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News Archive: 2009

Art Exhibition at the School on 4 November 2009

The children's exhibits were fabulous from "first day attending school 4 year olds" - doing self portraits, to a wonderful variety of art from the children in all the other years. The pictures were excellent and it was a hard job deciding "the most promising artists"... see the School Gallery. During the afternoon the wood carver demonstrated the art of woodcarving with a chain saw and then set fire to it! He gave the result to the school which you can see in the pictures and also now in the school grounds.

WI welcomes new members

Ladies, are you looking for a new interest? To make new friends? Todwick Women's Institute (WI) is looking for you.

Start the New Year by paying us a visit. We meet on the 1st Thursday of the month at 7 pm in the Village Hall, Kiveton Lane, Todwick. Looking forward to seeing you.

Rumours re building on land near Storth Lane, Todwick

There are rumours circulating in the village to the effect that the field abutting the Storth Lane has been acquired by Todwick Parish / Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council in order to develop as building land.

Todwick Parish Council wishes to make it clear that this is not correct.

Should any information concerning the development of this land come to the attention of Todwick Parish Council, it will inform parishioners at the earliest possible opportunity.

Successful Jazz Party Night in the Todwick Village Hall with the Old Marina Jazz Men

A most enjoyable event was held on Saturday, 19th September 2009 7.30 pm - 10.30 pm when the long established Old Marina Jazz Men played a programme of easy listening/well known tunes in New Orleans style.

Parties of family and friends book their tables and brought their own wine/drinks and suppers.

Thanks to all the Village Hall User Groups who donated prizes for the raffle.

The event raised £200.00 for the maintenance of the Village Hall.

Many people asked for another similar evening of entertainment and this is being currently arranged. Watch this space for further information.

Contact organiser: Sheila Pantry, email: or telephone 01909 771024.

Todwick Residents should be on the alert

In the early hours of Tuesday morning 8 September 2009 the back door of a Todwick residence was smashed whilst the occupants slept upstairs. The thieves stole all the house keys, garage keys, mobile phones, wallets and cash. The occupants actually saw the thieves then drive off with their four week old BMW car.

Todwick residents are warned to make sure that their keys, mobile phones, wallets and cash are safely put away before they go to bed.

POLICE CONTACT NUMBERS - Emergencies - 999.
To report an incident for prompt attention ring the Police Central Switchboard 0114 220 20 20.

Todwick Golf Society

The Todwick Golf Society recently played Tinsley Golf Course and 6 of our number were able to attend. A goodtime was had by all. Our next venue will be at Rufford Golf Club on the 1 October 2009 - first tee time at 10.45 am with two more tee times following. There will be Bacon butties and coffee prior to playing so we suggest that players arrive about 9.45 am if possible.

Further details: Todwick Golf Society

Lots of interest in Todwick's Art, Gardens, Historical and Scarecrow Trail and Exhibitions 2009

Held on the Sunday, 29 July 2009, the Todwick's Art, Gardens, Historical and Scarecrow Trail and Exhibition was well attended despite some rain showers.

This year's innovation was the introduction of the Scarecrow competition that was won by Abigail Mosley, 93 The Meadows with her interactive girl scarecrow called Trumps. Other very interesting and amusing scarecrows to be seen around the Village: 2 Paddock View - Rachel Beckett's family Scarecrow Humpty Dumpty, 8 Manor Way - Jacky and Philip Robbins' fun Scarecrow, onto the Meadows at No. 87 to see the two old fellows scarecrows on the form under the umbrella at the gate of Rosemary and Brian Chambers' garden, at No. 85 - Sheila and Clive Pantry's plant pot scarecrow lounging in the tree and the girl gardener waving at you, at No. 81 Helen, Gary and William Greer-Waring two scarecrows sat enjoying a drink on the roof of the garage and at No. 6 De Houton Close was Norman and Virginia Anderson's fun Man at Work Scarecrow (asleep in a deck chair)! Allotment Plot No. 17 Dawn Brookman and Daphne Stewart also had a Scarecrow to show. Look forward to seeing next year's efforts!

Many thanks to those who opened their gardens - Brian and Christine Mullins, Harry Beat, Brenda Waller, Sheila and Clive Pantry and to the Allotment Holders. It is good fun having visitors to see the results of your gardening efforts, so hope to see more people taking part next year.

