The latest news from Todwick.

Macmillan Coffee Morning

Published: 3 October 2017

Todwick Toddlers held a fundraiser/coffee morning on Tuesday, 26th September in aid of Macmillan. The little ones iced their own buns and promptly ate them. We had cakes and buns on sale and some handmade cards.

The total raised during the morning was £101. A big thank you to all who attended.

Hope you like the photographs.

  1. Macmillan Coffee Morning
  2. Macmillan Coffee Morning
  3. Macmillan Coffee Morning
  4. Macmillan Coffee Morning
  5. Macmillan Coffee Morning

Todwick Historical Society enjoyed an afternoon visit to Hodsock Priory on Wednesday, 27th September 2017

Published: 1 October 2017

Twenty-six members and friends went on the visit which was arranged by Anne and Tony Rusling.

On arrival we were met by George Buchanan, the current owner. We had coffee and tea and this was followed by a talk on the history of the Priory and about George’s ancestors. This was very interesting. His father is Sir Andrew Buchanan but because of his age, he has passed the running of the Priory to George.

  1. Hodsock Priory

George then took a photograph of our group. Unfortunately, as I am not as tall as everyone else, only my hair can be seen next to behind Mary. Never mind.

We were told we could take as many photographs and ask as many questions as we wanted. It was a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. A tour of some parts of the house followed, this being because George, his wife and four children do live there.

It was then time for afternoon tea served by George and one of the staff. The food was enjoyed by everyone. As the weather was being kind to us the group were then able to stroll around the gardens and take more photographs.

I think everyone enjoyed the afternoon very much, and thanks to Anne and Tony for arranging the visit.

Liz (Secretary)

Todwick Historical Society

Christmas Day lunch at Todwick Church Hall

Published: 26 September 2017

Message from Todwick locals Sarah and David:

Are you, or do you know someone who may be spending Christmas day on their own? For many different reasons, this is a reality for some and once again, we would like to extend an invitation to join our family and celebrate on 25th December, Christmas day at Todwick Church Hall.

We have lived in the village for over 30 years and would enjoy meeting new neighbours and making sure you enjoy the special day, as much as we do.

Our children look forward to entertaining you with Christmas cheer whilst we serve you a delicious Christmas lunch, with all the trimmings. I’m sure the odd glass of tipple wouldn’t go amiss.

We welcome any age, male or female and can accommodate up to 15 guests. All we ask is that you are genuinely on your own and would like to meet new friends and enjoy the festivities.

It is our pleasure to provide this day complimentary; however, if you would like to make a voluntary contribution, this will be passed on to our charity of choice, Bluebell Wood Hospice.

Please contact me or my husband and we would be happy to discuss the day with you in more detail.

Sarah: 07940 285732

David: 07919 526666


Todwick Toddlers Group are closed on 12 September 2017

Published: 11 September 2017

Todwick Toddlers Group meeting is closed on Tuesday, 12 September 2017 and will reopen on Tuesday, 19 September 2017.

Welcome to Lounge Hair of Todwick – opens 4 September 2017

Published: 4 September 2017

Lounge Hair of Todwick offers a friendly professional team with years of experience working to create a salon that exceeds client’s high expectations.

Until 30 September 2017 offers 10% off all services, with savings on retail products.

20 The Pastures, Todwick S26 1JH | Tel: 01909 77 00 55 | Email: |

Start of Todwick Jazz Supper Club Autumn/Winter Programme 2017/2018 … All Saturday Nights

Published: 16 August 2017

Please get these events in your diaries and calendars … happy joyful evenings of fun and wonderful live music….

Book a table for you and your friends, bring your own wine and supper.

23 September 2017 – Mart Rodger Manchester Jazz – a warm welcome return to Todwick

14 October 2017 – Barry Grummett and New Orleans Heat Jazz Band – welcome return

18 November 2017 – Matt Palmer and the Eagle Jazz Band – first time in Todwick for the band – Matt has played a number of times in Todwick in the past

16 December 2017 – Dave Pogson and the Spirit of New Orleans Jazz Band – welcome return to celebrate our Christmas Jazz Party!

13 January 2018 – Frank Brooker and the Happy Chappies – welcome return for the first jazz event of 2018

10 February 2018 – Stef Draper and the Footwarmers – welcome return

10 March 2018 – Dearne Valley Big Band – welcome return

More 2018 dates to follow….

Remember that there is always a waiting list for places at these events!

Tickets for each of these jazz events – price £10 per person available from Sheila Pantry, Tel 01909 771024 or email

All proceeds after expenses will be donated to Todwick Village Hall maintenance fund.

