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Todwick Village

News Archive: 2004 - 2006

Todwick Village Hall Rebuilding starts 27 November 2006

The start date for the Todwick Village Hall rebuilding will commence on Monday, 27 November 2006.

The selected contractor is GFP Construction of Anston.

The formal contract will be signed at the Village Hall Christmas Fayre at 2pm Saturday 25 November 2006

Really good news for Todwick Village.

Bonfire and Fireworks Display 2006

Regrettably, the Parish Council will not be holding a bonfire/fireworks display this year.

Health, safety and welfare controls on such events have become increasingly onerous.

All those involved must be adequately trained and it has not been possible to attract sufficient volunteers willing to undertake this.

Many councils are now employing approved contractors. This is very expensive and considered inappropriate when the Council's priority is to assist in funding the imminent improvements to the village hall.

J R Walker
Clerk and Financial Officer
Todwick Parish Council

Todwick Neighbourhood Watch Alert - 10th October 2006


Over the last few weeks there has been a noticeable increase in burglary, attempted burglary, theft of cars and theft from cars in Todwick village.

In conjunction with the Crime Reduction Unit of South Yorkshire Police, we advise all residents to be aware of the above crimes.

Thieves are particularly stealing expensive motor vehicles, and high value plasma/wide screen TVs. They are also looking for any easy pickings elsewhere.

The Police advise you to close your curtains / blinds if the TV is visible from the road.

Please do not leave house keys or car keys where they are visible, especially in the lock.

For further information please contact Dean Tinker of the South Yorkshire Police Crime Reduction Unit on 01709 832662 or Norman Anderson of Todwick Neighbourhood Watch Scheme.

Todwick Neighbourhood Watch

The Todwick Neighbourhood Watch Scheme began in July 2006 and now has over 200 of the 800 Todwick households signed into the scheme. A clear signal that for our village, law and order is an issue we care about. Our scheme is part of the South Yorkshire Neighbourhood Watch Association and South Yorkshire Police - we have strong allies within our organisation.

Sing and Sign classes

"Sing and Sign" classes for parents / carers and their babies (from 7 months) will be held at Todwick Church Hall from September 2006. The classes will be held from 10am - 11am every Thursday morning during term time (starting on 21st September 2006).

A "taster" session at the Church Hall on Thursday 7th September 2006, 10am - 11am, priced £2 per child.

For further details contact Liz Harrison, Tel: 01246 432784.

For more information on Sing and Sign, visit our website

Todwick Mothers Union Evening Group

We would like to thank everyone who supported the very interesting and informative talk and slide show about the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. Thanks to your generous donations we were able to give the Speaker a donation of £77. It was lovely to see so many people and we hope to see you again - watch this space for further interesting events!

Update on Bluebell Wood Hospice Appeal - so far we have raised £266. Many thanks - don't forget Tea at Three at 5 Mill Fields on 21st June 2006.

Todwick Village Hall modernisation March 2006

After much effort, over a period of several years, in trying to secure funding for the modernisation of Todwick Village Hall, the Village Hall Management Committee has been successful in securing funding and are now planning to start building works on the modernisation of Todwick Village Hall in the coming weeks.

Following an application to the Yorkshire Rural Community Council to the Rural Target Fund, which is part of the Objective 1 Programme for South Yorkshire and funded by EAGGF and DEFRA, the Village Hall modernisation project has been awarded £195,950.

That award, together with the sum of £55,000 previously accumulated by Todwick Parish Council, and additional monies achieved through fund-raising by the Village Hall Management Committee, has generated sufficient capital for the project to go ahead without further delay.

The building works will include demolition of part of the Village Hall and the creation of new accommodation and amenities.

On announcement of the news, Jean Leah, Secretary and Trustee of the Village Hall Management Committee, said "We are delighted that the Yorkshire Rural Community Council has given its support and helped secure Rural Target Funding for our project which is the realisation of much determination and hard work by both past and current members of Todwick's Village Hall Management Committee and the Todwick Parish Council. We look forward to its completion for the benefit of the community".

Model Railways - want to form a club or discussion group in Todwick?

Anyone in living in Todwick or surrounding area interested in forming a club or maybe just a discussion group on model railways should contact local Todwick resident Norman Reay.

Problems with vermin

As a resident of Todwick it has been brought to my attention by various neighbours that we are experiencing an increase of rats and mice in Todwick. People have contacted pest control companies who have dealt with the problem, but I feel it will never get any better while people are throwing bread and various amounts of waste food on their gardens. Could you please make this known in the next news letter that while ever they think they are feeding the birds, they are not. All they are doing is making Todwick like the Ritz for the rats and mice.

P. Smith
March 2005



Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council have arranged a Planning Board meeting to pass/reject the amended proposal for re-alignment improvements to the A57 RB2003/1056 for 16 September 2004 in Rotherham Town Hall at about 11am.

A site visit will take place before the Planning Board meeting commencing 9.25am in the Red Lion Pub car park.

The A57 Action Group have arranged for 9 objectors to speak at the meeting and urge all interested parties to:

  1. Lobby Council members on the site visit.
  2. Attend the Planning Board meeting if possible.
  3. Ask your local Parish Councillor what action the Parish Council are taking.
  4. Ask your Borough Councillors, i.e. Karl Barton, David Hall and David Nuttall what action they are taking.
  5. Lobby your local M.P. Kevin Barron

Further details and information contact:
John Castledine Tel: 0114 287 4091
Pete Green Tel: 0114 287 2757
Lynn Robins Tel: 07812 469 929

Flash Floods in Todwick - August 2004

Photographs courtesy of M. White

Click the images to see larger versions

ADSL Broadband for Todwick

ADSL Broadband provides high speed, "always on" Internet access for local residents and businesses.

ADSL is now available in Todwick.