Prizes for the best gardens and allotments were awarded by Todwick Parish Council (TPC) and presented by TPC Chairman Stephen Hill to:

Best Allotments

  • 1st Prize Diane Brookman and Daphne Stewart
  • 2nd Prize Rachel Bennett
  • 3rd Prize Jim Tompkin

Best Front Gardens

  • 1st Prize Harry Beat
  • 2nd Prize Graham Truman
  • 3rd Prize Brenda Waller

Village Hall Exhibitions during the day

There were art displays, exhibitions and free refreshments available. Todwick Historical Society showed an ever increasing amount of information that has been collected, and took the opportunity to launch Todwick's new coat of arms.

Brian Chambers who guessed 11 out of the 12 correct pictures won a knowledge photo quiz presented by the Ramblers Group. The Ramblers Group welcomes any new members and had lots of interesting maps and details of walks on show.

Save the Children Fund had a lovely display and made around a hundred pounds for the Fund.

And for those who had not seen Todwick's web site - there were computers available for people to explore the information about our Village.

On show were some lovely paintings by Jack Marples, beautiful tapestry pictures by Christine Mullins and a wonderful art collection from all the classes at Todwick Junior and Infants School included an almost life-size fearsome pirate, some bright African scenes, paintings in the style of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, seaside paintings, sunflower paintings in the style of Van Gogh, some pictures in purple - that were also embroidered and some portraits that were made from materials, buttons as well as painted. Some of the schools' paintings had fun frames made of pasta! Real credit to the children, their teachers and to Sandy Davison, the School's Art Coordinator, for these efforts.

Todwick's lovely old Church and the Church Hall were also open for visitors and refreshments - thanks to all the helpers.

Scarecrow Photos

Click the images to see larger versions

Sheila Pantry

Todwick Golf Society

Our latest day out was at Beauchief Golf club Sheffield. Unfortunately there were only four members of the Society able to attend mainly due to other commitments on that date, but despite that it was a good day the course was in excellent condition and the weather was great.

Meeting on 13 August 2009 - We will be holding a meeting in The Red Lion on Thursday 13/8/09 at 8 pm any one interested is welcome the more the merrier.

Our next Golf Day will be Thursday 20/8/09 at Tinsley Park.

As yet we are not able to give Tee times as we can only book them a week in advance but everybody will get to know well in advance.

Contact: Geoff Pilley, | Todwick Golf Society

Art, Historic, Garden Trail and Scarecrow Exhibitions

Sunday, 26 July 2009, 12.00 - 16.00

Lots of things to see during the afternoon...

  • In the Village Hall there will be a display of Art - some from Todwick School, and other displays from a variety of groups e.g. the Historical Society, Ramblers Group and Save the Children Fund. See Todwick's new coat of arms!
  • The Church and Church Hall will also be open. If you have visitors take them to see our lovely 1068 Church - not many villages have a near 1000-year-old church to show off! Then go across to the Church Hall for FREE refreshments and other displays!
  • Already some Gardeners have agreed to open their gardens - but if anyone wishes to volunteer to open their garden then that would add to the enjoyment. It is great fun meeting people in your own garden - why just keep it to yourself when you have made such great efforts? Show it!
    If you wish people to just look at your front garden - then that would be most welcome. See the 2009 award winning gardens.
  • Go and see the Goosecarr Lane allotments, including the 2009 award winning ones - they will inspire you to grow your own food!
  • The Todwick Parish Council will be awarding prizes for the best FRONT gardens and also the best allotment at 3.30 pm on 26 July 2009 in the Village Hall.
  • Also for the first time there has been a Scarecrow competition - go and see the Scarecrows around Todwick - there will be list of their locations on the Garden Trail map that can be picked up from the Village Hall and Church Hall.
  • The prize for the best Scarecrow will also be presented in the Village Hall at 3.30 pm on 26 July 2009.
  • FREE OF CHARGE Refreshments available at both the Church and Village Halls. Bring your friends and families.

For any further details contact the organiser - Sheila Pantry, Tel: 01909 771024, Email:, on Todwick website and on Village Noticeboards and in the Post Office.

