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Todwick Village

Todwick Ramblers Club

Todwick Ramblers Club Walks: 2024

9th May 2024

17 Todwick Ramblers Club members set off on a 5 mile walk, on what was to become the hottest day of the year so far. At last we could feel the warmth, and with the sun above our heads the walking group was in high spirits.

From Anston Parish Hall car park the route took us through the top side of Anston Stones Wood to Rackford Road and on to Dewidales Wood. Here we had very good views over the landscape and a good place for a coffee stop.

All refreshed we followed the paths down to Woodsetts village, and fortunately, and thankfully the track across a large, on what could have been a very muddy field was quite dry. After a short road section we found our way to Lindrick golf course, where the route turned right to bring us back into Anston Wood, to take the lower paths back to the car park.

The scenery through the Wood was quite stunning, with a carpet of highly perfumed wild garlic, giving the appearance of a light dusting of snow, and a few remaining bluebells. The trees filling their branches with leaves looking so fresh and clean, and with the sun shining through made the whole scene absolutely beautiful.

3rd April 2024

Ten walkers and one dog set off from Wales Square on a dull, drizzly Wednesday morning.

Walking over the M1 down to Wales Bar across the junction and entering Rother Valley Country Park by the caravan site. In bright sunshine we proceeded downhill to the main facilities and along the side of the lake. A brief refreshment stop was taken in the pouring rain adjacent to the railway line.

Our route then took us north and East and onto a permissive path going through the grounds of Gulliver’s Kingdom. Exiting the Kingdom, we crossed over Mansfield Road into the field behind the Industrial Park. The field path took us back to the motorway bridge and hence back to Wales Square.

The walk was completed in almost perfect walking conditions.

Thank you to all who attended.

Anne Hawksworth

20th March 2024

The walk leader, Ken, was surprised and slightly concerned to see 40 plus walkers at the start of the walk on 20 March from Poolsbrook Country Park visitor centre. Through sheer coincidence, the Rotherham Metro Ramblers group was also walking from there on their 10.5 mile walk. So, after confirming that our routes were different, the 14 Todwick Ramblers set off on their walk, thankful that the light rain had stopped.

Our route followed a broad track around the eastern side of the lake before entering attractive young woodland, an area reclaimed from former coal mining. After gently climbing on paths through reeds and small wildlife ponds, we stopped for coffee on the outskirts of Woodthorpe, a quiet village between Staveley and Barlborough.

The next stage of the walk was along Norbriggs Cutting, built around 1800 as a branch of the Chesterfield Canal. There is little more than a large ditch there now although it looked as if some clearance work had started, perhaps as part of the long-term canal restoration project by the Chesterfield Canal Trust. The path along the Cutting is tree-lined and firm and passes a small nature reserve before reaching the junction with the Cuckoo Way, or where the Chesterfield Canal would have been before it was lost to nature.

The next section of the walk was challenging in terms of avoiding puddles and mud. The grassy path, after crossing the footbridge over the River Doe Lea, tested our footwear and balance. Luckily, this was only a short part of the route, which was otherwise well surfaced, and we soon reached our lunch break on a bridge that is now on the Trans Pennine Trail (TPT).

The last mile of walk was all along the TPT and back to the car park after passing a caravan and camping site. The light rain that had fortunately held off for all of the walk then returned, ending an enjoyable walk of just under 5.5 miles.

6th March 2024

Our walk began at the Manton Lodge entrance to Clumber Park where there is only pedestrian access.

We set out on an almost perfect day for walking, cloudy but no rain and cool but not cold. Initially we headed east along a wide forest track which gradually curved south to cross Limetree Avenue. Heading directly across the avenue before taking a right turn and heading in a westerly direction. After half a mile we cut through a field passing a large building which was originally Hardwick School but which is now boarded up.

We headed west through Hardwick Wood and hence into Hardwick village itself. Here we stopped for coffee at the end of Clumber Lake next to the National Trust mobile café. Having been suitably refreshed we took the path along the south side of Clumber Lake crossing over the bridge and so going round into the main facilities of Clumber. Here we took the opportunity for lunch before heading off again.

We followed the lakeside for a short distance before heading north through the woods and some open country to meet Limetree Avenue again. Our path then skirted round the Caravan Park before turning east and back to Manton Lodge.

In spite of the wet weather over the previous weeks we encountered little in the way of mud, all the paths being in really good condition.

12 ramblers arrived back at Manton Lodge having had a most enjoyable 7 mile walk.

1st February 2024

On the first day of February we had a return of a sunny, fairly mild and a low breeze day for our ramble.

18 members plus 3 dogs set off on a circular walk from the old Carlton Parish Church. This took us across fields to Owday Lane and after about a 100 yard road walk onto the footpath towards Gateford. We skirted the ever expanding Estate, through woodland, quite boggy and wet in parts, so needing some deft footwork. The picnic stop was here, taking advantage of a recently toppled tree trunk for seating. The recent strong winds had caused much fallen timber, definitely best to avoid woodland when conditions are such. On leaving Gateford the path turned right, skirted Owday Wood to take us back to Owday Lane.

Crossing the road a track led to Wallingwells and the nearby Hall, a Grade 2 structure on the site of an old Benedictine Monastery for Nuns, dissolved by our old friend Henry VIII.

The ramble continued to circle around Wallingwells then led to the footpath through Carlton Wood. This was another challenging walk over quite boggy terrain, by now our muddy boots were of little concern so just plough on regardless. Leaving the wood we had a comfortable stroll back to the car park.

A challenging 5 mile ramble because of the conditions but I think we were all comfortably up to the task. We were joined by some new members so I hope they all enjoyed the day.

Plenty of sun and plenty of mud and plenty of good humour, thanks to everyone who turned out.

Brian Chambers.

7th January 2024

20 walkers plus our regular dogs Poppy and Isla set off from Shireoaks Marina on a figure of 8 walk of just over 5 miles. We started doing a circumference of the hill which used to be Shireoaks Pit Top – now a mini nature reserve giving excellent views over the surrounding area. En route we passed some exercise bars giving walkers the opportunity to do a few press-ups. Surprisingly no-one took up the challenge. Apparently most had done their daily quota of press-ups before breakfast!

Then it was a short walk down to Chesterfield Canal walking eastwards, then over the canal and skirting the village of Rhodesia, before taking the lane just on the outskirts of the village up towards Manor Lodge. At the bottom of this lane we passed the abode of “John Short, General Blacksmith & Farrier” with an old rolling mill on display on his forecourt. This proved so fascinating to two of our members that we had to almost drag them away.

Manor Lodge proved also to be fascinating. A 5-storey, grade 1 listed Elizabethan country house built around 1540 and believed to have been the hunting lodge to Worksop Manor. We decided to stop here for our picnic break.

Then it was across country, gradually curling northwards to eventually get back to our start point.

With 20 walkers & 2 dogs this was an excellent turnout on quite a cold day (0 °C at first) and a lovely start to our New Year. Thanks to all our walkers for making it a very pleasurable outing.