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Todwick Ramblers Club

Todwick Ramblers Club Walks: 2024

1st February 2024

On the first day of February we had a return of a sunny, fairly mild and a low breeze day for our ramble.

18 members plus 3 dogs set off on a circular walk from the old Carlton Parish Church. This took us across fields to Owday Lane and after about a 100 yard road walk onto the footpath towards Gateford. We skirted the ever expanding Estate, through woodland, quite boggy and wet in parts, so needing some deft footwork. The picnic stop was here, taking advantage of a recently toppled tree trunk for seating. The recent strong winds had caused much fallen timber, definitely best to avoid woodland when conditions are such. On leaving Gateford the path turned right, skirted Owday Wood to take us back to Owday Lane.

Crossing the road a track led to Wallingwells and the nearby Hall, a Grade 2 structure on the site of an old Benedictine Monastery for Nuns, dissolved by our old friend Henry VIII.

The ramble continued to circle around Wallingwells then led to the footpath through Carlton Wood. This was another challenging walk over quite boggy terrain, by now our muddy boots were of little concern so just plough on regardless. Leaving the wood we had a comfortable stroll back to the car park.

A challenging 5 mile ramble because of the conditions but I think we were all comfortably up to the task. We were joined by some new members so I hope they all enjoyed the day.

Plenty of sun and plenty of mud and plenty of good humour, thanks to everyone who turned out.

Brian Chambers.

7th January 2024

20 walkers plus our regular dogs Poppy and Isla set off from Shireoaks Marina on a figure of 8 walk of just over 5 miles. We started doing a circumference of the hill which used to be Shireoaks Pit Top – now a mini nature reserve giving excellent views over the surrounding area. En route we passed some exercise bars giving walkers the opportunity to do a few press-ups. Surprisingly no-one took up the challenge. Apparently most had done their daily quota of press-ups before breakfast!

Then it was a short walk down to Chesterfield Canal walking eastwards, then over the canal and skirting the village of Rhodesia, before taking the lane just on the outskirts of the village up towards Manor Lodge. At the bottom of this lane we passed the abode of “John Short, General Blacksmith & Farrier” with an old rolling mill on display on his forecourt. This proved so fascinating to two of our members that we had to almost drag them away.

Manor Lodge proved also to be fascinating. A 5-storey, grade 1 listed Elizabethan country house built around 1540 and believed to have been the hunting lodge to Worksop Manor. We decided to stop here for our picnic break.

Then it was across country, gradually curling northwards to eventually get back to our start point.

With 20 walkers & 2 dogs this was an excellent turnout on quite a cold day (0 °C at first) and a lovely start to our New Year. Thanks to all our walkers for making it a very pleasurable outing.