Joyful News re Heras fencing for Todwickians especially those resident on the Pastures

Published: 1 August 2017

The Heras fencing around the flower planter area on The Pastures has been taken down today, Tuesday, 1 August 2017.

A remaining piece of Heras fencing will be still in place at the top of the drive to the bungalow property being built because this is required by construction site health and safety regulations.

Todwick Best Front Gardens and Scarecrows Trail – Saturday and Sunday, 29 and 30 July 2017

Published: 29 July 2017

The Trail is around the Village with the winners being presented with certificates in Todwick Village Hall at 16.00 on Sunday, 30 July 2017.

Starting the Trail at Todwick Village Hall…

Printout this news item or go to Todwick News Agency and pick up a Trail leaflet.

On Sunday, 30 July 2017 don’t forget to return to Todwick Village Hall from 3.30 pm for refreshments and for the 4 pm certificate presentations to be made by Brenda Waller to the owners of the Best Front Gardens and 6 Highly Recommended Front Gardens and The Best Scarecrow and 2 Highly Recommended scarecrows.

Best Front Gardens are:

  1. Garden
    Alan and Christine Hardy
    5 Sandwith
  2. Garden
    Ken and Betty Mathieson
    26 The Pastures
  3. Garden
    Beverley Grice and Steven Saddington
    10 Mill Close

6 Highly Recommended Front Gardens are the following (in no set order):

  1. Garden
    Bob Ireton
    4 De Houten
  2. Garden
    Christine and Raymond Hardy
    4 Mortains
  3. Garden
    Josephine and Rod Esberger
    1 Rectory Gardens
  4. Garden
    Jean and Ron Atkins
    5 Rectory Gardens
  5. Garden
    Sandra Baker
    9 The Pastures

Roy Bowell, 68-70 The Meadows

Best Scarecrow – Rachael Watson, Todwick Tea Rooms.

  1. Scarecrow

Highly Commended Scarecrows

79 The Meadows – Brian Mullins’ The Rainman

85 The Meadows – Sheila Pantry’s and all that jazz...Saxophone Jazz Player

The Trail begins…

At the Village Hall you can see the Craft Club’s Worzel scarecrow posing on the railings. From Todwick Village Hall you can go up Kiveton Lane pass the school and turn into Mortains to No. 4 Mortains to see Christine and Raymond Hardy’s Highly Recommended garden.

Turn back to Kiveton Lane and pass the Village Hall and then onto The Pastures see Sandra Barker’s Highly recommended front garden at No. 9 then go to No. 13 – where Brenda Waller invites you to visit her interesting Front and Back gardens.

Cross the road to the Vintage Tearooms to see Rachael Watson’s the Best scarecrows Christine and Neville, continue on The Pastures and see Ken and Betty Mathieson’s 2nd prize winning front garden at 26 The Pastures.

Go back to The Meadows go up to 22 The Meadows to see Reni and Howard Pilgram’s Fairies – too POSH to work scarecrows.

Cross The Meadows and turn right and a few steps on the road to Virginia Anderson’s Donald Tramp and Ivana scarecrows at No. 6 De Houten. Go up into De Houten Close to no. 3 to see Bob Ireton’s Highly Recommended front garden with lots of white flowers in it.

Walk back on to The Meadows and turn up Guildway turn into Sandwith Road to no. 5 to see Alan Hardy’s 1st Prize winning front garden and the hanging baskets; back onto Guildway and continue up Guildway then turn into Mill Fields then onto The Meadows. Walk across the road into Mill Close to no. 10 to see Beverley Grice and Steven Saddington 3rd prize winning front garden.

Go back to The Meadows cross the road to No. 79 is Brian Mullins’ Highly recommended Rainman scarecrow, continue to 83 The Meadows – Denise and Brian Summerhayes’ clever Scarecrow-ca-cola scarecrow.

Turn into the cul-de-sac to see Sheila’s Highly Recommended Scarecrow and all that jazzwith the ever-present Mr Plantpot at 85 The Meadows – you are invited into Sheila’s front garden with bright splashes of colour – then go through a little “secret garden” to the back garden area and sit down and enjoy a really fabulous view – ranging from the wonderful Derbyshire Hills on your left, the two towers at Norton, Sheffield city and on your right facing north you can see as far as Emley Moor… with windmills on the horizon. Next go up the cul-de-sac to 87 The Meadows see Rosemary Chamber’s colourful Flying Scarecrow Tree go inside the garden to the right of the entrance.

Continuing on The Meadows – stop at No. 68-70 and look at Roy Bowell’s always lovely and Highly Recommended front garden. Continue along The Meadows have a look at some of the bright floral front gardens on your way.

