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Todwick Village

Todwick Environment Group

Minutes of the Todwick Environment Group Meeting
Thursday 22nd November 2012 at Todwick Village Hall


David Gregory, Roy Gillott, Roger Hall and Gary Greer-Waring.

Lee Massa and Virginia Anderson had sent apologies.

DG opened the meeting by thanking everyone for coming.

DG outlined his views that the objectives of the group were to be determined by the group, in his opinion this was to be a member driven organisation. Therefore no ideas were to be ruled out and no pre-conceived ideas adopted.

He asked everyone to state their concerns and specific areas of interest, in order that some kind of framework is established. He also advised that a litter pick had been arranged for Saturday December 8th.


The principle areas of concern were:

  • Litter
  • Flooding
  • Weeds

During discussion it was agreed that whilst litter is a major concern the remit of the group must not be devoted entirely to this area. Suggestions were made by GG-W, around making litter picks more interesting, for example providing refreshments, encouraging children, talking with the school. It was also suggested that the size and number of accessible litterbins should be addressed. This item alone might encourage their use, and thus reduce the volume of litter. It was also agreed to look into methods of promoting and advertising future litter picks.

DG advised that the Parish Council in response to drainage issues, and despite it being RBC responsibility, intended to install a grid on the gully between the recreation grounds and Goosecarr Lane. RH pointed out that the gully itself needed to be cleared, and that this was a job for a JCB, not some guys with spades. It was agreed that drainage of this area was a major concern.

RG commented on the number and size of the weeds growing in the roads, which contributes to an overall vision of an uncared for environment. DG advised on the actions taken by the Parish Council, it be resolved to make this an action area for the Environment Group.

RG also passed comment on the inappropriate language, particularly considering junior matches often took place at the same time as senior matches and also volume during football matches. He stressed that it was visiting teams, DG resolved to contact the representatives of the senior team to address this.

Sponsorship and building the size of the group were then discussed, GG-W commented on the opportunity for allotment holders to dispose of surplus produce. RG, a keen allotment holder, suggested developing a link with the school. It was felt that an early age involvement would, in the long term, reduce bad littering habits.

An allotments association was also suggested, however that would need to be driven by the allotment holders.

DG advised that he was in possession of a number of names, and phone numbers which he would split between the group. With a view to contacting them, in order that more people were invited to attend the next meeting. The next meeting was scheduled for Thursday January 10th, once again in the Village Hall, with a 6.30 pm start. He thanked everyone for the valuable contributions.