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Todwick Village

Todwick Parish Bowling Club

Recreation Ground, Todwick

The Club has almost 100 members and 15 League Teams covering the Rotherham and Maltby area. Our main programme runs from 1st April to 30th September each year and because the ground is floodlit the season can be extended for matches and competitions until the end of October.

We offer free coaching sessions on Saturday mornings throughout the season which is open to new players of any age.

The Clubs excellent facilities are extensively used to host many events supporting the community and nominated local charities.

Todwick Parish Bowling Club and the community

Todwick Parish Bowling Club (TPBC) is probably the largest single community group in the village.

We are always seeking to improve and extend the facilities for members. to encourage members to join and to bring other members of the community to the club. We believe that bowls is a sport that can be played and enjoyed by people of all members will varying degrees of physical disability. Our aim is to be recognised as a club, which is accessible to all.

As a Club, we are seeking to:

  • improve the facilities for sport, leisure and recreation in Todwick
  • help to improve the health of the community, through regular exercise in the form of bowling; Bowls is a healthy outdoor sport, in which the medical profession encourages participation, as it gives regular exercise and can be played at an enjoyable level by people of all ages. Doctors have actively encouraged some of our members to play bowls, because it is good gentle exercise for most parts of the body.
  • generally improve the quality of life available to the people of Todwick, many of whom are not in employment. This we can achieve by encouraging them to play or sit and watch bowls matches, enjoy the fresh air and pleasant environment and see the bowling club as an alternative venue in which to engage in another social aspect of village life.
  • encourage more young people to take up sport as a worthwhile activity for life, both on a personal level and as a team and club member. Thus developing not only their sporting skills, but also their community and social skills. As a club we have worked with the local primary school since 2000, by holding coaching sessions and a competition for the year 6 children.
  • encourage more women to play bowls, a sport in which ladies can participate at all levels. TPBC has no artificial divisions into ladies and gents sections, but is a single unified club.
  • encourage new members to join the club and adopted a scheme for making bowling more accessible to all.


B. Winterbottom

Club Secretary

Dr John Richardson
17 Aughton Lane, Aston, Sheffield S26 2AN
Tel: 0114 287 6805
Mob: 07885 944 753