At the end of The Meadows – you may wish to note that across the road just past the “new builds” is Todwick’s Bluebell wood which is in full flower in May time – see also Robin Hood’s memorial plaque and trysting tree – all worth a visit… (see the bluebells in full bloom photos.)

From the exit of The Meadows cross Kiveton lane and look at No. 1 Rectory Gardens to see Josephine ad Rod Esberger’s Highly Recommend front garden and at No. 5 Rectory Gardens another highly recommended Front garden of Jean and Ron Atkins.

Walk back to Kiveton Lane down in front of the bungalows to 142 Kiveton Lane to see the colourful garden of Lesley and John Carr and their clever Lucky Pets scarecrows. Lesley and John delight many people passing by with their interesting garden displays throughout the year.

Thanks to everyone who made wonderful efforts to help cheer Todwickians and others passing through our village on a daily basis. Hope these lovely gardens and fun scarecrows may inspire others in future years.

On Sunday, 30 July 2017 make your way (if it is Sunday when you do the trail walk) to Todwick Village Hall for some refreshments and the Prize giving at 4 pm in Hall 1 of the Village Hall. Hope you have enjoyed your walk/drive around some parts of Todwick.

Contact: Sheila Pantry, organiser, email

Advance Notice – PLEASE Register your scarecrows now

Published: 7 July 2017

Todwick Best Front Gardens and Scarecrows Trail will be held the weekend 29-30 July 2017

Hope your gardens are looking good and you are making your scarecrows…. Get your children, nieces, nephews, your great nieces and nephews, your grandchildren, your granddads and grandmas, your aunties and uncles, your neighbours to make it their Summer project – you may even wish to help. What about a Summer Party making scarecrows?

Remember the fastest time to make a scarecrow is 1.4 minutes.

See the scarecrows from 2015 and 2016.

Please Register your scarecrow(s) with organiser Sheila Pantry, Tel: 01909 771024 or email

This year’s Judges will be looking at your scarecrows the weekend 22-23 July 2017 in preparation for the Garden and Scarecrow Trail be held the weekend 29-30 July 2017.

Presentation of winning certificates will be held on Sunday, 30 July 2017 at 4 pm in Todwick Village Hall. Free refreshments will be available.

Todwick weather – your daily update

Published: 5 July 2017

You can view the Todwick daily weather forecast on the BBC website by following the link on the front page of the Todwick website.

Sheffield to Rotherham tram-train project: Investigation into the modification of the national rail network report

Published: 4 July 2017

The National Audit Office has on 4 July 2017 published the findings from its investigation into the Sheffield to Rotherham tram-train scheme which is intended to provide the first transport service in the UK to use both the street tramway and national rail network. The programme involves modifying the existing national rail infrastructure, modifying the tram network and depot, and purchasing vehicles capable of operating on both networks. The NAO report focuses specifically on the works to modify the national rail network, which the Department for Transport (the Department) part-funded and Network Rail managed.

In May 2012, when Ministers approved the programme, the Department expected Network Rail’s modification of the national rail network to cost £18.7 million and the tram-train scheme to be completed by December 2015. By December 2016, the cost of these works had quadrupled to £75.1 million and Network Rail’s project is now expected to be completed in May 2018.

Todwick Church Garden Fete, 1 July 2017 – Cake stall appeal

Published: 22 June 2017

Chris Brundish and Liz Beevers are looking for volunteers to bake for the cake stall at the Church Garden fete on Saturday, 1 July 2017.

Home-made cakes (we never have enough Lemon Drizzle loaves!) and scones are always very popular.

Donations of homemade produce, jams, jellies and chutney also sell well. Home grown produce is also very welcome.

Please bring your cakes etc. to the stall around midday on Saturday, 1 July 2017 if you can help.

Many Thanks – Chris and Liz

Most enjoyable and very successful POSH Tea at the Ritz 2017

Published: 12 June 2017

The event started off with a Loyal toast celebrating the Queen’s 91st birthday and the Duke of Edinburgh’s 96th birthday.

The POSH Tea at the Ritz held on Sunday, 11 June 2017 in Todwick Village Hall was attended by 67 elegantly attired people – who all really enjoyed the music played Pete Moxon quartet, Fred Fields on guitar, Andrew Flavell on piano, Malcolm Stevenson on bass and Pete on sax/clarinet whilst eating their extremely POSH tea.

The guests were extremely well looked after by the POSH TEA Team – Hilary Smith, 13-year-old Charlotte Fox, 13-year-old Natalie Ducker, 10-year-old Ruby Barker, Sandra Barker, Mabel Hextall, Reni Pilgram, Brian Mullins, Ken Hill, and Sheila Pantry who had organised the event.

Very any thanks to all the above who helped make this a very successful and most enjoyable afternoon, and most importantly the many guests who supported the event.

