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The latest news from Todwick.

Alexander Stafford MP’s Transport Plan for Rother Valley backed by the Prime Minister

Published: 21 February 2024

News from Alexander Stafford MP:

Alexander Stafford MP’s Transport Plan for Rother Valley backed by the Prime Minister – South Yorkshire Mayor must act to ensure direct buses to hospital for all Rother Valley villages.

Today, at Prime Minister’s Questions, the Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, backed Alexander Stafford MP’s plan for better transport in Rother Valley and South Yorkshire. In particular, he agreed that every town and village across Rother Valley should have a direct bus route to a local hospital, and that the Mayor of South Yorkshire must act now to ensure this.

Since he was elected, Alexander has campaigned tirelessly to make sure that his constituents are always able to travel where and when they want to. This includes everything from ensuring the surface of roads, proper bus links, reliable train scheduling, and re-opening Doncaster-Sheffield Airport.

In particular, Alexander is aware that his constituents no longer have useful bus services between major towns, across the constituency, and into nearby Rotherham and Sheffield. Recently, Alexander has pleased to welcome the X5 bus back into service after years of campaigning. This bus will create a vital link between two of the biggest towns in Rother Valley, Dinnington and Maltby, and will be immensely useful to so many residents.

However, despite this improvement in service which Alexander spearheaded, many of his constituents are still unable to travel to local hospitals by bus. Therefore, Alexander has been calling on the South Yorkshire Mayor to use the funding available to him through the Government’s Network North programme to guarantee his constituents are able to get to hospital by bus.

Speaking on this topic, Alexander said:

“I will never stop calling for better busses in Rother Valley. While I am delighted that the X5 can now be used to get from Dinnington to Maltby, I am committed to continuing to push for better bus links across Rother Valley, especially for those of my constituents who need to get to hospital. The Prime Minister backs my plan, and I will be speaking to the Mayor of South Yorkshire directly about this as soon as possible.

“More widely, I want to make sure that my constituents have the infrastructure they need to travel where they need to, when they want to. This means rebuilding our bus services, running trains on time, and ensuring our roads are fit for use. This is all part of my plan for transport in Rother Valley, and I urge the South Yorkshire Mayor to use the funding that he has access to thanks to this Government to do this.”

Maltby to Dinnington bus restored

Published: 7 February 2024

News from Alexander Stafford MP:

Following my election to Parliament in December 2019, one of the first things I did was establish the Rother Valley Public Transport Taskforce. This brought together residents across the constituency who were concerned about our public transport network and acted as a forum to discuss ideas for its improvement.

It became apparent very quickly that a Maltby–Dinnington bus was much-needed and this was one of the first suggestions raised – it garnered much support.

I am pleased to announce that after YEARS of campaigning, from Sunday 7th April, Firstbus have stated that as part of their changes to the bus network they will be running a bus (once an hour) between Maltby and Dinnington.

More information:

Report of Todwick Public Meeting on Thursday, 18 January 2024

Published: 1 February 2024

Alexander Stafford MP writes:

Dear Resident,

Todwick Public Meeting – Thursday 18th January 2024

I am writing to provide you with an update after my recent public meeting I held for Todwick residents. Many thanks to all those who attended, it was great to hear your concerns and thoughts about the key issues Todwick is currently facing. If you were unable to join, please rest assured that I will be holding further meetings in the future - below is an outline of what was discussed, and the issues that ward councillors and I will continue to raise on your behalf.

There was lots of discussion around road safety; ward councillors and I continue to raise these issues. Since elected in 2019, I have raised concerns about the Todwick roundabout seventeen times with the Chief Executive of Rotherham Council, but their collision data does not support the need to do anything at this time. However, recently, the Leader of Rotherham Council has finally accepted that there is a need for officers to review the markings on the roundabout. Also, funding has been secured for a safety review into the A57 including the Red Lion roundabout right up to the M1 junction. We will continue to monitor the situation, but if you have any further concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

The poor-quality pavements were another big concern which we discussed, as the work is shocking and slapdash. The Parish Council have had a meeting with Rotherham Council prior to Christmas about these issues, however, I will continue to raise with Rotherham Council that the conditions of pavements in Todwick needs to be massively improved.

Residents also raised their concerns about speeding along Kiveton Lane, as well as parking by the school and parking along The Pastures, which is causing further apprehensions. I am also raising concerns with Rotherham Council about the application for double yellow lines at Staniforth Crescent, and I will continue to keep you updated with any progress.

There was a consensus that the land for sale around the village may be sold to become housing in the future, especially as some of the surrounding roads have recently had dropped curbs and have been resurfaced. This land is currently greenbelt, but there is a concern that Rotherham Council might change its designation to brownfield like they have done recently in other areas such as Kiveton and Whiston, which would make development easier. One main concern was the lack of infrastructure around the village - housing developments will cause further strain on local services, as well as road safety concerns from the potential influx of residents in the village. I will remain vigilant with these concerns, and if there is anything you would like to inform me of, please do let me or your ward councillors know.

Rother Valley needs better bus services connecting our towns and villages to each other. It is up to the South Yorkshire Mayor to provide the funding for reliable and frequent services, and to also apply pressure on the big bus companies. All of us have been told by the South Yorkshire Mayor that there is no money for local buses, however, in addition to his core £1.3 billion budget, since 2019, the Mayor has received:

  • £570 million from City Region Sustainable Transport Settlement (CRSTS) funding from 2022-27 for local public transport network improvements
  • £1.4 billion CRSTS funding from 2027-2032 for local public transport network improvements
  • £166 million awarded in 2020 in Transforming Cities Funding to improve public transport and walking infrastructure in South Yorkshire
  • £6.2 million in Bus Service Improvement Plan money for 2023 and 2024
  • £7.82 million additional Bus Service Improvement Plan provided in October to be used to secure bus routes.

The South Yorkshire Mayor now needs to step up and understand that local people want reliable and frequent bus services, which allows them to travel freely.

I know that residents like yourself struggle to get to Dinnington and Worksop from Todwick – there needs to be more cohesion, and I can assure you that ward councillors and I are continuing to raise this issue with the South Yorkshire Mayor and the bus companies to ensure Todwick residents have a reliable service, which allows you to have the freedom to travel with ease.

Unfortunately, we have seen an uptick of car theft around Todwick – the main advice South Yorkshire Police have given me is that residents should have a steering wheel lock, as it is a relatively inexpensive solution which may deter criminals from stealing residents’ cars. Also, it is important to note that if you see a car which looks like it has been dumped for a number of days, please do not hesitate to contact South Yorkshire Police or myself, and we can get this reported as soon as possible.

It was great news that the Towns and Villages Fund will improve the area by the shops on The Pastures. The funding will improve the overall appearance for residents, businesses, and visitors. For more information, please see this link: Towns and Villages Fund: Aston and Todwick Ward – Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

I am collaborating closely with the local councillors to ensure these issues are raised, and dealt with as soon as possible, however, if you have any updates or any other concerns which you would like to raise with me, please do let me know.

Unfortunately, there is no immediate fix to these issues. The first step is to ensure that those who have responsibility for action are aware of the issues, and then both councillors and I can continue to fight to get the correct measures in place.

If there is anything I can ever assist with, please do get in touch at any time.

Best wishes,