Really Successful Todwick Music by Moonlight 2009

The weather was great - temperature of 18 / 20 degrees encouraged a great turnout of over 250 people to the free of charge Todwick Music by Moonlight 2009 event held in the Recreation Ground Saturday, 13 June 2009 to hear some really enjoyable jazz played by the Jazz Preservation Society Band.

The band was lead by trumpet player Barry Binch who chose a delightful programme of tunes. Vocals were provided by Barry Binch and Dave Aspinwall who also played trombone. The other band members included Pete Moxon on Reeds, Dave Green on Double Bass, Roy Walker on Drums and Freddie Field on Guitar.

People brought their supper and refreshments and some ordered from Cyprus Gardens Pizza Service!

It was a very pleasant way to spend a warm June night!

Sunshine brings out the crowds to the Todwick Funday 2009

A range of fun things to do entertained an estimated 350 plus people of all ages and made them very happy as they enjoyed an afternoon in the sun at the Todwick Funday 2009 held on Sunday, 14 June 2009 in the Recreation Ground.

The entertainment included:

Bouncy Castles - one for little children and larger one for all other ages were constantly in full use during the events and so was the Jenger game; people went to the Bowls Club for a lesson to introduce them to bowls whilst others tried their luck in the Bran Tubs supervised by Sandie and James Anderson and their children; the enthusiastic staff from the Chesterfield Canal Exhibition who gave out interesting information on the local developments at Kiveton; an endless queues for Face Painting by Linda from Funnyfaces; Holiday First gave out information; all ages tried their hand at the Striker game. The Ramblers Group put on a lovely display of photos from local walks and also offered a game to test the local knowledge of people - additionally on the Ramblers' stand was information from CPRE - Council for the Preservation of Rural England; the raffle was stoically undertaken by Sandra Barker. Mari and John Gabbitas, Reni Pilgrim and Margaret Vintin offered an interesting range of products produced by the Todwick Craft Group in aid of their chosen charity and made £40.00. The Save the Children Fund exhibition had a wide range of products on show including soft toys - always a favourite with the children. Rosemary Chambers, Ann and Tony Rusling and Margaret Gray are delighted to report that they made £185.00 for the Save the Children Fund so thanks to Todwick people and their friends for supporting these charities.

Rob Lincoln, Headteacher at Todwick Junior and Infants School put on assortment of games for everyone to try their hand at them and this was, as always well attended.

The Refreshment Stand offering teas, coffees, juices, cakes and buns was constantly in demand during the event. Our grateful thanks to the Refreshment Team for their enthusiasm and banter - Brian and Christine Mullins, Mabel Hextall, Myra Slight, Jill Frith, Jane Hull and Jean Leah.

PA System was kindly supplied and monitored by Lloyd Jones.

Julian Marples, our Village Handyman ensured that the Pavilion was cleaned out and did all the running about - bringing and erecting tables and gazebos - so our thanks to him for his efforts.

Anyone not mentioned by name please accept many thanks for your contribution - really appreciated. The weekend events were all free of charge - many thanks to all sponsors, including the Todwick Parish Council.

Both the Music by Moonlight and the Funday events are organised by Sheila Pantry, who thanks everyone for their support and attendance in making these events so happy and successful.

Community spirit at its very Best - Wonderful.

Mr Rob Lincoln to leave Todwick School at the end of this school year

Governors have accepted Mr Rob Lincoln's resignation as headteacher of Todwick School. Having served the school for nearly sixteen years Mr Lincoln has decided to take his life in a new direction. He will leave the school at the end of this term.

'I have been in education as teacher and head teacher for 35 years. I have decided it is now time to do other things. I have been so lucky to work at Todwick with such a committed and supportive team of staff and governors. The children here are great and I will miss them. Over the years they have given me so many wonderful memories. I thank the vast majority of parents who have supported the school and worked with us to provide a happy learning environment. It has been a privilege to be the head teacher of this school and work with your children.'

Mrs Oakes will take over as acting head teacher from September 2009.

Todwick residents and children will be sorry to see Rob Lincoln leave. Rob has contributed much to the village over the years and children, parents and residents - present and past appreciate his efforts and endeavours. We wish Rob a very Happy Future.

How to make a Scarecrow

Todwick Art, Gardens, Historic Trail and Scarecrow Exhibition, 26 July 2009

As part of the Todwick Art, Gardens, Historic Trail to be held on 26 July 2009 I thought it would be fun to have a scarecrow competition in the village. There is no age limit - you can make a scarecrow as an individual, a group or as a family. There will be a prize for the best entry. Start making your scarecrow now!