All proceed after expenses went to the Todwick Village Hall Maintenance Funds.

Todwick Interiors news

Published: 4 June 2017

Sasha Fearn of Todwick Interiors has lots of fabric samples if anyone can use – charities, schools, nursing homes etc.

All Sasha asks is a small donation which will be for Rotherham Hospice.

Todwick Interiors will be open between 9-11 am on Saturday, 10 June 2017.

Sasha asks people to feel free to drop in!

Tai Chi is now held at Todwick Recreation Ground Sports Pavilion on Fridays 6–7 pm

Published: 30 May 2017

Phil has now transferred his Tai Chi training from Todwick Village Hall to Todwick Recreation Ground Sports Pavilion on Fridays 6 pm – 7 pm.

Great exercise for mind and body. Increase your balance and flexibility. All abilities welcome, £5.00 per person.

Phil is also a practitioner in Reiki health and also qualified in sports therapy massage.

Call Phil for all details on 0781 420 7637, email:

New 5-week course “Me and You – Baby Massage” to be held in Todwick Village Hall

Published: 30 May 2017

Starts Saturday, 3 June 2017, 10.00 am – 11.00 am

The 5-week course costs £35 includes massage oil and booklet with massage routine.

Benefits: Helps with colic; constipation; aids development and co-ordination; improves sleep; and creates a loving bond.

Contact Tracy to book a place, 0750 233 1474,

Grey Matter in Todwick receives award

Published: 26 May 2017

“The Community Friendship Club”

Grey Matter in Todwick was one of just 42 Yorkshire-based community groups, which has been recognised by the prestigious royal reward scheme The Duke of York’s Community Initiative in its latest round of awards.

The award was presented to Janet Cocking at the ceremony at Huddersfield University on 12 April 2017 by The Lord Lieutenant of South Yorkshire, Mr Andrew Coombe. Also representing the club were Mary Pavey, Bryan Ferris and Richard Brundish. The event was followed by a reception where they met fellow recipients across the four Yorkshire counties.

A second reception was held at St James’ Palace, London on 9 May 2017, at which they were introduced to HRH Prince Andrew, Duke of York. The club was represented by Janet Cocking, Bryan Ferris and Richard Brundish, who were honoured to tell the Prince what they do and where they came from. This is the first time that the reception hosted by the Duke of York has been at St James’ Palace, so they felt greatly honoured to be at a royal residence.

The award recognises voluntary community groups which are making positive contributions to their communities. Grey Matter was set up as a place where older residents (55+), can meet every week for friendship, refreshments and enjoy a variety of activities. The award is a tribute to the foresight of the Parish Council, Church, Age UK Rotherham, and other local partners which set up the club in response to the Parish Survey, which indicated a need to tackle loneliness that can have negative health outcomes.

Grey Matter is open every Friday from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm in Todwick Church Hall, you are very welcome. If you would prefer to talk before you walk, contact Janet on 01909 771344 or Richard on 01909 772204.

Matt's Twirlin 2 Steppers

Published: 12 May 2017

Starting 2 June 2017, 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm in Todwick Village Hall.

First session free of charge to all brand-new dancers.

Beginners American 2 step, non-competitive, cue ballroom for all ages and abilities.

Dancing is a great way of keeping your mind and body fit, as well as making new friends.

Telephone Matt 07979 307 336 or email

Kiveton Park and District Art Group (formerly Wales Art Group) welcomes new members

Published: 12 May 2017

This small and friendly group meet at Kiveton and Wales Village Hall, Walesmoor Avenue, Kiveton Park S26 5RG every Thursday from 7 pm – 9 pm.

The aim of the group is to foster the art of painting and drawing and provide help and encouragement to all members.

New members always welcomed.


Extremely successful Todwick Art and Flower Festival

Published: 9 May 2017

Todwick Art and Flower Festival was held on Saturday and Sunday, 6-7 May 2017 to raise funds to help with the maintenance of our beautiful old Todwick Church that was mentioned in the Doomsday Book dated 1086!

Many Todwick groups and individuals created 61 interesting displays of flowers and planters which were on display in Todwick Church and Todwick Church Hall.

Also in the Church Hall were many interesting, different pieces of art from individual artists – Jack Marples, Phil Archer and Mabel Hextall, who also displayed her beautifully furnished doll’s house.

Further beautiful art displays by the Wales Art Group, Wales High School students and Anne and Tony Rusling’s display of pictures were all very interesting and made compelling viewing, whilst Alison Booth’s display of beautiful candles produced a lovely fragrance. A percentage from sales of artwork also benefitted the Festival. Grey Matters and the Todwick Women’s Institute also had displays to inform visitors of their activities and invited people to join their organizations.

