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Notes from the HGV Public Inquiry Meeting

Published: 3 February 2017

Application to operate HGV vehicles and trailers from Kiveton Hall Farm, Kiveton Lane, Todwick: Notes from the Public Inquiry Meeting held on Thursday, 9 February 2017 at Aston Hall Hotel.

The number of HGVs and trailers changed, hence no numbers quoted.

Application to operate 14 HGV vehicles and 4 trailers from Kiveton Hall Farm, Kiveton Lane

Published: 3 February 2017

Register your objections NOW and attend the PUBLIC INQUIRY meeting on Thursday, 9th February 2017 at 11.00 am at Best Western Plus, Aston Hall Hotel (address below).

As a local resident you have the right to know that Hague Farming Ltd, the company that owns and runs Kiveton Hall Farm on Kiveton Lane (adjacent to the fishing pond) has applied for a licence to operate 14 HGV vehicles and 4 trailers from the farm.

In effect they intend to run a commercial transport haulage, distribution and storage centre on the land. The applicant is David William Hague and he is a director of Hague Plant Limited which already operates 30 HGVs and trailers from their premises at Jubilee House, Clay Wheels Ln, Sheffield S6 1LZ. This is an industrial estate and is surrounded by other businesses. It is not a residential area on green belt land.

This will mean for local residents

1. Excessive and unlimited HGV traffic travelling up and down Kiveton Lane between 7.00 am and 6.00 pm with a considerable increase in diesel fume pollution and the noise and problems associated with HGV vehicles.

2. Heavy HGVs travelling past the front of your house with all the noise and vibration problems associated with heavy lorries, rattling windows as the weight shifts on the lorry as they traverse speed bumps along Kiveton Lane.

3. HGV vehicles parked on Kiveton Lane waiting for access to the farm and blocking the traffic flow on Kiveton Lane which is already a very busy road.

4. An appropriate drop in property values for homes near a commercial HGV distribution and storage site.

5. Kiveton Lane is a residential road and is flanked with houses on both sides of the road. It also has a junior school situated on the road and at certain times of the day the road becomes clogged with parked cars around the school site slowing the flow of traffic. The introduction of HGVs will magnify the problem significantly.

6. The area intended as a distribution site has a public right of way across the front and side of it and is used several times a day by joggers, ramblers, cyclists, local people walking their dogs and horse riders. Locals will suffer directly if a license is granted and their enjoyment of the area will be compromised completely.

7. Kiveton Lane is a flat leafy road and is used by locals for family walks, jogging, dog walking and cycling. The intended increase of HGV lorries travelling up and down this road with directly affect their recreational activities.

8. There is a recreational fishing pond adjacent to the site and the people using the pond enter through the area proposed to be filled with HGVs.

9. In truth this farm does not produce enough products to warrant this amount of transportation. We believe the farm will morph over night into a goods distribution, storage and HGV compound, and that the lorries will be used to transport goods not produced on the farm.

You as a local resident have a right to object to this licence. If it gets granted the applicant has carte blanche to bring in as many HGVs without limit.

Nobody will object for you. It’s up to you to get involved and make your voice heard.

Register your objection here

The licence is being processed by:

Andrew Wilkinson
Office of the Traffic Commissioner
Hillcrest House
386 Harehills Lane
Leeds LS9 6NF
Tel: 0113 2543283
Fax: 0113 2403945

Object, complain or make representations: HGV operator licences

Details of how to oppose heavy goods vehicle licence applications or the use of an operating centre.

Look at section 3 onwards of this Guide to making representations, objections and complaints:

A Guide to Public Inquiries

Office of the Transport Commissioner:

Come to the meeting to ask questions

Opposition to the licence will be heard at the public inquiry on Thursday, 9th February 2017 at 11.00 am at:

Best Western Plus
Aston Hall Hotel
Worksop Road
Sheffield S26 2EE

Want to get fit? Then join Todwick Running Club

Published: 1 February 2017

Todwick has a running club for all ages and abilities and invites anyone to join in.

There are several local runs a week, mornings, evenings, and weekends of varying distance. Anyone is free to post on Facebook their own runs if they want some company on a run.

Check out on the Todwick Running Club Facebook group – members hope to see you joining them soon.

Any questions please contact