always telephone to check the identity of the caller.

Have you pressed the button lately?

Have you checked recently that your smoke alarm is in working order? Are the batteries still good? Most alarms have a test button. If you don't get a sound on testing or it "bleeps" occasionally you may need new batteries or a new unit. This piece of equipment could save your life in the event of a fire. Please make sure it is in working order and perhaps also reread the previous article about free fire safety checks.

Personal Attack Alarms

So far we have handed out 90 Personal Attack Alarms free of charge to residents of Todwick. They are small enough to fit into your pocket and come with batteries already fitted. If you would like one, free of charge, please contact Norman.

Abandoned Vehicles

Due to the sharp eyed observations of two Todwick residents, we have managed to get a broken down car removed from the brow of a hill in the village and also an abandoned hire car. Well done and please keep these calls coming in.

Blue Box Bottle Recycling

Please be aware that recently we have had two reports of bottles being removed from the blue recycling boxes left out overnight, and deliberately smashed in the roadway. Particularly to all dog walkers and motorists particularly please be aware of this antisocial behaviour.

Recreation Ground

Reports continue to come in about anti social behaviour on the village recreation ground. There is currently a major overhaul of facilities on our recreation ground to benefit the whole community. However, a minority of people are causing unnecessary damage and disturbance after dark, especially on Friday nights. If you see an incident, please report it to the Police immediately on 01142 20 20 20.

Quarterly Crime Statistics for Todwick Village

Burglary in a Dwelling

3 (2 on the same road and the same day)

Burglary in a Building (not dwelling)


Racially Aggravated Criminal Damage


Common Assault


Assault occasioning Actual Bodily Harm


Other miscellaneous Theft


Criminal Damage to Dwelling


Criminal Damage to other Property


Theft from Motor Vehicle


Thanks to South Yorkshire Police for their continued help to Todwick Neighbourhood Watch.

****** We are aware of several thefts of steel grates from the gutters of the roads in the village, the latest thefts having taken place at the end of January. The Police are asking us to report any suspicious behaviour in this activity together with vehicle registration numbers. ******

Thanks to all the villagers who have reported details of incidents so that we can alert as many people as possible of these undesirable activities.

Should you wish to know more about any of the issues raised, please contact Norman Anderson (chair)