Ian Hodgkin played the Todwick Church organ on both afternoons and produced a wonderfully entertaining programme for visitors to listen to whilst they were viewing the flowers and planters displayed around the Church.

In the Church Hall, Lloyd Jones provided the public announcement system and produced two programmes of music to entertain the visitors whilst they viewed the various exhibitions and enjoyed their refreshments.

A wonderful, tireless team of helpers sold tickets and served refreshments to the visitors during the two days. The team members were Abigail Mosley, Sandra Barker, Anne Rusling, Reni Pilgrim, Kenneth Hill, Brian Mullins, Andrea Neill, Lynda Shepherd, Mary Boyes and Vicky Camber.

On Sunday, 7 May 2017 at 4 pm the flower displays and planters were auctioned off by Michael Dowse of Sheffield Auction Gallery aided by Tony Rusling. Michael’s auction was very interesting, entertaining and full of humour producing much laughter. Proceeds from the flower auction raised £239.00, in addition the sale of tickets and many donations including one from Todwick Table Tennis Club enabled a £772.00 cheque to be presented to Revd Vicky Camber for Todwick Church’s maintenance fund.

Todwick Art and Flower Festival was created and organised by Todwickian Sheila Pantry OBE who thanks everyone involved in so many ways, including the many visitors who made the 2-day Festival such a happy, full of fun, community event for the village.

Good Samaritans do exist! New Scarecrow for Lesley and John

Published: 20 April 2017

Lesley Carr – maker of some lovely scarecrows at 142 Kiveton Lane, Todwick writes:

Yesterday this gentleman – Ken Gilliland who works at FEM Fabrications, Kiveton – brought me this metal skeleton.

  1. Scarecrow
  2. Scarecrow

He was the gentleman that found the last trashed Santa just before Christmas 2016 and brought him back to me in case I could mend him – unfortunately for him I started crying because I was heartbroken.

Ken regularly drives past our home on his way to work. He had a rough idea as to what had happened and he had seen the Santa scarecrow and the soldier.

Luckily for me Ken asked his boss if, in his own time, he could with scrap metal make a sturdier scarecrow to which his kind boss agreed.

So, I am now the proud owner of a new, better sturdier base body for any future creations.

I am so very happy and grateful for his kindness.

And Todwick residents who enjoy Lesley’s scarecrows appreciate this act of kindness also!

We look forward to Lesley’s next creation.

Todwick News shop opens on Saturday, 22 April 2017

Published: 20 April 2017

Nicola and Tony will be opening Todwick News shop on Saturday, 22 April 2017 at 10 am.

Stock will include cards, gift paper, general goods – e.g. milk, bread, deli and hot sandwiches, sweets of all kinds.

A cash point is being added.

Please go and support Nicola and Tony – they are looking forward to meeting you.

Advance Notice – Register your scarecrows

Published: 18 April 2017

Todwick Best Front Gardens and Scarecrows Trail will be held the weekend 29-30 July 2017

Register your scarecrow(s) with organiser Sheila Pantry, Tel: 01909 771024 or email

Start setting your seeds and making your scarecrows…. Get your children, nieces, nephews, your great nieces and nephews, your grandchildren, your granddads and grandmas, your aunties and uncles, your neighbours to make it their Summer project – you may even wish to help. What about a Summer Party making scarecrows?

Remember the fastest time to make a scarecrow is 1.4 minutes.

See the scarecrows from 2015 and 2016.

Roger Fearn – Todwick Interiors

Published: 18 April 2017

Todwickians will be very sad to learn that Roger Fearn who ran Todwick Interiors for many years died on 28 March 2017 at Rotherham Hospice – his funeral service took place on 13 April 2017.

Roger’s great interior decorating skills and helpfulness will be missed by his customers.

His family welcome donations for the Rotherham Hospice – may be sent to c/o Bartholomew and Sons Funeral Directors, 6 Broom Valley Road, Rotherham S60 2QH. Telephone 01709 363706.

Todwick Crime Statistics for 2016

Published: 17 April 2017

Please note, these incidents are only those reported to the Police.

Monthly Categories 2016



























Criminal Damage/Arson











Other Theft








Vehicle Crime












Public Order





Violence & Sexual











Other Crime





Antisocial Behaviour




























Road closures around Todwick

Published: 17 April 2017

Hard Lane between Kiveton and Harthill will be closed for 3 days, week commencing 24 April 2017, due to road patching. No further details available yet.

Station Road in Kiveton is currently closed due to a burst water main. The railway bridge area is affected. It should be open again by 17 or 18 April 2017.

