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Todwick Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter

November 2009

Welcome to all those who have signed up to the Todwick Neighbourhood Watch since our last quarterly newsletter in August 2009. We hope that you find these newsletters informative and useful and we always value your feedback.

Free fire safety checks for your home

South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue are still providing a free safety check for your home. If you wish to book an appointment please telephone 01142 532522 or contact the Community Safety Helpline on 01142 532314. We now understand that the service has a dedicated Community Service Team who will, from time to time, be canvassing door to door. They will usually be dressed in a dark fleece jacket with the Fire & Rescue logo and carry an identification badge - red on the top and white on the bottom half containing a photograph of the holder. If you are in any doubt always check that the cold caller is authorised to be in our area.

Have you checked recently that your smoke alarm is in working order? Are the batteries still good? Most alarms have a test button. If you don't get a sound on testing you may need new batteries or a new unit. This piece of equipment could save your life in the event of a fire.


We wish to inform you that from 9th November 2009, PC Tina Jones, one of our community officers, retired from South Yorkshire Police. Tina, who has been a very supportive influence in Todwick Neighbourhood Watch has helped us to grow our organisation and we acknowledge her contribution. We wish her a long and happy retirement.

Telephone Scam

Please be aware if you are telephoned by someone claiming to be a representative of British Telecom saying he will cut your telephone service because of an unpaid bill, please do not fall into this trap. To prove his point, the caller will tell you to put your phone down and then pick it up and try to dial out. Your phone will appear to be dead. This is due to the fact that the caller has not replaced his receiver and he is still connected to the previous call to you. Later he will call you back and demand money over the telephone. This is a scam.

Personal Attack Alarms

So far we have handed out 90 Personal Attack Alarms free of charge to residents of Todwick. They are small enough to fit into your pocket and come with batteries already fitted. If you would like one, please contact Norman.

The longer dark nights and cold weather

As the cold weather starts to come on, now is a good time to look at your electric blanket. If you have one of these appliances look for signs of fraying fabric, damage to the flex or plug, scorch marks, creasing or folding, marks on the fabric and missing tie tapes. If any of these are present or if the blanket is over 10 years old, it is recommended that the blanket is replaced with a new one. Don't be tempted to buy second hand. Faulty electric blankets cause over 5000 fires every year.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Also we still have a few carbon monoxide alarms available at the bargain price of £18. Please contact Norman for further information.

Christmas is coming soon

Twinkling Christmas lights. Presents under the tree. Turkey and mince pies. Carols in the village church and the Christmas Day message from HM The Queen. Some of the traditional things that we associate with this time of year. But "Burglar Bill" is still out there looking for easy pickings which could spoil all your best laid plans. We can all make it more difficult for sneak thieves by adopting a few simple precautions.

Remember to lock the outside door when you come in the house and always remove the key from the lock. House and car keys left near an outside door may be convenient for you but they are also convenient for a burglar!

Never leave anything on display in the car. It takes seconds for a thief to smash the glass, grab your presents and disappear. Always put your purchases in the boot of the car but be aware of people near you... they may be watching and waiting!

Finally, make sure you keep your purse or wallet safe, particularly when in public places.

Todwick Crime Statistics

Criminal Damage Dwellings


Criminal Damage Vehicles


Criminal Damage Other Property


Theft from Motor Vehicle


Other miscellaneous theft


Burglary Dwelling

2 (1 detected)

Burglary Dwelling Attempted


Burglary Buildings (not dwellings)


Possession class B drugs

2 (2 detected)

Thanks to all the villagers who have reported details of incidents so that we can alert as many people as possible of these undesirable activities.

Should you wish to know more about any of the issues raised, please contact Norman Anderson (chair)