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Todwick Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter

February 2009

A warm welcome to all who have signed up to the Todwick Neighbourhood Watch since our last newsletter in November 2008. We hope that you find these newsletters informative and useful and as always, we value your feedback.

Unexpected & Unwelcome Telephone Calls

Please be aware that one of the latest ploys for obtaining personal information has been experienced very recently in Todwick.

If you receive an unsolicited telephone call, the caller may ask if you have had any charges on your bank account in the last 6 years. The caller will tell you that he/she can get these charges refunded. All you need to do is to divulge your bankcard details, or those of your partner or any family member to obtain a full refund.

This is a scam. The caller will have your name, address & telephone number but please do not give any personal bankcard or account details over the telephone. This scam was reported to us in late January by a resident of Todwick.

And on the same subject...

If you are called by someone claiming to be from the Security and Fraud Department of Visa the caller will ask if you have made purchases on your credit/debit card and give you details of fictitious transactions. The caller will have your name, address, card number and will give you a (totally irrelevant) 6 digit number and then ask you to verify you are in possession of the card by providing the last 3 digits on the back of your card. This is also a scam. Please do not disclose these 3 numbers.

For further details on how to protect yourself, please telephone your bank on the number they provide or contact Norman Anderson for further assistance.

Text Messages

Mobile telephone text messages are being received urging the recipient to make contact regarding "1500 unredeemed value points" To claim them, you are asked to text 87333 to redeem the points for products. We urge caution in this matter as there may be a sting in the tail. The text directs you to a web site which talks about a subscription of 3gbp/wk. (£3 per week). This information has been supplied by a resident of Todwick who received a call on his mobile telephone.

Hearing Aid Batteries

I have 10 unused "power one" hearing aid batteries size "p13" free to the first person who contacts me for them. I will deliver them in the village.

Personal Attack Alarms

We still have these alarms available free of charge.

Door to Door Visitors

We have recently experienced ( at least) two groups of people in the village going from door to door on behalf of the British Red Cross. Unusually, this has been both during and outside daylight hours. Several villagers kindly telephoned me to alert me to their presence and ask for guidance. Attempts to validate these people initially failed as the British Red Cross did not respond to my earlier messages. As a result the matter was reported to South Yorkshire Police who took action in this matter. The following morning British Red Cross telephoned me to assure me that the callers were genuine. Investigation has shown that this is not the first time this has happened in our area with this organisation and currently moves are being made to try to find a way to overcome the problem. As developments take place, we will keep you appraised.

Bogus Callers

The Police regularly remind us about bogus officials, often claiming they are from the Water Board. Sometimes the home owner may be asked to turn taps on or flush a toilet. Whilst the occupant is out of the room, the bogus "official" takes whatever they can find. Always ask for identification. Check the caller should be at your door by telephoning the company. Do not let them in. Always use the number from your directory, not from the I.D. card or ask a trusted neighbour for help.

Harthill With Woodall Neighbourhood Watch

We are delighted to report that Harthill with Woodall Neighbourhood Watch was re-launched in January 2009. We wish our neighbouring village colleagues all the best with their scheme and hope that by working together, we can ensure that we are not seen as soft targets.

Todwick Crime Statistics

Over the last quarter there has been a significant rise in the number of reported crimes in Todwick.

Theft from motor vehicle


Criminal damage to motor vehicle


Other miscellaneous theft


Burglary with intent/dwellings


Burglary with intent/other


Unauthorised taking of motor vehicle


Theft of motor vehicle


5 of these crimes were committed in daylight hours. Everyone who has this newsletter delivered, lives in Todwick. We all know our own village or our immediate locality and what looks right and what doesn't look right there. If it doesn't look right, it probably isn't right. If you are in doubt, please report it to the police on 01142 202020. If you want to double check before reporting it, please contact Norman Anderson (chair). You will be treated in the strictest confidence.