Todwick Marie Curie Fundraising 2017 success

Published: 3 April 2017

Lesley Carr-Fuller’s lovely display at 142 Kiveton Lane, Todwick for Marie Curie Fundraising 2017 has come to an end.

The total amount raised is £198.31.

Lesley says many thanks to all who contributed.

Watch out for salesman with white van selling a bed and mattress

Published: 1 April 2017

A salesman in a white van with name Furniture Direct on it may call at your house offering “a bed and mattress at a good price as it is the last one left”.

Advice from Neighbourhood Watch coordinator is “Do not buy, it is a scam”.

Interested in landscaping your garden? Local business Clowne Landscaping can help

Published: 30 March 2017

Clowne Landscaping Centre, run by local Todwickian Wayne Cutts, offers a variety of services:

  • Quality garden fences: has a wide choice of different sizes and types.
  • Paving and artificial grass: Choose from the comprehensive range of paving slabs, and natural and artificial grass to make your garden glorious this summer.
  • Gardening experts: offers a landscape gardening service. Why not surround your home with a beautiful and stylish garden with our excellent landscaping services?

Call in and see Clowne Landscaping Centre’s variety of products to make your garden beautiful. Supplying to Chesterfield, Mansfield, Worksop and Sheffield.

Contact: Wayne Cutts, Clowne Landscaping Centre, 67B Barlborough Road, Clowne, Chesterfield S43 4QX | Tel: 01246 819 186 | Email: |

Drive to make nappy sacks safer after 16 deaths

Published: 30 March 2017

Family safety charity RoSPA is pushing for greater awareness of the danger posed by nappy sacks, for an improvement in industry standards and for safer manufacture of the hygiene product, with a high-level event in London with retailers, manufacturers and safety professionals.

RoSPA is aware of at least 16 children who have died after suffocating or choking on the flimsy plastic bags, which are used for disposal of soiled nappies. All were aged under 12 months. However, a recent survey by the Trading Standards South East Group identified a number of nappy sacks as not being adequately labelled with warnings.

RoSPA is working closely with the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), the British Retail Consortium, and Trading Standards services to bring this issue to the attention of businesses and consumers, and on Monday, April 3, is hosting the Nappy Sack Safety Stakeholder event in London.

Discussions will surround education of nappy sack risks – including adequate labelling – and the continued development of safer products on the market, with invitees including those from the retail sector, producers, and those involved with child and nappy sack safety.

The event will also hear from Sam Brough, who lost her five-month-old daughter Harley in 2013 when a nappy sack was accidentally knocked into her cot. She is keen to raise awareness of the issue and ensure that everything is being done to prevent similar incidents in the future.

More information:

HGVs and Trailers on Kiveton Lane: Report of the Inspector of the Public Inquiry held on 9 February 2017

Published: 27 March 2017

The Inspector will grant interim authority for 4 vehicles and 2 trailers only. See the attached report and note especially the following paragraphs.

Paragraph 44 states:

The following conditions shall be attached to any interim licence:

  1. There will be no operation, movement, loading or unloading of authorised vehicles or trailers at the operating centre before 07:00 and after 17:00 Mondays to Fridays and there shall be no operation, movement, loading or unloading of authorised vehicles or trailers at the operating centre on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.
  2. The operating centre is defined as that part of the site which is marked “in blue” on the plan agreed by the Traffic Commissioner and vehicles and trailers will at all times be kept when not in actual use within the operating centre as so defined and not on any other part of the site.
  3. Reversing alarms shall be of the broadband, white noise type

Paragraph 45 states:

The full application will be help open, initially for a period of 12 months. It will be granted in full, with the conditions persisting, if the access can be moved to be adjacent to the parking area.

Paragraph 46 states:

Note that, whilst only an interim licence can be granted in the short-term, that is to preserve the status of the live application. It is not my intention to bring that interim authority to an end. I will make a further decision on the application in 12 months which may be to grant in full for ten vehicles and two trailers, to grant for four vehicles and two trailers, or to keep open for a defined period while any process is ongoing in relation to moving the site entrance.

Todwick shop to re-open

Published: 22 March 2017

Spring brings even more good news – the Todwick shop is to re-open

We know what it is like to be without a shop in Todwick – so a hearty welcome to Tony Hough and Nicola Davis who are going to re-open the Todwick shop.

They want to know what people and young people would like them to stock. What is on your list? For example, milk, bread and bread rolls, tinned goods (fruit, vegetables, soups), household cleaners, greetings cards, birthday cards, wrapping paper, stamps, sweets...

Expect more information shortly.

Every success!

Good news for Todwick – Results from Inspector’s report on housing and industrial site

Published: 20 March 2017

Rotherham MBC has published the Inspector’s report and appendices regarding the proposed Kiveton Lane housing and also industrial site at the A57 Red Lion area and has declined the proposals.

