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Todwick Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter

May 2008

Welcome to all those who have signed up to the Todwick Neighbourhood Watch since our last quarterly newsletter in February 2008.

Phone a Friend

As most of us know, The National Grid and AMEC are undertaking gas pipe work in the village over the next few months; sadly this is an ideal situation for distraction burglars to operate. We are aware that bogus "water board" officials have already made a visit to a Todwick resident. A common story is that they need to check your water supply as there has been a leak round the corner, may ask for taps to be turned on, or want access to the water supply in the house. What ever they say, it invariably sounds plausible. All utility officials carry identification. Genuine officials will make an appointment before visiting. If you are not expecting them, ALWAYS check with the utility company by telephoning for confirmation. If you are in any doubt, do not let them in.

Telephone the company concerned or a neighbour for help.

In April, an elderly lady living in Dinnington had £7,000 stolen by bogus officials.

Don't be the next one to lose money or possessions.


Surveys in Todwick

We appear to be having an increasing number of surveys being done in our village for a variety of reasons. Some will involve people with high visibility jackets. Some are more covert. We have recently had a survey of pedestrian activity in the centre of the village, in connection with the proposed alterations to the A57. There has also been a badger survey and an endangered species survey carried out on Thursdays between 8pm and 10pm. A company called 40seven has also been seen (and checked out) in connection with the gas pipe work in Todwick. Anyone can buy a high visibility jacket, so this is no proof that these people are genuine! All genuine "surveyors" will carry identification with them. You are within your rights to ask to see it, and phone the company to verify it.

Bus Passes

Have you still got a SYPTE Senior Citizen or Mobility Travel Pass? The new English National Concession Pass started on 1st April 2008 & has replaced these. It entitles you to travel free on local bus services anywhere in England as well as some local rail/tram services. For more information or to update your pass, ring 01709 515151.


Rothercard is a FREE discount card scheme supported by Rotherham Borough Council. If you are: - on low income, or in receipt of state benefits, over 60, student aged 16-19 in full time education where their parents receive child benefit and many other categories, the Rothercard is available for you, free of charge. It provides a 50% discount on a wide range of leisure activities, 50% reduction on the cost of removal of bulky items from home (RMBC Waste Management), special rates for the Civic Theatre and Arts Centre, etc. Want to know more? Ring 01709 823644 for full details.

Wheelie Bins

The wheelie bin system has been with us for a number of years. If your wheelie bin is badly damaged and needs replacing, please ring Streetpride on 01709 336003. They will take your name and address and provide you with a new bin FREE OF CHARGE usually within 7-10 days.

Fire Safety Check

South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue are still offering a FREE safety check at your home. All you need do to book your appointment is telephone 0114 2532522 or contact the Community Safety Hotline on 0114 2532314.

Summertime and the living is easy - the thiefs are sneaky

With the warmer weather upon us we are having windows open to let in the fresh air, pottering around or sitting in the garden. Last year we had several incidents involving sneak in burglaries. Burglary is distressing, it is costly. If you leave the house unattended even for a short while, keep your keys safe. "I was only in the garage for a minute". "I only left the door open while having a quick chat to a neighbour". That's all it takes for a sneak thief to get in, take your valuables or just house/car keys so they can call back later and do a proper job! Insurance companies expect you to take precautions against this type of activity and may not pay out! If the claim does pay out, remember, you will lose your no claim discount, the claim will be logged and the renewal premium will invariably rise. Is it worth the risk? LOCK IT OR LOSE IT.

Local Reported Crime Figures

The latest figures for Todwick for the 3 months to the end of April 2008 is as follows

Burglary with intent - dwelling


Burglary with intent - other buildings


Burglary with intent - distraction


Theft from motor vehicle


Miscellaneous theft


Assault occasioning ABH


Criminal damage - other buildings


Criminal damage - dwellings


Criminal damage - vehicles


However, we are pleased to report the clear up figure over the same period was 15. Not all of these relate to the last 3 months.

If you have any issues that you would like to raise, please contact Norman Anderson (chair). Details of the Annual General Meeting will be circulated in due course. If you know someone in the village who is not a member, why not let them have this newsletter and encourage them to make contact.