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Todwick Village

Neighbourhood Watch

Todwick Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter

February 2008


Welcome to all who have signed up to the Todwick Neighbourhood Watch Scheme since the last newsletter in November 2007. We hope that you all find this newsletter informative and of help to you. If you have any issues that you would like to air, please contact Norman Anderson (chair).

Postcodes and Christmas Presents

Now that the Christmas and New Year celebrations and the parties are over, it is time to think about the presents that you have received. Remember that unless you have already done so, none of them will be marked with your postcode. If you need a "uv" marker pen, please contact Norman Anderson. The cost is 30 pence each and if you live in Todwick, he will also deliver it to your door!

Turn a light on - turn a burglar off

You can reduce the risk of becoming a victim of a burglary by lighting up your home when you are out. The Police recommend that you leave a light on in more than one well-used room such as your lounge and bedroom. The use of timer switches is also recommended especially during autumn & winter. But don't forget to adjust the times to reflect the length of the period of darkness. For the outside of your home, dawn to dusk - low energy lighting - is suggested as it is very energy efficient and inexpensive to run. Privacy for you is also privacy for the burglar to work unseen. To help yourself, it is also recommended that bushes and plants are kept trimmed.

Do you give to charity?

We urge you to be careful if you are approached in the street about donating money to charity. Criminals are known to pose as charity workers saying you can donate by using your plastic debit card or credit card. It is recommended that if you have been approached in this way, then you should immediately check your bank account to see if there are any transactions that you do not recognise.

Car theft - the latest craze

You have just returned to your car after a shopping trip and prepare to drive home. You look in your interior mirror and notice a piece of paper stuck in the middle of the rear window. You put the car in neutral, get out and walk to the rear of the car to remove the paper. At this point the thief jumps in your car and drives away. Inside your car are your car keys, house keys, credit and debit cards, cheque book and other personal belongings. This activity has been seen within the last 3 months in Glasgow and Manchester and we are informed that it is spreading through out the country. When you leave your car remember to always turn the engine off and lock it.

Door2Door Travel Arrangements

Door2Door is part of the Rotherham Community Transport initiative. Their aim is to provide mobility for the elderly, frail and those with limited mobility and for people living in rural areas. Some of the facilities on offer are Rotherham Dial-a-Ride, RotherRide, Shoppa Bus, Hospital Link and Group /Community Travel.

So, if you want to know more about this facility, please telephone Rotherham Community Transport on 01709 516092 (517100 for the Hospital Link).

But near to home...

In Kiveton on Tuesday 29th January, an 86 year old lady went into her living room to find 2 men, who said they were from Dyno-Rod. They told the elderly resident that they had keys to all the bungalows in the area and that was how they had gained access. The men were disturbed and left the property. The truth was that they had broken in through a back window and stolen £250 cash. Local Police believe this may be linked to another recent incident in Harthill. The men are described as white. One is said to be aged 20-30, skinny build around 5' 3" to 5'6", clean shaven and wearing a woollen hat. The second man is described as stocky build, mid 30's clean shaven and wearing a heavy coat. Please be aware and on your guard to anyone you don't know or are not expecting to call. We strongly advise that any incident be reported to the police on 01142 202020.

Welcome to...

We would like to welcome Paul Dimelow, who is a new Police Community Support Officer for our village. He is replacing Michelle Brunt who has moved to pastures new. Paul will be partnering PCSO Karen Coles who has been with us some months. Our PCSO's are here to help us and to give support to our regular community officers PC's Tina Jones and Howard Saul. To make contact - telephone 01709 832667. Please note this is a new telephone number for contacting Dinnington Police Station.

...And finally

Since October 2007 the following incidents in Todwick have been reported to the Police:

Theft from motor vehicle


Criminal damage to Dwellings


Criminal Damage other property (not buildings)


Criminal Damage to vehicles


Miscellaneous Theft


Burglary with intent - dwelling


Theft of motor vehicle


Interference with motor vehicle


Incidents should be reported on 01142 202020. In an emergency, dial 999. Crimestoppers where you do not need to leave your personal details telephone 0800 555 111.