In the Letter from the Inspector, Mr C Anstey, dated 10 March 2017 to RMBC, scroll down to page 5:

3. E16 Todwick North, North East of A57. MM. Delete allocation and retain area in the Green Belt. Reason. This site, together with other areas of land around Todwick, makes a significant contribution to preventing the neighbouring settlement groupings of Dinnington/Anston/Laughton Common and Wales/Kiveton Park from merging into one another. Furthermore development of this extensive area of farmland would constitute encroachment into the countryside and cause severe damage to the attractive rural character of the local area. Consequently the allocation is not justified and is not consistent with national policy

... and scroll down to the bottom of page 7:


1. H84 Land to the west of Kiveton Lane. MM. Delete allocation and retain area in the Green Belt. Reason. This site, together with other areas of land around Todwick, makes a significant contribution to preventing the neighbouring settlement groupings of Dinnington/Anston/Laughton Common and Wales/Kiveton Park from merging into one another. Furthermore the site is poorly related to the existing built form of the village, would constitute encroachment into the countryside, and would cause significant harm to the attractive rural character of the local area. Consequently the allocation is not justified and would be contrary to national planning policy.

For any additional queries please contact:

Miss Kerry Trueman, Programme Officer, C/O Planning Policy Team, Regeneration & Environment, Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council, Riverside House, Main Street, Rotherham, S60 1AE

Tel: 07582 310364


HGV application update: Report due to be published this week

Published: 20 March 2017

OTC report due to be published towards the end of this week

The Office of Transport Commissioner (OTC) Leeds has informed us today that they expect the report regarding the Public Inquiry application to operate 10 HGV vehicles and 2 trailers from Kiveton Hall Farm, Kiveton Lane held on 9 February 2017 be published later this week. OTC will be contacted again for any results which will be published on this website.

Published: 14 March 2017

Congratulations to all the members

Grey Matter in Todwick is one of just 42 Yorkshire-based community groups which, in the latest round of awards, have been recognised by the prestigious royal reward scheme The Duke of York’s Community Initiative.

The group was setup 18 months ago in response to a village survey that identified the need for a support network to serve the older residents, which would help combat loneliness which is known to adversely affect health.

The club meets every Friday at 2.00 pm for two hours, and provides a friendly, supportive and stimulating environment for the over 55s. The club serves Todwick village and adjacent communities and is based in the modern Todwick Church Hall, Lindley Croft. New members are very welcome, just turn up or phone Janet 01909 771344 or Richard 01909 772204.

The club is supported locally by Todwick Parish Council and Todwick Church with assistance from Age UK Rotherham, Voluntary Action Rotherham and RotherFed.

For more information contact Richard on mobile 07790449007 or email

Information supplied by Richard Brundish, Chairman, Grey Matter in Todwick

The Clothes Shop and now the Old Clothes Shop at Greenscene Side Farm, Todwick

Published: 3 March 2017

Julia Morley set up the Clothes Shop which has a range of clothes with a difference within the Greenscene centre on the Sheffield Road, Todwick in May 2016.

Within the shop she has just launched on Friday, 24th February 2017 The Old Clothes Shop.

Julia offers opportunities to sell your good quality used clothes, shoes and accessories that you may wish to dispense with. There are a few guidelines:

  • all garments are checked before they go on sale but the buyer check themselves prior to purchase as they are sold as seen
  • it is advisable that all garments are tried on in the changing room prior to purchase as refunds are not an option
  • the items for sale do not belong to the Old Clothes Shop – therefore are not negotiable
  • payment of goods is by cash or card payment

From sales from the Old Clothes Shop Julia will donate a percentage of the price to the Bluebell Wood as the nearest local charity to Greenscene.

The Clothes Shop and the Old Clothes Shop opens 10.00 am – 4.00 pm daily and is located behind the Green Bean Coffee Shop and Bistro at Greenscene Side Farm, Sheffield Road, Todwick S26 1DJ, Tel: 07401 080695, Email:

Gulliver’s takes a giant step closer to Rother Valley planning permission

Published: 1 March 2017

Gulliver’s family theme park resort has moved closer to obtaining planning permission for a theme park on the former Pithouse West colliery site in the Rother Valley.

Councillors at the recent Rotherham Council Planning Board meeting decided to grant planning permission for a Gulliver’s theme park resort to be built on the 250 acre former Pithouse West colliery site in the Rother Valley. Managing Director Julie Dalton said: “Everyone at Gulliver’s is very pleased with the Council’s decision which takes us to the next stage of the planning process.”