Originally used by farmers to keep birds away from important crops, in times gone bye they were very much part of the landscape. Were you aware that scarecrows have also been referred to as Scarebirds or Jacks-of-straw?

Scarecrows are not expensive to make, and you can have fun by easily making a scarecrow from everyday items that are lying about the house, they can be as crazy or silly as you like. Another way to recycle!

This easy set of instructions may be of help in making your scarecrow, and remember it requires no more complicated skills other than cutting and tying. You only need a few items to make your scarecrow and clothes that are too far gone to give away are just great.

  1. You will need: a pair of tights or nylons, an old shirt, an old pair of pants or jeans or skirt, scraps of fabric, a hat, some glue, old rope for the hair or a old wig, and paper or hay for stuffing. An old pillowcase makes a great scarecrow head, also you need an old hat, a straw one if you have it. For additional interest, you can even use an old pair of shoes or boots for the feet. You will also need something to stake the scarecrow up with.
  2. Tie a knot at the top of the leg, or legs in the case of tights, then stuff the top, not the legs with hay or paper (shredded is easier). When the top is full, tie a further knot in the top. You will now have a large round base for the head. Alternatively you can use an old pillowcase for the head.
  3. For facial features, use waterproof markers, or glue on buttons and similar items or cut scraps of fabric or felt into shapes for the eyes, nose and mouth. You can be very fancy if you wish, but simple triangles, circles, squares work just as well.
  4. At this point you can add hair made of long pieces of fabric, string, unplatted synthetic rope, and glue in place. If all fails you can of course simply buy a mask. (If you prefer, faces and hair can be glued on after the scarecrow has been assembled, when it will be easier to determine the front of the head).
  5. For the body, button up a shirt, and starting with the arms fill with straw or paper. If you use hay, you can pull a bundle through the arms to resemble hands. A similar effect can be achieved by tying the wrists of the shirt with string. Fill the shirt as full as possible, but remember you will need room to get your hands into the front and back of the shirt when you assemble the scarecrow.
  6. Next make the scarecrows legs by stuffing the jeans or trousers with paper or hay, don't forget to close the zip, then fill from the ankles to the waist. Like the wrists, you just tie the pants close to the bottom with string, or let some hay hang out for feet. Leave the pants open at the top.
  7. Now have all your pieces ready to assemble your scarecrow. Take the empty stocking legs of the head and attach them to the body. To do this, run one leg through the neck of the shirt at the front and the other through the back of shirt neck. Pull the nylon legs all the way through to the bottom of the shirt. Tug firmly on the legs so that the head sits firmly on the top of the shirt neck.
  8. Add the legs to the scarecrow. Bring the filled pants close to the assembled head and body. Tie one leg of the nylons to the belt loop in the front of the trousers, making sure to pull the nylon leg through the loop until it's tight. Then do the same for the nylon leg at the back of the shirt.
  9. All that remains is to top off your scarecrow with a hat or cap, with that the scarecrow is complete!!!
  10. If it is going to stand it will need a stick or broom handle up the back of the shirt, but it could be that you want it to sit on an old chair.
  11. Some weather-proofing can be achieved by firstly putting the hay/paper stuffing inside dustbin bags.
  12. Remember to put it in your FRONT GARDEN so that it can be seen from the road.

Don't forget you can give your Scarecrow a name if you wish!

Once you have made your scarecrow PLEASE let Sheila Pantry know if you wish to enter the competition for the most interesting scarecrow. Contact: Tel: 01909 771024 or email


The Winner will receive a prize on 26 July 2009 in the Village Hall in the afternoon.

Todwick Parish Bowling Club

Ladies Teams

Todwick Parish B.C. have some vacancies for Ladies who are interested in playing league bowls on Tuesday afternoon (over 60s) and/or Thursday evenings. Coaching will be given if needed.

Contact: A. Tizard, 01909 771438

Bowls Coaching for Beginners

T.P.B.C. Saturday Morning Club will start at 10.00 a.m. on Saturday 9th May 2009. These free coaching sessions are open to all, no experience necessary.

Contact: A. Tizard, 01909 771438