Gulliver’s now has 21 days to wait for the decision of the Secretary of State on their application. Julie Dalton continued: “We are confident that the Secretary of State will recognise the enormous benefit of our plans to the Rother Valley area and the local community. Our plans would transform an area of Rother Valley that has been disused for many years. Gulliver’s Valley would be our fourth UK theme park resort, bringing together the best elements of our existing resorts in Warrington, Matlock Bath and Milton Keynes.”

Further news and developments will be available the Gulliver web site and through their social media pages:

Notes from the HGV Public Inquiry Meeting

Published: 3 February 2017

Application to operate HGV vehicles and trailers from Kiveton Hall Farm, Kiveton Lane, Todwick: Notes from the Public Inquiry Meeting held on Thursday, 9 February 2017 at Aston Hall Hotel.

The number of HGVs and trailers changed, hence no numbers quoted.

Application to operate 14 HGV vehicles and 4 trailers from Kiveton Hall Farm, Kiveton Lane

Published: 3 February 2017

Register your objections NOW and attend the PUBLIC INQUIRY meeting on Thursday, 9th February 2017 at 11.00 am at Best Western Plus, Aston Hall Hotel (address below).

As a local resident you have the right to know that Hague Farming Ltd, the company that owns and runs Kiveton Hall Farm on Kiveton Lane (adjacent to the fishing pond) has applied for a licence to operate 14 HGV vehicles and 4 trailers from the farm.

In effect they intend to run a commercial transport haulage, distribution and storage centre on the land. The applicant is David William Hague and he is a director of Hague Plant Limited which already operates 30 HGVs and trailers from their premises at Jubilee House, Clay Wheels Ln, Sheffield S6 1LZ. This is an industrial estate and is surrounded by other businesses. It is not a residential area on green belt land.

This will mean for local residents

1. Excessive and unlimited HGV traffic travelling up and down Kiveton Lane between 7.00 am and 6.00 pm with a considerable increase in diesel fume pollution and the noise and problems associated with HGV vehicles.

2. Heavy HGVs travelling past the front of your house with all the noise and vibration problems associated with heavy lorries, rattling windows as the weight shifts on the lorry as they traverse speed bumps along Kiveton Lane.

3. HGV vehicles parked on Kiveton Lane waiting for access to the farm and blocking the traffic flow on Kiveton Lane which is already a very busy road.

4. An appropriate drop in property values for homes near a commercial HGV distribution and storage site.

5. Kiveton Lane is a residential road and is flanked with houses on both sides of the road. It also has a junior school situated on the road and at certain times of the day the road becomes clogged with parked cars around the school site slowing the flow of traffic. The introduction of HGVs will magnify the problem significantly.

6. The area intended as a distribution site has a public right of way across the front and side of it and is used several times a day by joggers, ramblers, cyclists, local people walking their dogs and horse riders. Locals will suffer directly if a license is granted and their enjoyment of the area will be compromised completely.

7. Kiveton Lane is a flat leafy road and is used by locals for family walks, jogging, dog walking and cycling. The intended increase of HGV lorries travelling up and down this road with directly affect their recreational activities.

8. There is a recreational fishing pond adjacent to the site and the people using the pond enter through the area proposed to be filled with HGVs.

9. In truth this farm does not produce enough products to warrant this amount of transportation. We believe the farm will morph over night into a goods distribution, storage and HGV compound, and that the lorries will be used to transport goods not produced on the farm.

You as a local resident have a right to object to this licence. If it gets granted the applicant has carte blanche to bring in as many HGVs without limit.

Nobody will object for you. It’s up to you to get involved and make your voice heard.

Register your objection here

The licence is being processed by:

Andrew Wilkinson
Office of the Traffic Commissioner
Hillcrest House
386 Harehills Lane
Leeds LS9 6NF
Tel: 0113 2543283
Fax: 0113 2403945

Object, complain or make representations: HGV operator licences

Details of how to oppose heavy goods vehicle licence applications or the use of an operating centre.

Look at section 3 onwards of this Guide to making representations, objections and complaints:

A Guide to Public Inquiries

Office of the Transport Commissioner:

Come to the meeting to ask questions

Opposition to the licence will be heard at the public inquiry on Thursday, 9th February 2017 at 11.00 am at:

Best Western Plus
Aston Hall Hotel
Worksop Road
Sheffield S26 2EE

Want to get fit? Then join Todwick Running Club

Published: 1 February 2017

Todwick has a running club for all ages and abilities and invites anyone to join in.

There are several local runs a week, mornings, evenings, and weekends of varying distance. Anyone is free to post on Facebook their own runs if they want some company on a run.

Check out on the Todwick Running Club Facebook group – members hope to see you joining them soon.

Any questions please contact